2021.05.05.  Read 37,156 “Will you lie down or turn around, that's the problem?” What is the most worrying'this' when living in Staria?  VIEW H 63

2021.05.05. Read 37,156 “Will you lie down or turn around, that’s the problem?” What is the most worrying’this’ when living in Staria? VIEW H 63

for a long time MPV There is a problem that has put consumers considering buying into a dilemma.. Right away ‘7Seaterand ‘9SeaterDivided into Riding capacityto be.

In particular, Hyundai Motor Company’s premium MPV’Starria’, which was recently launched, has differences in benefits and functions that can be enjoyed depending on the number of passengers, so it is necessary to take a closer look. So today is Staria 7Seung-gwa 9I would like to learn more about the difference between the seater..

Starry 7The seater model is Staria’s high-end model, Staria Lounge 7-seaterCan only be selected, For trim, the top trim InspirationOnly one thing is provided. As the top trim, the convenience specifications provided throughout the vehicle are proving its value.

Especially 2Applied to heat Premium relaxation sheetIs 7The biggest feature of the seater model, In addition to the excellent seating comfort, the luxurious nappa leather finish is added to provide high satisfaction to the passengers..

together, Leg support ‘4way Leg supportAnd arm comfortably Automatic adjustment Armrest, I can lean my head sideways Wing type HeadrestAre prepared, aircraft OneYou can enjoy the best comfort comparable to class class..



The most attractive features are separate. Right away One touch RelaxationFunction. This function, which can distribute the concentrated load on the hips and waist with just one button operation, Weightless sheetIt is cozy and cozy enough to be called.


Besides, Thanks to Starria’s unique spacious interior space, Legroom resembles a playground. After activating the one-touch relaxation function, there is no bother at all even if you lie down comfortably. It is no exaggeration to say that Staria has been transformed from a means of transportation to a resting place..


Meanwhile, Staria Lounge 7Seung-eun ‘2/3Thermal sliding sheetWow ‘3Thermal Cushion Tip-Up SeatCaptured practicality through. If you need additional storage space, 2Fever 3Just push the heat forward. It’s also easy to operate, so anyone can use it easily.

Staria Lounge 7The most representative lifestyle that Inseung can implement is Protocolto be. Limitation of vehicle use Unlike the obvious premium sedan, Staria Lounge 7Seung-eun VIP Simultaneous digestion of protocol and cargo loading.

Especially Golf protocolStaria Lounge at 7Seater shines light. Golf bag for some premium sedans 4I can’t even load a dog, so I’m in trouble, Staria Lounge 7Seung-eun 3Even if you fold only the heat sheet, it’s a golf bag 4Boston bag as well as dog 4There is a huge space that can swallow up all dogs..

family MPVAs UsageCan’t be left out. Safety performance for family, Spacious indoor space, Stable driving performance, etc., There is no lack of any one. There is also a premium relaxation sheet added here, It can minimize family fatigue caused by long-distance travel during holidays or holidays..

Starry 9The seater model is a high-end model Staria lounge 9SeaterAnd the general model Staria Tourer 9Seater There are two options. Both models 9It has a seat structure that can accommodate passengers,, There is a clear difference in function and utilization.

Starria Lounge 9-seater ‘2-row swiveling Independent sheet’end Has been applied. This provides an environment in which passengers can face each other and have a conversation with the ability to rotate the second row seats 180 degrees to face each other. In addition, it has the advantage that the car seat can be mounted more conveniently by turning it 90 degrees.

You can also arrange a simple meeting space Rear-seat cameraWow Back seat conversation modeIt can be used as a’business MPV’ that allows multiple people to work together.

Staria Tourer 9Seung-eun 2In heat 3persons, 3In heat 3It has a structure in which people are boarded.. Sliding rails are applied to each seat so that it can be moved back and forth, and if necessary, all can be pushed forward to provide a load space.

In addition, the 2nd and 3rd rows’full flat seats’ are applied, making it possible to create a huge space where the whole family can lie down and relax.

Full flat sheetStarria Tourer 9Seung-eun Cold CampingThe most perfect to implement MPVAll. Other brands MPVIt does not require a separate flattening like, The space is also excellent thanks to the high interior height of Staria.. In fact, it’s like a moving lodge.

The biggest advantage of Starria Lounge 9-seater and Tourer 9-seater is ‘Bus-only lane Passable’and ‘No individual consumption tax’All. There are probably many people who are aiming for a 9-seater because of this benefit.

According to the Road Traffic Act 9-12Seater Passenger/Van 6When boarding more than one person, it is possible to drive in a bus-only vehicle. Excluded from subject to individual consumption tax. In other words, the 9-seater model Staria Lounge 7He has a kind of privilege that cannot be enjoyed in Inseung.


As we have seen so far, Starria has features for each model, so it is necessary to choose according to your lifestyle..

If the readers 7Seung-gwa 9If you worry about seating, Which staria to choose? If you choose, I hope that you leave the strengths you think and the lifestyle you want to implement without adding or subtracting in comments..

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