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				[최초시승] Fame as it is, once again perfectly.  Mercedes-Benz S-Class Road Test 29

2021.05.09. 15,668 reads [최초시승] Fame as it is, once again perfectly. Mercedes-Benz S-Class Road Test 29

MercedesBenz S-class. World-recognized OneEtc. is a large sedan. lately 7Reborn into generations S-I tested the class. A new infotainment system and augmented reality navigation in the indoor monitor, 3D There was a lot of strange equipment, such as the dashboard.. The door handle was hidden inside the door to make it look better.. Indeed new S-Class once again OneWill I be able to protect the place of son-in-law??

Written by Seo Dong-hyun
Pictures mercedesBenz, Seo Donghyun

MercedesBenz’s Special product

Mercedes-Benz 220

‘Sonderklasse’. In german Special productMeans. MercedesThat’s why Mercedes chose it as the acronym for the brand’s premium sedan.. But from the beginning ‘S-classI didn’t write the name. Going back, 1951Year appeared 220(W187)This was the beginning. MercedesMercedes first serial 6With a cylinder gasoline engine, Current C-It boasts a large interior space with a wheelbase similar to that of the class..

legitimate OneGeneration S-Class is 1972Debuted in. Already indoor livability or ride comfort Basic knowledgeWas. So, it started to incorporate plenty of safety technology for passengers.. 1978The first mass-produced car in the year ABS(Anti-lock Brake System)Put. after 2Generation and 3Airbags and electronic stability programs for generations(ESP)Introduced. 4In generations, accident prevention technicians freeSafe(Pre-Safe)’Was first introduced.

6th generation S-class

5Generation and 6Generations have grown steeper. ‘Destronic PlusWow Magic body control‘, ‘Energizing ComfortAnd the latest technology.. among them 6The popularity of the generation was remarkable even in Korea.. Once all over the world S-class 10public OneThe price of running on the roads of our country. BMW 7Series and audi A8, Lexus LSThere was also an option called, already S-The class has established itself as a representative icon of a premium sedan..

Wearing a new family look

In this test drive event, S 400 d 4Matic and top trim S 580 4Met matic. Length and width, Each height 5,210×1,955×1,505MmWow 5,290×1,920×1,505Mm. The wheelbase is each more than the previous generation 81Mm, 51MmIncrementally 3,106MmWow 3,216MmAll. Especially S 580 4The Matic has a longer body length and wheelbase than competing models, and is the largest in height, providing a great sense of space..

From the time the spy shots with the camouflage removed, their appearance has changed in favor and dislike.. This is because the gorgeous image has been removed and has returned with a relatively good face.. However, if you look closely, there are many things to see.. ‘Digital lightInside 130Projection module consisting of more than 10,000 pixels and 84Dog multibeam module hidden. The rear lamp is also LED The pillars were packed. This is a detail that could only be seen in concept cars years ago..

The side character line that fell in a gentle curve was pulled up close to the belt line.. Thanks to this, the door panel looks more neat and wider.. I put a flush-type door handle here to complete a smooth side profile.. You can get closer with your car key, If you touch the middle of the door handle ShrewSlide out. Wheel is S 400 don 19Inches, S 580on 20I put an inch.

All new S-Class includes rear wheel steering function. Per hour 60Km From below in the opposite direction to the front wheel, Up in the same direction from more 4.5°Beat to. Choosing the top option 10°It beats up to, UIn a turn situation, it goes back in a semi-circle that is comparable to that of a compact car.. Length 5.3mThe lower rotational diameter of a large sedan E-Smaller than class.

Nothing can’t be MBUX Infotainment system

The interior has changed more radically than the exterior OneHeat. The dashboard was wrapped in a smooth curve 6Unlike generations, 12.8inch OLED All edges straightened relative to the monitor. Personally, I don’t prefer a configuration with a large monitor with physical buttons.. Looking good, it’s future-oriented,, To put it badly, it’s because it’s too simple. But the thoughts after facing the real thing 180° Changed.

Benz did not miss the luxury in spite of its simplicity.. First of all, thanks to raising the air outlet to the top, The wide grain of wood that covered the dashboard stands out more.. Square vents and window buttons, Even the ignition switch doesn’t seem to be cheap either.. S 400 dWow S 500The sleek design of the steering wheel was added to the sporty sensibility..

The best part is Active ambient lightAll. 64With a single color 10I prepared a variety of colors, It’s not just a soft light.. When the air conditioner temperature is lowered, the blue light, When raised, red light flows from the center of the room to the outside.. When a car approaches from a blind spot, turning on a turn signal causes the entire ambient light in that direction to flash red to call attention. . It created an atmosphere as if the passengers and the car interacted with each other..

12.3inch 3D The instrument panel is ‘MBUX Interior assistSwallowed a smart system called. Helps manipulate the angle of the mirror by recognizing the side mirror in the direction the driver is looking at. When you reach out to the dashboard, it turns on the lights.. Also, Per hour 20Km The driver’s eyelid movement is detected and·Send an audible warning, Prevent accidents caused by drowsy driving.

The genuine navigation of imported cars I used so far was not reliable.. The directions are not attentive, Certain brands expand with speed·There wasn’t even a reduction function. On the other hand 7Generation S-Class ‘MBUX Augmented Reality NavigationCompletely reverses such prejudice. After displaying the front camera screen in front of the forked road, Put a large arrow in the direction of entry. The process is so accurate and natural that you don’t have to worry about it even in a complex city center..

