2021.05.06.  9,670 read The extremely'modern' Hyundai Staria Autocar Korea 17

2021.05.06. 9,670 read The extremely’modern’ Hyundai Staria Autocar Korea 17

What is the reason for the enormous interest that Starria is receiving at the same time as its appearance? Above all, I think the biggest reason is the eye-catching new design. It is natural that a new design that has not existed is attracting attention. However, it is never easy for the new design to attract a lot of people. Staria did the difficult job. Even if the likes and dislikes of each individual about the design are second, they succeeded in making it look “sorry”.

I met Staria for the first time at the media test drive event held on April 14th. The first impression is much more favorable than expected. The reason that the name Starria doesn’t look childish or funny at all is because its completeness has reached a considerable level. The fact that the windshield is laid at a very deep angle unlike previous models such as Starex, and all side windows are set large, reminded me of the Fiat Multiplat, which does not always fall out when picking’the ugliest car in the world’. Even if we put off the fact that the practical value of Multipla is highly evaluated than expected, the difference in favorability between Multipla and Staria will be quite different. Although they have similar settings, if Multipla is’bizarre’ and’comic’, Staria believes that it has succeeded in bringing out’novelty’ and’cool atmosphere’.

The spacious second row seats were comfortable and comfortable.

The test drive is a 7-seater inspiration version of the Staria Lounge that uses the diesel VGT 2.2, which was released earlier. However, this test drive was very special in that it started by sitting on the second row of seats where the word premium would not be awkward at all, rather than driving directly. The organizers offered the opportunity to board the second row, which was made for VIPs, and at the same time recommended watching the introduction of the model that was broadcasting in real time at Hyundai Motor Studio Goyang. The two rows of premium relaxation seats were more comfortable and comfortable than the business seats of any airliner I’ve ever experienced. In particular, it was spacious enough to feel that the space that can accommodate up to 11 passengers is actually being used only for two second row seats. While looking at the end of the Han River out of the huge window, I picked up the mobile phone with one hand and watched the live video. At this point, I thought about what it would have been like to apply the option to mount the user’s portable device.

The test drive on the luxurious second row of seats ended by moving to the vicinity of Gimpo, Gyeonggi-do. Hyundai Motor Company prepared a separate studio that was directed as if it were an outer space, and in this space, we were sure to immerse ourselves in the direction and atmosphere of Staria again. It also raised expectations by introducing a limousine version of Staria Lounge, which is expected to be released in the second half of 2021. It has already been predicted that a hydrogen-electric vehicle version of Staria will appear by 2023, as well as Staria with a V6 3.5L engine using LPG will soon appear on the market.

Compared to style and functionality, the driving sensation falls short of expectations.

After that, I was able to hold the steering wheel completely in my hand until the end of the test drive schedule. Although the driving space is obviously unfamiliar, it is much more comfortable and familiar than I thought. There are also substantial driving assistance functions that would be disappointing without it. Even if the noise of the 2.2L diesel engine was suppressed, it was not so much that the driver would not care. Thanks to the characteristic that the maximum torque is exerted in the low rotation range, it is possible to move smoothly even when it goes back and forth, but the feeling of acceleration in a relatively high rotation and high speed driving state is somewhat blurred. It is clear that it is regrettable in terms of power performance. However, if you think about whether Starria Lounge’s 7-seater model is truly a car for 7 people, the answer comes out. In fact, wouldn’t it be correct to see it as a car for one person or one or two people in the second row? It might be most suitable for a family of 3 or 4 who prioritizes ample space. Rather, if it is used to host a company’s CEO or special VIP, it is also natural that there is no need to emphasize driving pleasure.

On the way back from the test drive, I thought about what is’modern’. right. That is what it means to be like a Hyundai Motor Company. Hyundai Motor Company reflects the current us almost as it is. As Koreans, we are accustomed to a really fast pace of change, and we find new values ​​quickly and do it. The speed at which the real demand class is accepting Starria, which has emerged as a new MPV, proves it. Sturia was truly’modern’.

Written by Gyeongnam Na

Fact File Staria Lounge Diesel 7-seater Inspiration AWD
5% reduction in opening tax (Insulation Trim + HTRAC (7-seater))
+ Dual Sunroof (7-seater) + BOSE Premium Sound + Built-in Cam + Comfort II)
price 46.8 million won
Size (length x width x height) 5255 x 1995 x 1990mm
Wheel base 3275mm
Weight (tolerance weight) 2390kg
engine Inline 4-cylinder, 2199cc, diesel
Transmission 8-speed automatic
Output 177 hp / 3,800 rpm
Torque 44.0kg·m / 1,500~2,500rpm
Fuel economy (combined) 10.3km/L
CO2 Emissions 189g/km
Suspension (front/rear) Strut/multi link
Brake (front/rear) V disk/disk
Tire (front/rear) 235/55R 18

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