2021.05.14.  18,249 read How long will the flagship king, reign?  MERCEDES-BENZ S-CLASS magazine car life 35

2021.05.14. 18,249 read How long will the flagship king, reign? MERCEDES-BENZ S-CLASS magazine car life 35

King of flagships, until when will reign?

I attended the S-Class test drive event, the symbol of Mercedes-Benz, which had a launch event recently. Let’s see how the S-Class gained such a high reputation and built its own castle high.

400d with AMG package used. The bumper design is sporty

At the same time as the test drive started, rain poured from the sky. It was a shower, but it fell a lot and there were puddles of water all over the road. It was a bit embarrassing that I had to start the test drive without even having time to look at the car calmly, but on the one hand, it was a good opportunity to see the reassuring side of the S class. There are two test rides, the S 400d and the S 580. It was a course where you can experience the back seat with the S 580 when you return after driving the S 400d directly to the roundabout.

First, I started sitting in the driver’s seat of the S 400d. The accelerator pedal’s effort is considerable. On the other hand, the brake pedal has a wide and light range of movement. Thanks to the heavy repulsion, the accelerator pedal is pressed gently. Thanks to this, the body doesn’t wriggle or be hilarious. The smooth engine, smooth transmission, and large air suspension combine to create a classy and decent behavior. The same goes for the brakes. The sensitivity is opposite, but it is a setting for smooth movement. For reference, the drivetrain of the S 400d is a combination of an inline 6-cylinder 3.0L diesel engine, a 9G tronic automatic transmission, and a four-wheel drive 4MATIC. Thanks to the distinctive pedal feel, I was able to quickly identify and adapt to the character.

The new S-Class has a flush door handle.

While driving, I encountered a puddle of water. The water that hits the car floor is strong, but the sound that hits the car is suppressed considerably. In particular, the sound of rushing around the wheel breaks in as if the wheel house part was meticulously finished. Thanks to its excellent sound insulation properties, the interior remains calm even when the speed is increased, unlike the external turmoil.

When I get on the highway, I can feel the size of the car. According to Mercedes’ explanation, compared to the previous model based on the standard wheelbase, the overall length is 54mm, the overall width is 55mm and the wheelbase is 81mm. It provides ample interior space that fills the lanes, and boasts excellent straight-forward safety thanks to the long wheelbase.

In addition, the Driving Assistance Package provides a highly complete semi-autonomous driving function. The internal combustion engine, even though it uses a diesel engine, is so smooth that it is difficult to feel any discomfort when accelerating or decelerating by itself. In addition, the 12.8-inch OLED display, which is largely located in the middle of the room, has the latest infotainment system MBUX, enabling intuitive control, and has improved its completeness with excellent accessibility and haptic touch on a wide screen. MBUX offers voice commands from all seats, including the rear seat, and provides customized settings for each user through biometric authentication (face and fingerprint, up to 7 people), so its convenience is outstanding.

If the central display catches the eye with its size, the new instrument cluster catches the eye with its 3D function. 3D implemented on a flat surface is easy to get tired with a sense of heterogeneity quickly, but the new S-Class is characterized by less heterogeneity because it provides information fluidly according to the driver’s position and gaze. However, if even this feels unfamiliar, you can simply turn the function off and on with a touch.

Among the functions highlighted in the orientation, it was difficult to confirm the true value of the digital light because it was a daytime driving, but it is said that it is possible to irradiate light more precisely than the previous generation by using a micro mirror. By linking with the navigation system, it is possible to calculate the height difference of the terrain and provide a tight forward view. When I see the perfection I feel while driving, I can trust without seeing it. It is sure to be of great help for night driving.

When I arrived at the roundabout, fortunately, the rain had subsided. I finally checked the exterior that I hadn’t seen before. The S 400d, which has a strong owner-driven personality, features a stylish bumper design with an AMG package, and the S 580 is a shopper-driven, so it has a relatively youthful finish. It is a design that reflects the characteristics of each model. However, it was disappointing that the S 400d had a slightly sturdy 19-inch wheel that did not match the beauty and bulk of the AMG package. Of course, the 19-inch is not a small size, but due to the large body, it left a regret in proportion. The high side wall will help improve the ride comfort, but that is.

There was also a demonstration of the rear axle steering of the S 580. 4WS is already an old technology, but Mercedes-Benz further increases the steering angle and collects various information with radar, camera, and ultrasonic sensors to determine the optimal angle. At less than 60km/h, it steers up to 10 degrees opposite to the front wheel to improve agility, and at more than 60km/h it moves up to 3 degrees in the same direction to increase the sense of stability.
The S 580 used in the demonstration was a long body with a wheelbase of 3,216 mm, but the turning radius was much smaller than that of the E class that appeared as a comparative group. It did not stop here, and it was possible to use this function even in a parallel parking situation, a so-called’crabble’ function. As in high-speed driving, the four wheels are steered in the same direction to park, but even when leaving the car, you can easily escape from a narrow parking space. For reference, this function is performed automatically without driver manipulation when the car recognizes a parking space. As I was watching the demonstration, I was able to feel that the car was getting closer to the robot.

On the way back, it’s time to sit in the back of the S 580. I sat in the executive seat through the spacious rear door opened by a professional driver. For more than an hour, I experienced the space behind the S class under the influence of the president or the chairman. As mentioned earlier, the S 580 is a long wheelbase model with a shaft distance of 3,216 mm. It is 110mm longer than the S 400d. Thanks to this, passengers can utilize the spacious space and use it as a resting place or office on the road if necessary.

First, when I recline the seat, the passenger seat in the first row is pulled out and folded forward at the touch of a button, and the second row is laid out to 43.5 degrees, creating a space comparable to that of the first class of airplanes. It is a good environment to forget that you are on the road and relax.

As I turned the seat back and sits straight, the 11.6-inch full HD touch screen catches the eye. Various multimedia systems can be used through both screens in the rear seat, and web browsers can also be used through tethering. Lastly, the brand’s first rear seat airbag reduces the impact on the head and neck of the rear seat occupants in the event of a frontal collision, thereby promoting the safety of the occupants. There is no such thing as a gap in every corner that is invisible to the eye.

Equipped with various convenience equipment, the S 580 is a V8 4.0L gasoline twin turbo engine with a maximum output of 503 horsepower and a maximum torque of 71.4 kg·m. The time required to accelerate from 0 to 100 km is 4.4 seconds, and the maximum speed is limited at 250 km/h. It is a huge and heavy body, but it has a power performance that is not envious of a sports car, so it is difficult to fault anywhere.

The aluminum hybrid body minimizes weight gain despite thorough safety contrast, and the eight-cylinder gasoline engine, which acts as a heart, provides overflowing power with a strong and soft sensation. In addition, various safety and convenience equipment including joints and air suspension that provide optimal ride comfort anytime, anywhere. The reputation of the Mercedes S-Class, which has been built up as an internal combustion engine, does not seem to surpass this generation.

Written Reporter Shin Jong-yoon Picture Mercedes Benz, Shin Jong-yoon

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