Then how about the back seat?. In fact, full of newness OneAfter adapting to the heat environment, S 580Luxurious of 2The ten executive seats didn’t look so special.. This is a must for a premium large sedan. Backrest is maximum 43.5° Leaning, The leg rest 50°As much as it comes up. ‘Shopper packageIf you add to, the passenger seat will be pushed forward to secure wide leg space..

The hidden fun ‘MBUX High-end rear seat entertainment systemand ‘MBUX Rear seat tabletWas in. 7Front inch tablet screen 11.6In conjunction with an inch monitor, OneMost of the functions in the thermal monitor can be used.. Fuel economy and accelerator pedal as well as navigation·Displays the amount of brake operation in real time.. Divided into six modes Energizing packageTemperature and ambient light depending on the occupant’s mood, music, Work massage sheet.

diesel·Gasoline·6Cylinder·8Various options from cylinder to cylinder

The first order of the test drive S 400 d 4Time to experience Matic firsthand. ‘S’I climbed into the driver’s seat with vague expectations for. Serial under the bonnet 6Cylinder 3.0L Diesel turbo engine was in place. 9However, the maximum output is interlocked with the automatic transmission. 330horsepower, Torque 71.4KgMTo deliver on four wheels. Empty vehicle weight 2,185KgTo 5.4Per hour in seconds 100KmThe power is overflowing enough to lead you to.

Serial 6Cylinderand dieselMeeting is pretty ideal. Deliberately stepping on the accelerator pedal all the way does not emit annoying noises. Vibration suppression skills are far exceeding expectations.. Per hour 100Km The loudest sound in constant speed driving APungjeolum near the filler. Even this was due to the rainy weather.. Do I need to be quieter than this? Interesting thing, Benz is new S-On class release material NVHIt is a fact that I did not emphasize much. natural basicIt means.

From the alleys in the midst of construction to the stretched highways, Airmatic is responsible for all four wheels(AIRMATIC) The suspension was always gentle.. Prepare for shock by reading the road surface approaching with the front camera. When running at high speed, lower the body to add a sense of driving stability.. The crouched posture reduces air resistance and helps fuel economy.. S 400 dThe government-approved combined fuel economy of 1LParty 11.4Km. The air resistance coefficient is Cd 0.26to be.

Changes in the sense of the powertrain or steering wheel according to the driving mode are passive.. Sports at Comfort+There is no dramatic response even if you skip the step by step.. The body is still fluttering.. The steering wheel is also not sensitive. The exhaust sound is also calm. I just stop using the engine revs higher than usual.. If hot S-If you want a class, Mercedes to be released later-AMG S 63Wait for.

As chairman InstinctOne moment

Leaving a short meeting of an hour or so behind, this time S 580 4Matic 2Put yourself in the heat. Diamond-quilted seats and cozy headrests, A cool monitor greets you. Immediately the back was laid down and the leg rest was extended.. Lying on a sheet of moderate hardness, I was running on the highway, I almost fell asleep. I had to overcome drowsiness to fully taste the ride of the top trim..

S 580 4Matic is V8 4.0L Highest output with gasoline twin-turbo engine 503horsepower, Torque 71.4KgMSpurts. But AMG Craftsman-assembled 8Not as violent as a cylinder engine. 2Increased fuel efficiency with generation-integrated starter generator and intelligent cylinder shutoff function.. I’m not proud of my strength every moment, It means storing energy to take out and use whenever you need it..

Serial 6The cylinder diesel engine was quiet enough.. By the way V8 The gasoline engine is a bit more open.. about 76KmI hardly heard the sound of the engine while running. It was the only time I slowly climbed the hill at the destination., Eight cylinders only create a pleasing deep resonance.. ensign PresidentWhy are customers called S-Whether you choose a class, It was time to understand a little.

S 400 d 4Matic and S 500 4The price of each tick is OneBillion6,06010,000 won and 2Billion1,860Ten thousand won. Entry level S 350 dIs OneBillion4,060Start from 10,000 won. Depending on the trim, the price tag goes up and down with the rival model,, In fact, direct price comparison is meaningless. S-Class customer’s taste is firm. LSMore sensuous, 7Heavier than the series, A8I want a car full of new technology with a more luxurious design..

The day after the test drive is finished, 4Received monthly imported car sales data. ‘727’versus. New S-This is the record the class achieved in the first month of release.. The single model sales ranking is how 4Wida. It seems that the box office has already been guaranteed in the domestic market.. S-To go beyond the class, New model to appear in the future 7Series and A8, LSSeems to have to re-review the strategic plan.

Smart augmented reality navigation
Practical rear wheel steering system
2Thermal comfort and quietness

Relatively bored OneThermal design

Car type
S 400 d 4Matic
S 580 4Matic
Serial 6Cylinder diesel turbo
V8 Gasoline Twin Turbo
Compression ratio
Fuel supply device
Electronically controlled direct injection
Fuel tank
9Only automatic
Rolling method
Four wheel roll
4Door sedan
Wheel base
In front of the tread|rear
Minimum ground clearance
Empty vehicle weight
Front and rear weight ratio
Rotating diameter
Air resistance coefficient(CD)
Rack and Pinion
Steering lock-to-lock
Suspension front|rear
All multilink
Brake front|rear
all Vdisk
Tire front|rear
front 255/45 R 19
rear 285/40 R 19
all 255/40 R 20
Wheel front|rear
all 19inch
all 20inch
0100Km/h Acceleration
Maximum speed
Per hour 250Km
Certified fuel economy(complex)
Carbon dioxide emissions
OneBillion6,060Ten thousand won
2Billion1,860Ten thousand won

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