2021.05.20.  7,002 read Electric Cars As Sexy As R8, Audi e-Tron GT, RS e-Tron GT Motor Magazine 8

2021.05.20. 7,002 read Electric Cars As Sexy As R8, Audi e-Tron GT, RS e-Tron GT Motor Magazine 8

Really sexy 4door GT Electric cars appeared. Right audi e-Tron GTAll. This is the second model of the Audi electric mobility strategy and, This model marks the beginning of Audi Sport’s electrification journey.. e-Tron GTAnd high performance model RS e-Tron GTIs 20Work(neck) Maison Hannam previewed before domestic launch.. Audi e-Tron GTThe past 2month 9Audi’s goal of building the future of premium mobility DNAIt is evaluated as a model that symbolizes.

‘Audi e-Tron GT’A fascinating design, Comfort suitable for long driving, Everyday practicality, It is an electric vehicle with a sporty driving performance that gives you confidence.. Audi’s slogan Progress through technology(Vorsprung durch Technik)”It is a model that realized on the road. In addition, Porsche’s electric car, the Taycan, 40%Share the parts of. Chassis, battery, Electric motor, Battery cooling system, The suspension is mostly the same as the parts used in the Taycan..

‘Audi e-Tron GT’WowAudi RS e-Tron GT’Is equipped with two powerful electric motors on the front and rear axles.. each 390kW (530horsepower) Wow 475kW (646horsepower) With the highest output of 65.3kg.m and 84.7kg.m To exert the maximum torque of.(When using boost mode) Also, 93.4kWh Equipped with a lithium-ion battery of capacity OneOn a single charge WLTP standard ‘e-Tron GT’Is the maximum 488km,’RS e-Tron GT’Is 472 kmIt is possible to run. Both models are equipped with electronic quattro, an electric four-wheel drive system, and the electric motor for rear-wheel drive is activated depending on the driving environment., This is weaker than the mechanical quattro drive. 5Was known to be twice as fast.

The lithium-ion battery system on both models is between the axles, the lowest point of the car, providing a low center of gravity suitable for sports cars, and the front and rear weight distribution. 50:50Provides close to. High voltage batteries are available on both models. 83.7kWhNet energy of(gun 93.4kWh)Can save. Battery is 33Integrating two cell modules, Each module has a flexible sheath 12Consists of four pouch cells. Also, 800VSystem voltage provides high continuous output, shortens charging time, and reduces the space and weight required for wiring..

Through aerodynamic design developed through close cooperation between designers and engineers, such as a smooth flowing roof line and low position, 0.24It boasts high efficiency with low drag coefficient of. Also, Ultra-high-strength steel and reinforced battery housing ensure high rigidity and crash safety..

Interior design arranges the instrument cluster around the driver so that the driver can control the vehicle intuitively., Provides ample headroom and space to occupants through battery arrangement considering vehicle roofline and seat position.. Especially, The interior combines sportiness and sustainability with a high proportion of recycled materials instead of leather..

Both models achieve sustainability not only in the drive method, but also in the entire production process.. Both models are produced at the Bollinger Hoppe plant, which achieves energy balance and carbon neutrality.. All facilities in which both models are produced use eco-friendly electricity and biogas-based thermal energy, and logistical movement required for vehicle production is also taking an eco-friendly approach using carbon-neutral trains..

‘Audi e-Tron GT’WowAudi RS e-Tron GT’Is expected to be released in Korea within this year, and specific schedule and price information is undecided..

Article Photo by Jo Hyeon-gyu

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