2021.04.29.  28,787 read MSRI 62

2021.04.29. 28,787 read MSRI 62

The side mirror is used for the driver to check the rear side of the vehicle, and is often used during parking and lane change. The biggest drawback of the side mirror is the blind spot. When the driver checks the rear side through the side mirror, there is an angle where the oncoming car from the rear side cannot be seen exquisitely. so In general, the driver’s seat side is made of a flat mirror, and the passenger’s seat side is made of a convex mirror to reduce blind spots by securing a wide field of view.

Still, in order to secure a wider rear view, an auxiliary mirror is attached as shown in the picture above, and a BSD (Blind Spot Detection) system that warns the driver through various sensors is added as an option. Technology has been steadily developed to make the posterior monitoring safe in this way.

Audi e-tron (left) / Hyundai Ioniq 5 (right)

Recently, the Audi e-tron and Hyundai Ioniq 5 broke the paradigm of the existing side mirrors and applied digital side mirrors. The digital side mirror is a system that replaces the existing side mirror, which is a mirror type, with a camera and an OLED monitor. Let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of changing to a digital side mirror.

Interior of Hyundai Motor Company Ioniq 5

■ Advantages of digital side mirrors

(1) Blind spot improvement
-Provides a wider range of rear view to the driver through the camera.

(2) Clear vision in rainy weather and at night
-If it snows or rains, it is difficult to secure a clear view due to raindrops condensing on the mirror, whereas a digital side mirror can secure a clear view. In addition, since the brightness is adjusted by filtering through the camera at night, it is possible to secure a clear view even at night.

(3) improved aerodynamic performance
The air resistance generated while driving is proportional to the front area of ​​the vehicle. The side mirrors on both sides of the vehicle increase air resistance and create turbulence around the side mirrors. Digital side mirrors can improve air resistance by reducing their size or making them thinner.

(4) Improvement of front-side view
-Because the size of the digital side mirror is smaller than that of the mirror type side mirror, there are fewer areas covered by the side mirror. Therefore, there are fewer elements obstructing the driver’s vision.

Audi e-tron (left) / Hyundai Ioniq 5 (right)

■ Disadvantages of digital side mirrors

(1) price increase
Since the digital side mirror is composed of a camera module, an image processing device, etc., the price increases compared to the mirror. In the case of Ionic 5, 1.3 million won will be added when the digital side mirror option is added.

(2) Unusable in case of failure
Since the digital side mirror is electronic, it is impossible to see the rear side unless the function is inoperative due to a malfunction. If you cannot see the rear side, it can be dangerous and uncomfortable because you have to turn your head and check the rear side when changing lanes. In preparation for this situation, Ionic 5 is required to select the rear side monitor when selecting the digital side mirror option. Digital side mirror In case of failure, it is interpreted to mean to use a rear-view monitor (rear-view display on the cluster) instead. In addition, the A/S cost is expected to be considerably high in case of failure.

The digital side mirror seems to be a challenging item to go one step further than the mirror type side mirror. There are still many drivers who are familiar with the mirror method, and it takes time to adjust to the new method. In the future, if the advantages of digital side mirrors are maximized and the disadvantages are reduced, it will be a good item that provides a comfortable and safe experience to the driver.

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