2021.05.02.  11,116 read Porsche 911 vs. Taycan Confrontation Autocar Korea 13

2021.05.02. 11,116 read Porsche 911 vs. Taycan Confrontation Autocar Korea 13

The first time I proposed this test idea to an editor was a year ago. The idea was to match the most analog and the most modern versions of Porsche’s most traditional products. This was more than just gasoline versus electric, compared to a rear-wheel drive car with an analog-to-digital, internal combustion engine and an electric all-wheel-drive technology capable of manual shifting, but without cluttering gear shift paddles for moderation. Was.

But since then, various things have happened, such as a global pandemic. Porsche has also found it satisfying the demand for the 911, which uses only two pedals. When the manual transmission version appeared, it was mostly sent to the United States to meet the world’s largest market demand for these cars.

The manual 911 is for purists

And finally, when the 992, including the clutch pedal, entered the UK, Porsche thought it was best to offer the car to its most loyal and patient customers first, and then to the press second. This would have been fair enough.

You may also check the relative specifications of the two models and wonder why we care about comparing the two. After all, one has four doors and the other has two doors. The Taycan is almost 0.5m longer (even at the wheelbase), wider by more than 10cm, and raised more than 8cm in height, and instead of serving all of this, it is 740kg heavier. There are plenty of cars that weigh less than this. So, wouldn’t it have to be compared to a car like the Panamera?

Well, maybe someday I don’t know if that will be possible too. However, today’s comparison is not intended to match the concept of each vehicle. I think the prospect is now widely accepted that electric cars like the Taycan will replace ICE (internal combustion engine) cars like the 911, whether the current situation is right, wrong, good or bad.

And if not right now, it will be in the historical context of the entire car. So, in most cases, how far does it take to become the best of the new class of cars than the best that can be reached with the traditional approach? In short, can revolution overwhelm evolution?

The Taycan has a digital dashboard with a knob.

Here’s another reason to compare these two models. In general, when doing comparison tests, we tend to think in a very double way before comparing one car to another, but the average customer doesn’t. I recently spoke with someone who is contemplating whether to buy a new Range Rover or a used McLaren. And I am convinced that there are still people who have loved and loved the 911 over the years. Because of their efficient tax management, growing family members, the environment or their personal image, they need to switch from their beloved six-cylinder rear-engine coupe to a more spacious, stylish, greener, nicer, well-made, electric-powered version of the car right now. I am wondering if it is time.

In particular, it is important to keep in mind how much the price and overall performance will improve after adding Performance Battery Plus to the price of the Taycan 4S. After that, it might not feel strange at all to this test we’re running out of nowhere.

It was to set the standard that I first test drive the 911. Before being tackled by the Taycan in 2021, the 911 was the absolute benchmark for some of the world’s best sports cars, and its status was also very high. Now that the manual gear option is available, it is virtually the only alternative for purists, and the two turbocharged 3.0L engine produces 444 horsepower. Despite the slight lag, the output curve is very smooth, the throttle response is very sharp, and the sound is so good that I was able to refute any number of people who say that this twin turbo couldn’t really add to the driving experience.

Although some people say it’s overgrown, in reality the 911’s sensations aren’t. This intimate driving environment has been properly maintained. My only complaint was that the fully digitized dashboard didn’t fit perfectly into the character of this car. In fact, I’ve run enough distances to come to this conclusion. It seemed as if it didn’t fit as well as the mechanical watch set applied to the Taycan.

But everything else is still breathtaking. Also, this vehicle is literally the standard 911. The cost of lowering the suspension by 10mm (665 pounds, about 120,000 won) can be saved, and it can be driven dynamically without the aid of ceramic brakes, active roll bars or all-wheel steering. If you run hard on the right road, anyone will be able to run with the vehicle in close contact with the road with very intuitive driving. Even without relying on the old and old expression of the perfect harmony between man and machine.

Therefore, I would like to express it like this. The 911 is the starting point for so many to impress drivers. It’s essentially a special car in that it’s just trying to get them involved in this reference point.

Speed ​​and precise steering make you mistake the Taycan’s size and weight.

It is so in all areas. The 992’s greatest technology is to engage the driver in the driving experience from the start, something the standard 991 didn’t do perfectly. Also, the manual transmission only serves to provide a deeper sense of immersion in the world. Am I going to change this to PDK? I wouldn’t do that.

But as far as its magical art is concerned, if the 911 is likened to a child who received a Harry Potter wand as a Christmas present, then the Taycan is the one of David Blaine and Harry Houdini. Looks like a lovely child. Whatever the 911 can do and what it does, the Taycan is even more amazing than that.

