2021/05/06 23:10 Is the epidemic fueling violence?Sexual model student killed 6 women in 5 weeks in Sweden

Six women have been killed in Sweden in the past five weeks.  (European News Agency)

Six women have been killed in Sweden in the past five weeks. (European News Agency)

2021/05/06 23:10

[Real-time news/comprehensive report]Sweden, which is often regarded as a model for learning in other countries in terms of gender equality and public security, has recently experienced many violent killings against women. -19) Epidemic related.

According to the “BBC” report, 6 women have been killed in Sweden in the past 5 weeks. This series of killings occurred in 3 different areas. The victims were of different age groups. The only thing in common was that the arrested suspects The victim has a close relationship. One of the cases occurred in the low-income suburb of Stockholm, the capital. A woman was stabbed to death in an apartment shared with four children. It is reported that the suspect in the case was someone she knew well.

Jenny Westerstrand, head of the Swedish National Women’s Asylum Organization, believes that so many killings may be related to the epidemic. She explained that the severe epidemic forced women of all backgrounds to spend more time at home. , When they are subjected to violence, they are less likely to seek help from the outside world, but are trapped in it instead.

In this regard, the Swedish Ministry of Gender Equality (Marta Stenevi) said that she was shocked and frustrated by the recent violence, but not surprised. She further explained that although Sweden has made great progress in many aspects of sexual equality, violence against women is deeply entrenched in Sweden.

☆If people encounter violence in a cohabitation relationship, they can call the 113 protection hotline or ask for help from the domestic violence prevention center of the local government. ☆

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