2021.05.03.  4,472 read
				"Ate half of the united states" Automobile Korea 8, the congestion of domestic cars called gusts in foreign countries

2021.05.03. 4,472 read "Ate half of the united states" Automobile Korea 8, the congestion of domestic cars called gusts in foreign countries

[오토모빌코리아=뉴스팀] The ultimate goal of domestic car brands is not only the domestic market,, It is reborn as a famous brand by achieving good results in overseas markets.. However, in the overseas market, it was always a matter of concern as the results were insufficient to meet the target value..

However 2021Of the year OneNow after the quarter, Good news came from the North American market.. Small size that is doing well in the domestic market SUVIs showing good looks to local consumers in the North American market.. Today, the small size that heats up the North American market SUVI want to look at.

In the domestic market
Small SUV in place

small type SUVAre models that have already clearly established their position in the domestic market.. Consumers who prefer increasingly larger models are less inclined to SUVAlso applied to.

Although the price is low, it is a compact car, Small car, The semi-medium-sized sedan is a small size for consumers who felt a little lacking. SUVIt is a situation where you are spending many choices on. Currently in the domestic market, Tivoli, After Kona, Seltos is taking the lead with high sales volume..

Produced in Korea
Trail Blazer’s Activity

Small size showing good performance in the domestic market as well SUVIt is a hot topic because it is also doing well in the North American market.. Especially in KoreaGMLee BupyeongOneFactory-produced Chevrolet trail blazers are in the North American market. 25,024Sold a stand.

this is 26,175By selling OneHonda’s ranked above HR-VFollowed by 2Great man is a good grade. Although Chevrolet is a Mi-Look brand, it is noteworthy that domestically produced models were exported and recorded such results.. Also, Trax 16,955By selling 6Climbed on top.

Kona and Seltos too
Have a good grade

Hyundai-Kia’s small size SUVIt is also performing well in the North American market after trail blazers.. Kona 22,610By selling 4Climbed on top, Seltos 16,786By selling 7Climbed on top.

Kona is not only an internal combustion engine, but also a hybrid, The main thing was to have a variety of lineups such as electric vehicles.. Especially Kona 3Only during the month of the month 10,416It sold at a price and recorded the highest monthly sales ever since its launch in the US market.. Venue also 5,784Selling units 13Climbed on top.

The first car in my life is a domestic small SUV
Received many choices

Then domestic small SUVWhat Are the Factors That Have Been Good in the North American Market?? The biggest factor is the United States 10Large consumers are the first car in their lives SUVI chose a lot.

Especially among American consumers, it is a small Korean-made gift for high school students in the United States. SUVIt is said that there are parents who buy them.. In the past, models of Japanese brands occupied the situation, which is gradually changing..

Ideal as a cost-performance model
Domestic small SUV

Domestic small size in the North American market where various models exist SUVIs attracting attention from consumers because it is a model with an excellent cost-performance ratio..

Compared to models of other foreign brands, the price and full options are very popular.. In addition, because it shows various active benefits in overseas markets, the US 10It is a situation in which many choices are being made as the first car in a generation’s life..

“This is what
It’s a national prestige”

Domestic small SUVWhat was the reaction of netizens to see that they were active in the North American market?? “This is the prestige of the government.”, “Because domestic cars have risen recently, they are sufficiently competitive in overseas markets.”, “Lower price compared to other brands, It was a natural result due to the abundance of options.Back reaction followed.

There is a cheering response to the appearance of domestic brands being active in this way.. This is a situation where a reaction that is an excellent opportunity for domestic brands to further increase their name value in the overseas market has appeared..

“Clearly, discrimination in domestic demand
There must have been”

On the contrary, the reaction of netizens who showed negative gaze also continued.. “There must have been discrimination in domestic demand.”, “Overseas markets will sell full options at mid-trim prices.”, “If you sell it in the domestic market like that, the sales volume will increase sharply.Pointed out that it is domestic discrimination..

together Reduce the price of domestic cars in the domestic market”, “Why is it so expensive because it’s a domestic car??”, “It will surpass the price of imported cars nowLikewise, the price policy in the domestic market is also leading to a pinching reaction..

Good mood
I have to keep going

Let domestic car brands achieve such good results in overseas markets, It is a step closer to achieving the goal of expanding the brand base.. However, as a problem that suddenly hit the global automobile market arose, a situation unfolded as to whether it would be possible to continue this atmosphere..

This is because production has been disrupted due to the recent shortage of semiconductor supply.. Domestic car brands must quickly resolve this situation and make it possible to continue a good atmosphere.. If solved quickly, domestic car brands will be able to beat more in the future..

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