The first trick is to convince you that the 911 is more powerful than you might think. The headlines say it’s 563 horsepower, but in fact, this feature is only available for a while when using the launch control, and only when a spare large battery is selected. In general use, the standard Taycan 4S delivers 429 horsepower, less than the 911.

The 911’s mind-blowing ability is a repertoire for both cars.

The second trick is, nonetheless, it still doesn’t feel that way. Of course, all performance figures are recorded through the launch control, so 88 horsepower is higher than the standard type when a large-capacity battery is applied, but the acceleration time of 0 to 100 km per hour 4.0 seconds feels perfectly reasonable. And remember, this is the slowest of the three Taycans currently on sale.

The reason is that torque actually plays a bigger role than horsepower, and in fact, exerting instantaneous torque is more directly related. So, although the ratio of horsepower to actual weight is not the same as that of the 911 (218 hp per ton versus 300 hp per ton), the Taycan can be affirmed that it was faster if it did not go beyond the legal range.

The Taycan we tested added a rear wheel steering option (£1,650, around 2,350,000 won) to offset the massive wheelbase of nearly 3m, but with that alone we were able to change direction with such agility and precision. I can’t explain what’s going on. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like magic, but it’s also magical. The Taycan will bite the 911’s tail quietly and happily enough, requiring only a little effort by the driver to do so. While the 911’s driver keeps the revs and whips the gear knob endlessly, you can sit comfortably in the silence and contemplate and imagine a thin smile on your face.

It’s important to remember that the Taycan can be very fast, can pull the same amount of G-force out of the corner, and can carry four average-sized adults, even if the trunk is too small. The only thing this can’t do is the small but important thing I mentioned earlier. In other words, the driver is directly involved. And magic only works to some extent. The 992’s unique technology is to engage the driver from the start, but it keeps going all the way to the limit.

From left: 2nd. It is clear that it is the best electric chime in the world. But in driving pleasure, it didn’t catch up with the 911; 1st. Of the standard models, at least in the last 15 years, no 911 has been as good as this. The best thing is manifested in the third pedal.

In contrast, the Taycan does not engage the driver like the 911 at any stage. And once you actually start following the 911, the Taycan starts to show you a bit of its size and weight. The point here is that, even if not necessarily, the 911
It will remain a clear option for loved ones. The Taycan has a better movement compared to its considerable weight (especially 2220kg), and as a result it has achieved more impressive performance in many ways.

This car is the world’s best electric car, and it’s the smartest magic of any car on sale today. I respect and respect the Taikan. It is true that I really like the Taikan. For many, where charging a battery isn’t a big deal, I can bet that it can prove worthwhile. However, don’t allow a minute to indulge in the idea that this car is a postmodern 911 that can replace the old 911. It’s not really, and you can’t.

When does 911 have electricity?

That won’t happen unless Frank-Steffen Walliser, the Porsche sports car line director and dubbed’Mr. 911′, does not move.

Last year, he said, “The 911 will be the last model Porsche makes into an electric car,” he said. “I hope that will happen after I retire. That way, no one will blame me for it… .” And he said, “I plan to have a 911 engine on hand at that time.”

Even the plug-in hybrid 911 looks a bit farther away. This means that while the 911 has been loved for a long time, it will become increasingly obsessed with obsolete technology. Although it is now known that the 992 series could be a hybrid, the Baliser is concerned about the unavoidable side effects, affecting the car’s weight, luggage capacity, and even shape.

“If you want to make a car like that, it would be easier to make a whole new car,” he said. Given that the 992 was introduced in 2019, this means that the hybrid is unlikely to be as early as 2026.

Written by Andrew Frankel

Porsche 911 Carrera S
price £94,350
engine Horizontal facing 6 cylinder, 2981cc, turbocharger, gasoline
Output 444 hp / 6500 rpm
Torque 54.1kg.m/2300rpm
Transmission 7-speed manual
weight 1480kg
0 → 100 km/h acceleration 4.2 seconds
Highest speed 307.4 km
battery na
Fuel economy/driving distance 9.3-9.9km/L
CO2 229-243g/km

Porsche Taycan 4S
price £88,193 (Performance Battery Plus)
engine 2 AC permanent magnet synchronous motors
Output 483 hp (563 hp on overboost)
Torque 66.2kg.m (over boost)
Transmission 2-speed automatic
weight 2220kg
0 → 100 km/h acceleration 4.0 seconds
Highest speed 249.4 km
battery 93.4kWh (total amount), 83.7kWh (use), Formans Battery Plus, Li-ion
Fuel economy/driving distance 463.5km (Performance Battery Plus)
CO2 0g/km

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