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				"That's why you are triangulated" The most expensive S-class options General rearranging car zoom 47

2021.05.07. 55,648 read "That’s why you are triangulated" The most expensive S-class options General rearranging car zoom 47

SClass is It is not an exaggeration to say that it is leading the global automobile market., Mercedes’ latest design, State-of-the-art technology, It is a model that contains all the finest materials.. Because of this, many consumers and experts STo class Sedan’s textbookI am sending a favorable reception called.

So great SClass A model that makes it more standout has been released in the domestic market and is becoming a big topic.. The protagonist is SClass Top model, Maybach SClass. In particular, it is attracting many consumers’ attention with its enormous option specifications.. The most expensive today SClass Inn Maybach SClass I summarized the options specifications.

New SClass appear
Maybach succeeds Sclass

SClass is It is one of the models with overwhelming sales in the domestic market as well as overseas.. To make this composition even stronger, the Mercedes is a new model SClass Launched in the domestic market. Consumers who saw this Also SClass”,That’s why you are triangulatedI sent a favorable reception.

Benz right after SClass Top model and most expensive SClass Inn Maybach SClass Appearing right away, he is showing a way to further raise his status..

Strong impression
Exterior design

Maybach SClass The exterior design is a bonnet with chromed fins instead of a horizontal radiator grille. 3The radiator grille with the dimensional trim strips arranged vertically was applied to differentiate it from the general model..

In addition, the two-tone exterior color, which is the symbol of Maybach, was carried out by hand, further enhancing its value.. Here 84Multibeam modules and 130Digital light consisting of more than 10,000 pixels was applied..

Strong power
Train specification

Maybach SClass Powertrain specifications Vbrother 8Cylinder 4.0L Gasoline twin-turbo engine 9However, the automatic transmission is engaged.. This results in the highest output 503horsepower, Torque 71.4kg.mShow the performance of.

Here 2It is equipped with an integrated generation starter generator to increase engine efficiency when stopping and restarting, depending on the driving situation. 20Add horsepower. In addition, if you select the Maybach mode, which is a special driving mode, the engine and transmission, Suspension, Steering wheel, Makes electronic control equipment the softest and most comfortable.

Of digital and analog luxury
Harmonious interior

Maybach SClass is Basic type SThan class Wheel base 180mm Because it is long, it shows a more relaxed interior space.. together 12.3inch 3D Instrument panel, 12.8inch OLED Center display, Two monitors dedicated to the rear seat, Gun with armrest tablet 5Provides three display screens.

Up here backrest 43.5Executive seat tilting to the degree and one button OneIt is equipped with a shopper package that pushes the row passenger seat forward., Room temperature and lighting, music, An energizing package that creates a comfortable environment by self-adjusting the seats, and the brightness and size of the rear seat lights according to the situation for the first passenger to be added, Adaptive rear seat lights that change position are also added..

State-of-the-art safety and
Equipped with convenience specifications

Maybach SIn class State-of-the-art safety and convenience specifications are installed.. In addition to the innovative rear seat airbag, the rear seat side bag and belt bag are applied to reduce the impact on the rear seat occupants in the event of an accident., It is equipped with a belt feeder that puts out the seat belt..

Convenience specifications are Boomer High-end 4D The surround sound system is equipped with active road noise reduction technology., Advanced driving assistance system, Rotation trajectory 2m Rear axle steering is installed to reduce the amount.

Someday Just once
Dream car you want to ride

Maybach SClass What was the reaction of these netizens?? “Dream car that I really want to ride once someday”, “Wow it’s a really crazy model”, “The luxury of any model is Maybach SClass Can’t followLikewise, the popularity occupied most of the.

Contrary Just a picture of rice cake”, “SAs a class Lack, My money”, “It’s funny that I’m lying down and looking at this meaninglessly“, “2Maybach because billion won is not enough SClass Can’t buyThere was also a reaction that it was a model that couldn’t be touched..

Maybach SClass
price is 2Billion 6,060Ten thousand won

Maybach SClass is Will appear this summer. Maybach S580 4Matic It will be available in a single trim and the price is 2Billion 6.06010,000 won.

The domestic imported car market is booming recently, OneIn a situation where a lot of expensive models over 100 million won are being sold, SClass and With Maybach SClass diagram I wonder if I can record a lot of sales..

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