2021/05/17 23:36 finally agreed!France, Germany and West finalize the sixth-generation fighter development plan

The FCAS sixth-generation fighter model displayed in Paris.  (Reuters)

The FCAS sixth-generation fighter model displayed in Paris. (Reuters)

2021/05/17 23:36

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report]After several failed negotiations, France, Germany, and Spain today finally finalized the details of the three countries’ joint development of the sixth-generation fighter “Future Combat Air System” (FCAS) plan. .

Reuters reported that FCAS is the largest defense project in Europe, with an estimated total cost of US$121.4 billion (approximately NT$3.3 trillion). A total of three well-known companies will participate, namely Airbus, which represents the German government. , Dassault Aviation in France and Indra in Spain.

France attaches great importance to this plan. France believes that the series of fighter planes and drones planned by the FCAS will be the greatest capital for the next generation of Europe to compete with China, Russia, and the United States in defense.

The three countries had previously conducted many negotiations on the FCAS plan, but in the end they all failed because they could not agree on the intellectual property rights issue. According to officials of the French Ministry of Defense, the three countries have decided to be honest and open this time and no longer impose restrictions on their respective commercial secrets.

FCAS’s sixth-generation fighter will be in service from 2040 to replace the French Rafale and Eurofighter Typhoon in Germany and West.

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