2021.06.05.  1,154 reads The New K3 Bamdongi 5 worth a bit of rubbing now

2021.06.05. 1,154 reads The New K3 Bamdongi 5 worth a bit of rubbing now

Eliminate ranks to create a horizontal culture…
What is this for Jang Geu-rae, who has been promoted to deputy?

I am also an employee.

Complex and vertical workplace hierarchy
If you have served in the military, how much do you understand?

boring job
breathtaking rank

but there’s no escape
We call it a company.

To relieve the tedious daily life you feel there
Meet the Kia The New K3.

From Misaeng… to Full Life
The joy of small successes
Enjoying the joy of everyday life
It’s a happy car.

In fact, K3
Hyundai-Kia Motors’ semi-medium segment with Avante
It’s the vehicle it occupies

However, it was slightly pushed back by the popularity of Avante.
It always feels like number two
through continuous change and evolution
It shows the sophisticated look of today.

The side view of the sporty image
It gives a different charm from Avante.

Even the boldly designed rear bumper
You can feel the charm of K3.

LED headlamps and daytime running lights
It is sharper than the previous design
Dynamically changed.

The charm of The New K3 is its subtle details.
I think
Kia’s latest design
A design that gives consistency even in small things
It’s closing.

Kumho tires 17 inch and front wheel
Using complex but simple straight lines
It completes the neat appearance of the K3.

Total length 4,645mm
Width 1800mm
Total height 1,440mm

The rear is also lacking.
Finished with LED rear combination lamps
The sharpness of the front and the dynamic design of the back
It suits you well.

The muffler is a hidden type and is hidden behind the rear side.
This method has recently been used by various manufacturers.

This is when creating a unique design for each bumper.
It seems to help lower the production cost.

Although the exterior of the K3 does not stand out much,
I think it is the sophistication that simplicity and sharpness create.

Hyundai Avante in the semi-medium segment
It seems to be a good option with Renault’s XM3.

It’s the best in the world.
Yes… the trunk.

Golf bag and Boston bag
And the camera bag fits comfortably.

Two golf bags are enough if you put them horizontally.
If you’re good at Tetris, there’s room for three golf bags and a Boston bag.

Ah… this is all
In the trunk of K3, which is not electric
There is a handle to hold when closing.

I love this little handle.

Please don’t take this out.
No, please don’t miss it.

Non-electric trunk
Satisfaction with this little handle is quite high.

When you go inside
The eye-catching composition immediately catches the eye.

First changed emblem
It makes me feel welcome.

Krell premium speakers
You can enjoy rich sound.

Krell rather than grand feeling
Soft sound with harmonious sound range
It’s a feeling you give.

Auto glass was applied only to the driver’s seat.

Adjustable to various angles
with lumbar support
when starting or dismounting
An electric seat is applied to help the seat move and get on and off.
This is a bit shocking!

It’s not an organ pedal.
In a way that does not feel uncomfortable at all while driving
Applied accelerator pedal.

Gear is a gear rod type
Yes… you can confidently maneuver it forward or backward.

I prefer this method over buttons and dials.
It’s also good to put your hands on while driving.

It also guides vehicles approaching from the rear.
At some point, the choice of options
It’s a diversified hunger.

The driver’s seat supports up to two memory seats.

Supports wireless charging
Connecting your smartphone to the vehicle while driving
Charging is possible.

In the case of the test car, both the driver’s and passenger’s
Heated seats and cooling seats are supported.

It’s the driver’s favorite option.

Looking at the price of K3
Trendy 17.38 million won
Prestige 19.58 million won
Noblesse 22.38 million won
The signature is 24.25 million won.
(when 3.5% individual consumption tax is applied)

Perforated for comfortable driving
Cooling seats are getting hotter these days.
It’s the best option.

The orange-brown color sheet is not excessive.
It doubles the dynamic and youthful feeling of K3.

Even in the case of the second row, in terms of space
There is no shortage.

It’s not very wide or expansive.
It provides the best space you can feel in K3.

Only heated seats are supported for 2nd row.

There is also an air vent for the second row passengers.
One USB is installed.

There is a map pocket in the form of a grill mesh only on the passenger side.

ISO fix for car seat installation
It’s a little hidden between the sheets.

It’s a skewer type
K3, you’re going to be lenient.

The specifications of the K3 1.6 gasoline model are
Displacement 1,598cc
Maximum output 123 horsepower
Maximum torque 15.7
Combined fuel economy (based on 17 inches) of 14.1 km/l (city 12.6 / highway 16.3)
There is no shortage.

running in sport mode
You can feel the thrill of driving.

The driving experience provided by the Smartstream G1.6 engine
It is compatible with the K3.

On the freeway at dawn on the way to rounding
cool and accelerate

Suspension also turns around corners
Keeps the car in good shape.

The new emblem
Did you upgrade the Kia K3?

there was no such characteristic
just plain or
There were too many Avantes, so I bought it as the second option.
Now you can compete equally with Avante
This is the guy who came back as K3.


1. All safety and convenience options are included
2. The sky that matches the color of the vehicle
3. Kia’s K series seems to have been upgraded
4. Do you have a GT?
5. I also prefer vertical to horizontal organizational culture.

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