2021.05.27.  4,947 reads 'A luxury car should feel like this'... Cadillac XT4 test drive ACARZ Akaz 11

2021.05.27. 4,947 reads ‘A luxury car should feel like this’… Cadillac XT4 test drive ACARZ Akaz 11

The XT4 is the smallest Cadillac SUV. Among domestic cars, it is similar in size to the Tucson.

The mid-size SUV is a genre unfamiliar to Cadillac. Cadillac has mostly made large, luxury cars. The representative models of the brand, such as Escalade and the US presidential tank ‘The Beast’, all boast large and beautiful dimensions.

Nevertheless, the XT4 successfully inherited the ‘American luxury’ gene. You can feel American luxury differentiated from European premium brands.

The test car is a ‘sport’ trim with full options to the top-level model in North America. Only this model is sold in Korea.

The body color is a red named ‘Infrared Tint Coat’, and the interior is jet black with cinnamon stitching.


The XT4 faithfully reflects Cadillac’s family look, giving it a luxurious and majestic appearance. Still, as the ‘maknae’, he kept his individuality and sportiness well.

The front view is a design commonly seen in the Cadillac lineup. The distinctive vertical headlamp gives a strong and solid impression in harmony with the emblem-like shield grille.

The radiator grill is treated in glossy black to emphasize the sporty feel. An active grill shutter that automatically opens and closes according to the driving speed is also applied.

In the back part, you can see the unique personality of the XT4, which is different from other Cadillac models. The tail lamp is in the shape of a large L-shape, and the square LED divided into 9 pieces is tightly packed inside.

Small dots are engraved on the surface of this square LED. Thanks to this, when it is lit, it creates a luxurious feeling like a sparkling jewel.

However, the L-shaped structure of the tail lamp seems to be divided. It is a design that reminds me of the Kia Soul Booster, who was teased as a ‘blue crab’.

The tires are Continental’s all-season tires Pro Contact TX. The size is 20 inches, which is larger than competing models.

In addition, the overall sportiness is emphasized by applying flag-type side mirrors and dual mufflers.


The interior is also filled with ‘Cadillac sensibility’. Unlike competing brands who are busy somehow getting rid of the physical buttons and increasing the screen size, Cadillac is still sticking with the ‘old-fashioned way’. These features are reflected in the XT4 as well.

Depending on how you look at it, it may feel clunky and old-fashioned. But in practice, it is very convenient.

In particular, the physical buttons packed into the center fascia are made up of only the necessary items and can be used very intuitively. Occasionally, some cars get lost in knowing where the button is even if they try to use a specific function, but with the XT4, it seems unlikely that this will be the case.

The display was also very clear and the touch response was quick, which I was satisfied with. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto can be connected wirelessly, so the usability is also high.

However, the screen size is only 8 inches, which is a very disappointing part. Considering the trend of 12-inch displays these days, I think the screen size should be at least 10 inches.

rear view mirror video

A mirror view of the room mirror.

The rearview mirror is a method that shows the image taken by the rear camera. It provides a clearer and wider field of view than a typical rearview mirror. Although you can switch to a mirror type, the rear glass area is small and the rear visibility is not very good, so it was much more comfortable to see with the camera.

The roof is fitted with a large panoramic sunroof. The glass area is quite large, so even rear-seat passengers can enjoy an unobstructed view.

The second row is quite spacious. In particular, a wide space is created under the first row of seats, allowing you to move your feet freely.

For an adult male with a height of 176 cm, the space in front of the knee was about the size of a fist, and half a fist was placed above the head.

The trunk capacity is 637 liters. It has a square structure with no protrusions, so it can effectively load a lot of luggage. When the second row is folded down, it expands to a maximum of 1,385 liters.

The interior of the XT4 is generally luxurious and the finish is good. I was satisfied with the fact that the black interior was given a point with orange stitching and that the carbon material was used occasionally.

The only disappointment is that there is no ambient light. It’s not a necessary feature, but if it’s a premium brand, I think it should have been included.


The most satisfying thing about the XT4 was the ride quality. It was very quiet, yet soft and relaxed.

It feels quite hard when going over a bump, but on the contrary, it feels soft while running. It provided a very ‘appropriate’ ride, not sloshing or squishy.

It blocks wind noise and road noise well. ‘Active Noise Canceling’, which blocks out noise with four microphones, seems to be thanks to the effective filtering of external noise.

The engine sound, which seemed quite loud from the outside, was refined to a pleasant level of mid-bass sound inside the room.

It can be a bit disappointing if you want fast-paced acceleration performance. The XT4 responds about half a beat slower when the accelerator pedal is pressed and starts to accelerate.

That’s not to say it lacks power. The XT4 is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline turbo engine and a 9-speed automatic transmission. According to the specifications, the maximum output is 238 horsepower (5,000 rpm) and the maximum torque is 35.7 kgf.m (1,500 ~ 4,000 rpm). It seems that the focus is on running smoothly and comfortably rather than sports driving.

As a result of driving on the way home from downtown Gangnam and Gangbyeonbuk-ro, the fuel efficiency was about 13.6km/liter. This is a much better result than the official fuel economy (combined 10.0km/L, city 8.8km/L, high speed 11.8km/L).

Semi-autonomous driving in action. It doesn’t recognize the left lane.

The semi-autonomous driving performance was disappointing. The adaptive cruise control was fine, but it didn’t recognize the lane well enough to doubt that the lane keeping function was working.

In addition, the lack of auto-hold was an incomprehensible part.


Cadillac is a luxury car brand that once stood shoulder to shoulder with Rolls Royce. In Korea, it is undervalued by European brands, but if you drive it yourself, there is a premium sensibility unique to American cars.

The XT4 is an SUV that faithfully reflects Cadillac’s ‘American luxury’. You can feel the attractiveness differentiated from European brands at a relatively low price.

If you want a semi-mid-size SUV with a luxurious, comfortable and quiet ride, if you don’t need the athletic performance that jumps out when you step on it, the Cadillac XT4 seems to be a good option.

※This test drive was written after the test drive was provided by Cadillac Korea.

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