2021.05.03.  53,722 read'Did you feel the burden?' The real reason why the popular S-class design suddenly reversed Design Anatomy 108

2021.05.03. 53,722 read’Did you feel the burden?’ The real reason why the popular S-class design suddenly reversed Design Anatomy 108

Benz’s own color has become more distinct.

Good morning. Car design anatomy.
Recently, Mercedes-Benz Korea officially launched the 7th generation new S-Class. Thomas Klein, CEO of Benz Korea, said, “Korea ranks third in S-Class sales after China and the United States.” He also explained how important the domestic market is from a corporate standpoint.

The 7th generation S-Class is a new flagship that appeared in about 8 years following the 6th generation, which was unveiled in 2013. As it has been prepared for a long time, the technology of Benz is comprehensive, including rear wheel steering, more sophisticated airbag system, and augmented reality head-up display. As a vehicle that is the standard in the premium and luxury markets, advanced features that differ in price were applied.

However, unlike this, when it comes to design, it seldom gets the same enthusiastic response as before. The interior and exterior design of the 6th-generation S-Class is still considered a’legend’, and it was an opportunity for a completely new perception of the S-Class, which had a strong image. In particular, interior design can feel stylish and future-oriented even now.

Cold water is slowly pouring into the evaluation of the S-Class design, which was followed by such a positive response. There are criticisms that it is not the same as before. Today’s Automotive Design Anatomy class will take a look at the new S-Class design and see why the current design was born.

If you are interested in Mercedes design, you may have noticed that the word’sensual purity’ appears frequently in articles related to Mercedes. ‘Sensual’ means’sensuous’, and’Purity’ means’pure’. Combining these results in a new meaning of literally’sensory or sensual purity’, which is the design philosophy that becomes the pillar of Mercedes design.

This change in the S-Class design is also deeply related to this design philosophy, as we applied Sensual Purity to the entire vehicle. To learn more about this, we need to look at the’A Sedan Concept’, which has a lot of influence on the current Mercedes design. This is because the A sedan concept is the model where the triangular light design and the neat side design started in earnest.

The A Sedan concept, which was unveiled in 2017, was a model with several new design elements that were not seen before. The biggest feature of these is the triangular light design mentioned earlier. The shape can be clearly seen from the rear of the vehicle, and compared to the previous CLA class, you can see how much the change is.

In fact, triangles are a somewhat avoided formative element in design. One of the biggest reasons is that it feels visually unstable and the use of cotton is poor, and Mercedes took this risk into account and created a triangular tail light design. Why did Mercedes have such a challenge?

Benz presented a rather complicated explanation of the’reduced gap’ for the rear design of the A sedan concept. It means that it will be easy to solve and reduce the space between lines and lines, and between faces and faces, and it contains the will to omit all unnecessary lines and faces. From this point of view, triangles are the most ideal shapes they think of.

Benz says that through the process of erasing unnecessary things, they were able to create the’pure’ design they wished for. Regardless of how beautiful the final form is in terms of aesthetics, the design they created has a clear reason and purpose. In addition, you can see the pulpit of Benz as it actively utilizes a triangle with a high risk for this.

This triangular design, which contains the deep meaning of the brand, was continued in the S class representing the company. A bold chrome line that connects the two taillights has been added here to further enhance the sense of luxury. However, the design that further highlights the purity of Sensual Purity is not limited to the back side, and the side of the new S-Class has also been redesigned for the same purpose.

If you look at the side of the new S-Class, you can see that a sharp line passing near the belt line connects the headlights and taillights. Gordon Wagner, general manager of Benz Design, calls this the’Catwalk Line’, a design derived from the Mercedes design sculpture’Aesthetic A’, which was unveiled in 2017. Aesthetic A was a sculpture containing the brand’s future design vision.

Benz has further emphasized the purity of the side with a new catwalk line. The character line of the previous generation S-Class is placed at the bottom of the door handle to emphasize the graphic feel, while the new catwalk line is placed close to the belt line so that its presence is relatively insignificant and the subtle volume of the side is further emphasized.

In this way, Mercedes has dramatically changed the design of the S-Class to reveal its design philosophy, Sensual Purity, more clearly. Of course, the current design of the new S-Class is more sharply divided compared to the previous generation, but it seems clear that it conveys the meaning of Mercedes more clearly. I will conclude with anticipation whether Benz will be able to further develop the current design and reach the perfect level of popularity. It was car design anatomy. Thank you.

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