2021.04.27.  3,578 reads Well balanced, Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Autocar Korea 1

2021.04.27. 3,578 reads Well balanced, Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Autocar Korea 1

The fun battery-powered Porsche sedan is more practical and
It came in a (slightly) upgraded version, I tried a pre-production vehicle.

The impact of the Taycan on Porsche and even the automotive industry is great. The Taycan not only redefines people’s thinking about what electric cars can do, but is also a material representative of how Porsche shifts the focus of business (and even the whole spirit).

For proof of that, look at Porsche investing millions of euros in digital startups. Porsche also has its own subsection, Forward31, designed to build a digital business portfolio. This is far from winning at the Targa Florio and Le Mans, which all define the Porsche brand. The days have passed when Porsche only represented sports cars with internal combustion engines.

The Taycan is now positioned as a pivot point for the Stuttgart brand. Porsche’s high-performance product line now includes electric vehicles. So it is not surprising that the number of Taikan families is increasing. First, the Taycan Cross Turismo was added. The car we tested this time is a prototype of the final version. However, it is not much different from the mass-produced car that will be released in the summer.

Increased practicality over sedans with larger trunk and rear headroom

As you can see from the photo, just as the Sport Turismo is an extended trunk version of the Panamera hatchback, the Cross Turismo is a more practical version of the Taycan sedan. Therefore, the Cross Turismo has a generous loading space of up to 1200L. The space underneath the luggage compartment is not noticeable (the exact figure hasn’t come out yet), but it’s still an electric Porsche that can easily carry the entire family.

The remaining visual differences are the wheels of different designs, a larger fixed panoramic glass roof (optional), and black roof rails (optional). Like the 2018 concept car’Mission E Cross Turismo’, a guard was added to the wheel arch, and the Taycan was the first to be equipped with a towing device. However, it is better to take the idea of ​​connecting a caravan here. Because it is purely for mounting a bicycle carrier. I’m serious about’lifestyle’.

Looking at the interior, the head space in the rear seats has also increased by 36mm. It may sound like it’s not a big difference, but it’s paired with a larger panoramic roof, which definitely helps to make the interior space more comfortable. The Cross Turismo uses the same skateboard battery pack arrangement as the regular Taycan, including the’foot garage’, so the rear seats are comfortable.

The prototype’s suspension feels best with normal mode and some body rolls. Rear view is not very good

The dashboard is almost identical to the Taycan sedan. Instead of the usual Porsche Sport Chrono watch, a compass was placed. Likewise, the main feature is a triple screen setting that extends from the front of the driver’s seat to the front of the passenger’s seat. Like most touchscreens, there’s a’candid and hopeful’ element to press the button you want without taking your eyes off the road, but all of this is easy to operate.

Everything else is mostly ergonomically fit. Sit low in a good posture, but the front view is open. The view through the dust-stained rear windshield is a bit narrow.

The critically different part of the Cross Turismo is at its lowest ground clearance. Basically, this car is 20mm higher than the regular Taycan. When using the optional off-road pack, the ground clearance is up to 30mm. Since the car is equipped with full air suspension, it is automatically fixed lower if desired, or lower if necessary from an aerodynamic point of view. There are a total of 5 settings.

Despite the increased ground clearance, the driving posture remains satisfactorily low.

Those dreaming of a rally driver will be delighted to hear that there is also a’Grabble’ mode in the drive settings. We couldn’t test our way on the pavement, but this configuration shows where Porsche’s mindset about this car is.

Confession Time: This is technically a prototype, so the final performance figures have yet to be confirmed. Therefore, the following are estimates. The Turbo S specification, like a test drive, will be equipped with 93.4kWh premium battery plus, and will show a peak output of 760 horsepower and 107kg·m performance.

The driving range will be similar to that of the Taycan sedan, so it is about 400km. Like the Taycan, the Cross Turismo offers 800 volt technology and charging performance up to 270 kW. The speed at which it can wind up electricity is still observable, no matter how many times it has been witnessed so far. This makes electric vehicles and charging really work in the real world.

The Cross Turismo’s mileage should be comparable to the Taycan sedan’s 254 miles.

Super-fast charging also means that it takes less time to get back on track to re-experience the ridiculous Cross Turismo performance. If you’ve ever read about the Taycan sedan, you’ll know that the Taycan sedan’s performance is amazing, and this version is no different. The Cross Turismo is a four-wheel drive and has the same two-speed rear derailleur as a regular Taycan. Theoretically, it takes about 3.0 seconds to accelerate from a standstill to 100 km/h (which is also an estimate, but 2.8 seconds for the Taycan Turbo S sedan). When accelerating at maximum, it feels like you don’t have enough hand to hold the steering wheel.

The momentum is not particularly fast. What is special is the immediate response and smooth delivery. There is no pause, whether from the beginning or when the number rises, and the torque constantly hits the waves. Even when the electronic sports sound generator is turned on, the calculation is difficult because the sound effects are insufficient. It’s a strange contradiction. Ears say they’re going for a comfortable Sunday drive, and the rest of the eyes and body are yelling that Mark Webber will be holding the steering wheel. The suspension gets a little busier and the trees pass faster, but the noise is completely quiet.

Of course, this is the same as driving any other electric vehicle. All of them feel like they don’t fade. However, there are still areas to get used to.

Once the occupant’s sensation is restored, it also becomes clear that the ride quality of this car is very good. In fact, it is so calm that you can tell even if you run the first 20m. The test-drive Cross Turismo was fitted with 235/40 R20 rear tires and 245/45 R20 front tires, so there was a sidewall of the right size to serve as a cushion.

The appearance of passing through the damaged pavement is impressive. Only very sharp potholes interfere with the quietness of the room, when the weight of the wheels rattles through. One thing to note is that the test drive was fitted with winter tires. The typical Turbo S has 21-inch wheels, so it may be less flexible.

Among the suspension modes, Sport, Sport Plus, and Range mode lower the garage, but I didn’t care about these settings. Cross Turismo feels best in normal mode. This mode is best suited to the car, with the suspension in the middle setting allowing the body to tilt slightly in the corner. The Cross Turismo does a surprising job of cheating on his huge body, but compared to the Taycan, it has a slightly larger pitch. This is not necessarily bad. And it’s still a surprisingly enjoyable car to pass through a series of corners. The slightly stretched movement just feels more interesting. The grip is impressive and the front and rear are well balanced.

In fact, the expression’well balanced’ can also be used to describe the entire package of Cross Turismo. All systems seem to be in harmony, and a single element doesn’t give too little or too much. Everything feels just right.

This is the most complete way to sum up Cross Turismo. The Taycan has changed our view of electric vehicles, and the Cross Turismo is following it nicely. Enough to support the Taycan badge in the Porsche lineup.

Written by Piers Ward

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