2021.05.11.  22,085 Read Kia EV6 Pre-order in Korea Early termination…  Long Range 66% Selection Kabilif 38

2021.05.11. 22,085 Read Kia EV6 Pre-order in Korea Early termination… Long Range 66% Selection Kabilif 38

Kia EV6 (Source: EV6 Owners Club)

Kia is closing the pre-reservation period for the first pure electric vehicle’EV6′ scheduled for the end of this month to 14 days. This is a decision for early achievement of the originally planned pre-booked quantity and smooth delivery. Domestic advance reservations exceeded 30,000 units, of which the long range received the most selection with 66%.

Kia announced on the 11th that it will close the pre-reservation schedule, which was scheduled to proceed until the 31st, as early as 14 days as the number of pre-booked reservations previously planned has been exceeded due to the high interest of customers in EV6 pre-booking on the 11th. EV6, which started pre-reservation since March 31, exceeded 30,000 units (as of May 10) in 40 days, which is a number that exceeds the production target of 13,000 units this year, which is a setback for Kia. We have decided to shorten the pre-reservation schedule for the delivery of the EV6 that is not available.

Kia EV6 (Source: EV6 Owners Club)

There are a total of 4 types of EV6 models, and the specific pre-reservation rate for each model is △ Standard 9% △ 66% of long range △GT-Line 20% △GT 5% showed that most of the customers chose the long range model. The long range model has a higher output than the standard model, but has a much more single charge mileage, which seems to have contributed to the consumer’s choice.

In the case of EV6 pre-reservation, the first domestic automobile manufacturer to introduce an online reservation method, and as a result, more than half of individual customers, 54%, drew high enough responses to participate online. Kia is targeting EV6 domestic pre-reservation customers. △ Trim △Option △ We plan to proceed with the EV6 contract preferentially through the pre-order period in which colors are selected, and the release schedule will be notified to customers separately.

Kia EV6 (Source: EV6 Owners Club)

The popularity of EV6 advance reservations continues in Europe as well. According to the automobile industry on the 5th, it is known that the Kia EV6 surpassed 7300 units in advance reservations made in major European countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Italy. This is the result of pre-booking 43% of EV6’s overseas sales target (17,000 units), and 73% has already been achieved based on the European sales target (approximately 10,000 units).

In addition, if we add up to the 26,000 who requested vehicle information from Kia, the number of potential EV6 buyers in Europe reached 33,000. If all 33,000 people become real buyers, you’re meeting 330% of your European sales target.

Kia On-Demand Pickup Charging Platform Scenario (Source: Kia)

Meanwhile, Kia is also preparing to build a pickup charging service that can enhance the convenience of EV6 consumers, ahead of the EV6 launch schedule in Korea. In March, Kia and YW Mobile signed a MOU for joint development of an on-demand (customized demanded) pickup and charging platform.

The main purpose of this on-demand pickup charging platform service is to develop and operate a one-stop service that leads to easy call-to-vehicle pickup-quick charging-vehicle handover through smartphone. Kia plans to expand its service area nationwide after launching the EV6 EV6 in the second half of this year.

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