2021.05.07.  33,415 reads
				"Not Gangnam Santa Fe" Automobile Korea, the region that sold the most expensive cars in Korea 34

2021.05.07. 33,415 reads "Not Gangnam Santa Fe" Automobile Korea, the region that sold the most expensive cars in Korea 34

[오토모빌코리아=뉴스팀] Gangnam Sonata‘, ‘Gangnam Santa FeYou’ve probably heard the word. In Gangnam, Seoul, which is called the neighborhood of the rich, it is a nickname given to imported cars that look a lot like Sonatas and Santa Fes in other regions..

However, when I looked at the recently released statistics, Gangnam Sonata‘, ‘Gangnam Santa FeNot Busan Sonata‘, ‘Busan Santa FeThe result that the nickname should be changed to has appeared and is becoming a big topic.. If so, we looked at what kind of result was the result of this reaction..

Because of the perception that it’s a rich neighborhood
It was called Gangnam Sonata

If you ask people living in many areas of Korea where the rich neighborhood is, almost everyone will pick Gangnam in Seoul.. That’s why there has been a strong perception that Gangnam is a rich neighborhood from the past..

Also, there are actually many stores of imported car brands, I could often see Imports on the road, Even a supercar, I was able to see luxury cars without getting bored.. This leads to Cayenne among consumers, EClass and Gangnam Sonata on the same expensive imported car, It has also been nicknamed Gangnam Santa Fe..

But recently in Busan
More imported cars are sold

However, according to recent statistics, more imported cars were sold in Busan than in Gangnam.. Among domestic imported cars registered vehicles OneHaeundae-gu, Busan, in the proportion of passenger cars exceeding KRW billion, 3,763Road 13.7%Nationwide OneAchieved the above. Of vehicles registered in Haeundae-gu 8public OneCost OneIt is also noticeable that it is a vehicle worth over 100 million won..

Conversely, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 2,313Road 7.2%Share of, Seocho-gu 1,645Road 5.5%Haeundae-gu has a market share of 2On the ship 3Showed a figure that was about twice as high.. Because of this, Gangnam Sonata with a joke, Not Gangnam Santa Fe, Busan Sonata, There is a story about whether it should be changed to Santa Fe in Busan..

Immovable figurehead

Then, what are the most popular imported brands and models in Busan?? Immovable OneThe above is Mercedes, as everyone expectedMercedes. The overall sales volume in the domestic market BMWLooked closely after, but, Benz in Busan BMWAre overwhelming.

In Busan 2020Year by year 11,013The price was sold, 2021year OneRoad on the branch 2,827The price was sold. The most sold by model is Eclass, After that Gclass, GLE, CLSIs going on.

Steady rise

After Mercedes, the brand that sold the most in Busan is again, as everyone expected. BMWAll. Still, it is an encouraging situation to show a steady rise.. Here BMWIf the aggressive promotion of the company is added, it is expected that a more fierce competitive landscape will unfold..

In Busan BMWIs 2020Year by year 7,589The price was sold, 2021year OneQuarterly 2,230The boulevard is closely following the Mercedes.. The most sold by model 3Series, followed by 5series, X7, X5Is going on.

Showing breakthrough

In particular, Porsche is the most striking brand among many imported car brands.. Originally, Porsche was located at Land Rover., jaguar, Japanese tea brands were holding it. But 2018Porsche started to rise in the year 2020Passed Land Rover in the year.

In Busan 2021year OnePorsche on the branch 734Sold a stand. The Cayenne sold the most by model, followed by the Cayenne Coupe., Taikan, Panamera continues.

Supercar is booming
Luxury car brand

Also in Busan, a supercar, Luxury car brands are also rapidly growing.. Famous brand Bentley, Lamborghini, I looked at the numbers based on Rolls-Royce.. 2017Bentley in the year 133versus, Lamborghini 17versus, Rolls-Royce 17Sold a stand. 2018Bentley in the year 73versus, Lamborghini 3versus, Rolls-Royce 22Sold a stand. 2019Bentley in the year 62versus, Lamborghini 11versus, Rolls-Royce 25Sold a stand.

2020Bentley in the year 127versus, Lamborghini 19versus, Rolls-Royce 31Sold units, 2021In the first half of the year, Bentley 17versus, Lamborghini 8versus, Rolls-Royce 8Already sold the unit. Especially 2017Bentley’s Haeundae store in the world was followed by Dubai in Haeundae in Busan. 2I’ve been in the top, Rolls-Royce sales are rising..

Not only Busan, but also imported car sales
Overall rose

Then, what is the reason for the sudden increase in imported car sales in Busan?? First of all, it is remarkable that the proportion of imported cars continues to increase in the domestic automobile market as well as in Busan..

Especially 2021year OneIn terms of monthly sales, Hyundai Motor Company, Following hunger 3Benz and above BMWIs occupied and has reached its peak.. Coronavirus due to boom in the domestic market19 Some say that the damages in the global market caused by the situation were recovered to some extent..

Regional characteristics and
Huge infrastructure

In addition, Busan is famous for being a place where sales of high-priced products have been so high., Busan is characterized by the richest people living in the southern region.. Due to this, many imported car brands began to enter Busan and started to build a huge infrastructure..

In particular, with such high sales volume, each imported car brand also began to pay much attention to Busan customers, making it easier to access Imports.. For this reason, the sales volume in Busan is expected to continue to rise in the future.. Will the day come to be called the Busan Sonata instead of the Gangnam Sonata??

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