2021.05.18.  12,870 read A versatile pickup that will excite leisure and camping people. Ford Ranger Auto Daily 16

2021.05.18. 12,870 read A versatile pickup that will excite leisure and camping people. Ford Ranger Auto Daily 16

In spring, leisure activities such as camping and car park are active. For this reason, vehicles optimized for leisure activities are attracting attention. Among them, more and more campers are looking for the Ford Ranger, a versatile pickup truck.

The Ford Ranger, which leads the world’s largest pickup truck market in the U.S., is a model that has been tested for driving in various environments, harsh climates and terrain in 130 countries and 5 continents around the world, and is designed to be used as a versatile multipurpose vehicle beyond pickup trucks. done.

In particular, it shows a masculine and strong image with a tough and thick exterior design. In addition, the high belt line and the lettering grille on the front of the Ranger Raptor show Ford’s identity, reviving the image of a tough pickup truck.

Based on this, Ranger has established itself as a reliable pickup truck for many years in global markets such as Southeast Asia, Australia, and Europe, where there are many off-roads. Through such product power, it has various awards, such as being selected as a pickup truck of the year in the UK and Germany.

The Ranger is equipped with a 2.0 biturbo diesel engine with a maximum output of 213 horsepower and a maximum torque of 51.0 kg.m and a 10-speed automatic transmission to demonstrate powerful driving performance. Here, fuel efficiency is excellent. Wildtrack combined fuel efficiency is 10.0km/L and Raptor is 8.9km/L.

With its powerful driving performance and excellent fuel efficiency, the Ranger is a good alternative for those who want to purchase pickup trucks who prefer diesel engines.

In addition, the Ranger has high traction and load capacity, making it ideal for campers. The Ranger Wildtrack has a towing load of 3.5 tons and a payload of 600 kg, while the Raptor has a towing load of 2.5 tons and a payload of 300 kg.

In particular, the Raptor, which is more specialized in off-road and rough road driving by inheriting the DNA of the Ford Performance team, Ford’s high-performance automobile division, is among the performance suspension, Fox shock absorber, high-strength bash plate, all-terrain tires, and 6-mode terrain management system. Through off-road racing mode, Baja mode, etc., it exhibits powerful and stable performance as if driving on-road off-road.

Wildtrack is a pickup truck with lane maintenance assistance, active cruise control, active park assistance, and front sensing system applied, but it helps the driver to drive comfortably and easily even when driving in the city.

The short overhang provides a better angle of entry off-road, and the combination of smart design and engineering keeps the engine’s air intakes and other devices out of the way, which is advantageous for crossing.

The wheelbase, which determines the interior space of the vehicle, reaches 3,220mm, and the legroom of the second row seats is large enough for an adult male to sit in a pickup truck.

In addition, Ford Lincoln’s latest infotainment system SYNC 3 can be used through an 8-inch display on the center fascia. SYNC 3 can be controlled with a light touch or voice, and various functions such as phone calls and music listening are available.

Above all, it is economical. Although Ford Ranger is an imported car, it is classified as a freight car in Korea, so it can receive several benefits such as an annual automobile tax of 28,500 won and an individual consumption tax exemption.

The Ford Ranger’s selling price is 49.9 million won for Wild Track and 63.9 million won for Raptor.

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