2021.05.20.  8,063 reads Magical Space, Hyundai Staria Test Drive Motor Magazine 38

2021.05.20. 8,063 reads Magical Space, Hyundai Staria Test Drive Motor Magazine 38

Hyundai’s new minivan, Staria finally took off the veil. simple yet nice, Captivating people with a spaceship-like appearance and practical space.
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It is very difficult to make a car that can be used for both commercial and passenger use.. and people are greedy. A smooth appearance no matter how commercial it is, Even if it is not luxurious, I want an interior that is not touched by rough parts.. But the price shouldn’t be that expensive. It is a difficult condition in many ways, have to do it though. Because at the little shop in town, You will see countless times in the company, This is because it is a car that can approach people familiarly..

new this timestariawas born at the request of such people. what does it look like? It has practicality so that people can ride it properly, Can the luggage be properly loaded?, There are many questions about whether you will feel comfortable driving all day long.. You can’t learn a lot in a short time, Still, I will faithfully find out a lot. But wait! It’s a test drive and I’m told to ride in the back seat! that the driver is driving? I’ve never had that experience with a flagship sedan.!


The biggest problem with the appearance of these commercial vehicles isDifficult to differentiatewill be. I left the square box-like appearance as it was and showed my personality within it., In the case of Japan, the individuality is so exaggerated that cars with front views that only appear in anime are appearing.. So what about Starria?? I’ve never praised a designer openly before., This time is an exception. Staria did a really good job of front and back. even the side view.

The most conspicuous in appearance is the band around the end of the bonnet. LED daytime running lights. In the meantime, there were many cases where the individuality was saved by using the daytime running lights well., I didn’t know that the light would become the main. Regardless of the body color, the front bumper is all black., Grill and headlamps inside, All turn signals are included. It is a way to preserve individuality and not dazzle oncoming cars at night.. bonnet and A The pillars are all tilted at the same angle and appear to be connected as one.

If you look at the side, Staria’s unique personality is revealed again.. Perhaps among the one-box models that have appeared in Korea so far, I think it has the largest side glass window.. When you sit in the driver’s seat, the belt line is near your waist, not just below your shoulders.. There is no discomfort in seeing the scenery from any seat. Below it is a slightly inflated fender., 18There are tires with inch wheels. The tires are small compared to the car body., not conspicuous.

The first thing that catches the eye from the rear is the vertically long form at both ends.Parametric pixel taillampsAll. brake lights are very loud, And because it comes in brightno brakeswill not work anymore. The turn signals that come in sequentially like flowing water are also impressive.. The tailgate is wrapped in black over half of the top, and Staria lettering adorns the middle., The copper-finished modern emblem is also a prominent element..


There are many stories about the interior., the most curious thingHow the interior differs depending on the number of passengersWowIs the space practical?would. So, this time, we want to talk about. The model tested 7It is a passenger lounge model., 9seat department 11The seated model was also given time to sit and look around.. Unfortunately, we could not confirm the cargo model specialized for loading cargo., I will check this model later when I have a chance..

9seated model 2heat rotates. outward 90degree rotation, inside 180can also be rotated, 2heat and 3It is also possible for people in a row to move face to face.. A simple portable conference room will be set up in the car. This function is actually an ancestorGracewas also in, Staria can be implemented without much effort.. without sacrificing legroom for passengers 9Everyone can board, if it’s like this 1-2I don’t think long-distance driving of about an hour will be a problem..

11The seated model is a bit unusual in configuration., Oneheat and 2Added a seat in the middle of the row. Because the center width is quite wide, Unless you’re an adult with broad shoulders, like bulking up, you shouldn’t have any problems sitting in the center.. And 2All seats after the row fold flat., If you put a mat here, you will find a large space that can be parked.. front and back length 9There is no difference between the, 9seated 4The seats are arranged in rows, so you can adjust the seats in the same way and move comfortably when people are seated..

Now the long-awaited 7seater model, Among them, it is a lounge model.. The word luminous comes out of nowhere., 2Thermal seats are very comfortable. Similar to business class on an airplane at the push of a buttonseat to relaxcan make, even in that state 3Has little effect on ten passengers. It is also equipped with ventilated seats, so it will create a cozy space even in summer.. In that state, you can relax while looking at the scenery spread out from the large window..


LPG I wanted to experience the model., Ready for maximum output 177exerting power 2.2 liters is a diesel engine. Once you are born, as long as you are born, It is unreasonable to expect the performance of a sports car or a sedan as it is.. It’s a diesel engine, so it has torque, so it’s not slow or slow to start., If you are a very quick-tempered driver, it may be difficult for you to endure the frustration of accelerating after starting.. Especially as you enter the high-speed zone.. It’s really hard to overtake other cars on the highway or enter high-speed zones..

Despite the diesel engine, the noise is suppressed quite well.. Considering that it is also used as a commercial vehicle, It’s amazing. Instead, I can’t do anything about the noise coming from outside.. Fortunately, there is no wind noise within the speed limit on the highway.. Suspension tightened a little bit will jump out of the way when it encounters irregularities., I can understand. If you burn your family, It can be overcome by understanding the personality and reducing the speed a little on bumps and bumps.

Contrary to our initial concerns, the Staria is quite well made.. And it has a composition that will be loved in Korea.. A few days before test drive the Staria., I remembered that an acquaintance who ran a store had a great interest in Staria.. If this is the case, I can recommend it to others.. only, engine is not diesel LPGI would like to recommend. quieter than diesel, The increased displacement can be compensated for by relatively low fuel costs..

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