2021.06.04.  30,411 reads Kia 2022 Niro launch, price 2439~3939 million won Top Rider 46

2021.06.04. 30,411 reads Kia 2022 Niro launch, price 2439~3939 million won Top Rider 46

Kia announced on the 4th that it will release The 2022 Niro. The 2022 Niro is a hybrid/plug-in hybrid model year change, and Kia’s new emblem is applied. The basic features of high customer preference, such as cruise control and lane keeping assistance, have been enhanced to enhance product quality. The price starts at 2439 million won.

The 2022 Niro reduced customer confusion by introducing Kia’s standardized trim naming system, Trendy, Prestige, Noblesse, and Signature. The price for each trim is 24.39 million won for Hybrid Trendy, 26.08 million won for Prestige, 28.29 million won for Noblesse, 30.17 million won for Signature, and 39.39 million won for PHEV Signature.

The 2022 Niro comes standard with cruise control, lane keeping assist, and rear passenger notification. The Prestige trim has a smart key remote start function, the Noblesse trim has smart cruise control that supports stopping and restarting, and the Signature trim has a power seat for the passenger as standard.

Meanwhile, Kia recently introduced the Prestige trim, a sub-trim of Noblesse, in the model year change of the Niro EV. The 2022 Niro EV is priced at 45.9 million won for the Prestige and 47.9 million won for the Noblesse. The new Kia emblem was also used in the 2022 Niro EV, and it is operated with a single model of a 64kWh large-capacity battery.

The new Prestige trim includes a heat pump, 10.25-inch display, navigation-based smart cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, highway driving assistance, navigation wireless update, first-row heated seats and ventilated seats as standard. Blind-spot collision and rear cross-traffic collision warnings are available as options.

Reporter Hansol Kim 〈Top Rider hskim@top-rider.com〉

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