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				[시승기]'This is a product', the real thing is better...Ioniq 5 Long Range Kagay CAR GUY 22

2021.04.23. 9,245 reads [시승기]’This is a product’, the real thing is better…Ioniq 5 Long Range Kagay CAR GUY 22

Hyundai Motor Company Ioniq 5 Long Range RWD

“This is an object… Tesla Model 3 I need to be nervous”

This is a general review given by Hyundai Motor Company after a test drive of the Ioniq 5, which was made as the first electric vehicle platform.

It contains outstanding performance, new technology and design as expected. There was no innovation or mileage to surpass Tesla, but by combining technologies that have emerged so far, it has climbed to at least Tesla number two. E-pit, a charging station exclusively for Hyundai Motors, that can charge at a speed of up to 350kW, solves the regret of the short driving distance that was not expected.

Ioniq 5 is the first model to apply E-GMP, an electric vehicle platform developed by Hyundai Motor Group. IONIQ 5 aims for a completely different direction from the existing Hyundai Motor Company’s’Electric Vehicles with Only Names’. Until now, it has only replaced the parotrain of the existing internal combustion engine model with batteries and electric motors. Functions including new mobility services for the era of electrification are buried throughout Ioniq 5.

The test drive is equipped with a 72.6kWh large-capacity battery and is a rear-wheel drive that only rolls the rear wheel. Most of the options have been added to the Prestige trim, so you can enjoy all the new technologies applied to the Ioniq 5. Without subsidies, the consumer price is close to 60 million won.

I looked at the design before the test drive. Hyundai Motors insists that “Ioniq 5 was born with a homage to the design of Pony, which was unveiled in 1974.” The clear character line and sharply cut back glass slightly reminds of a pony. The real thing is much more likable than the picture I saw. ‘Minecraft’ game comes to mind by applying pixel design everywhere. I think it was elaborate as if it was stacked up with blocks.

Pixel design has been applied to many places, including headlamps, taillamps, and wheels. The most prominent part of the front is the headlamp. Square lamps are placed on the left and right in a thin strip that runs from side to side. Like an electric car, the grille is provided at the bottom of the bumper. Unless a heater is turned on, etc., the active shutter grill will actuate and block the grill.

The side is impressive with a character line cut with a knife. In addition, the overall silhouette seems to resemble a pony. A digital side mirror is applied to the test drive, so a micro camera is placed in the place of the existing side mirror. Reduces air resistance, reduces noise, and contributes to improved fuel consumption. The wheelbase of 3000mm has a unique shape. The front and rear overhangs are short, so you can get a dynamic feel. The 20-inch wheel applied to the prestige trim has a pattern size that goes outward. It gets bigger. The wheel is also fitted with a wheel cap to close the bolt hole to maximize aerodynamics.

If you’re looking for a long mileage, it’s better to choose the exclusive trim instead of the prestige trim. The Exclusive comes with 19-inch wheels that are one size smaller. You can’t find the Hyundai Motor Company logo on the rear. There is only the model name of Ioniq 5. Like the front, the tail lamp also has a pixel design. At the bottom of the bumper is a reflector with a long vertical line. It feels somewhat inexpensive because it is made of plastic.

The peculiarity is that there is no wiper on the rear glass. According to Hyundai Motor Company’s explanation, it applied a method of blowing away water droplets formed on the glass by using the air flow. It is not possible to know exactly because it has not been driven in the right, but it is a convincing configuration. It is cleaner by removing the wiper.

The interior has a bright feeling. The 12.3-inch dashboard and display were placed side by side, and the bezel was painted white. It feels awkward when the power is off. When you turn on the power and all displays are active, you’ll get a feel that goes well with the white theme. The red-up display is also an eye-catching convenience device. It is linked with the navigation and tells the way to go in an AR method. Various information is displayed, but each UI is organized neatly so that the driver does not get confused. Overall, the interior material is eco-friendly, so it is not luxurious. It’s crude.

At the bottom of the center display is an air conditioner control unit configured with a touch method. The left and right air conditioners can be adjusted. The peculiar thing is that there is no separate button for operating the steering wheel heating wire, the first row heating wire, and the ventilation function. When you press the’CLIMATE’ button on the control panel of the air conditioner, a control window appears on the center display to control the heating and ventilation functions of the seat and steering wheel. This allows the operation of not only the first row but also the second row of heating wires.

What is unique about the first row is the opening between the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat in the first row. I think that the space can be used in various ways according to individual tastes. Between the driver’s seat and the passenger seat is a Universal Island. There is a wireless charging pad and USB port that supports fast charging with a huge storage space. It’s large enough to hold a backpack. The first row seats are relaxation comfort seats that include footrests. The option that was previously applied only to the passenger seat has been extended to the driver’s seat. The relaxation comfort seat applied to the driver’s seat does not operate while driving. It can only be used when stopping.

The two-spoke steering wheel is a new design applied to the Ioniq 5. The buttons on the steering wheel are black high-gloss, and the button lights up. Due to low brightness, it is not clearly visible during the day when sunlight is strong. The button for changing the drive mode is located in a circle at the bottom left of the steering wheel. Each time you press the center of the button, it changes the mode. You can choose between eco, normal, and sports according to the driving environment. There’s a paddle shift behind the steering wheel. The amount of regenerative braking can be adjusted from step 0 to step 3. If you operate the paddle shift once more in step 3, one-pedal driving becomes possible. The regenerative braking amount can be adjusted intuitively. The gear knob is located behind the bottom of the steering wheel. By turning the dial attached to the column, you can go back and forth between R, N, and D.

The space in the second row is not as large as expected. The package is so awkward that it doesn’t feel like a 3000mm wheelbase that’s 100mm longer than the Palisade (2900mm). It is slightly larger than the second row of the SUV Tucson, which should now be called mid-size. With a 179cm tall reporter, the fist is raised, and about two and a half to three are entered. The headroom has a large fist. Convenience equipment for the second row includes two USB charging ports, a vent located on the B-pillar, a manual sun blind applied to the second row window, and a heated seat that can be adjusted in two stages. Another feature is the 220V power outlet provided at the bottom of the second row of seats. The second row seat can slide up to 135mm back and forth. You can find an appropriate compromise between the load space and the passenger seat. In addition, it is possible to move while taking a comfortable rest by utilizing the function of adjusting the angle of the backrest that is supported manually.

The trunk is plain. It is difficult to say that it is wide. However, when the second row of sheets is folded, a space to lie down is created even if it is not completely flat. It is enough to try out the latest trend of tea. The V2L function is applied to Ioniq 5. You can use it by opening the charging port and plugging in a separate adapter. It supports up to 3.6kW of power consumption, so most electronic products can be used. It can be very useful when camping or camping. There is also a storage box covered with a separate cover inside the bonnet. The rear-wheel model is large enough to fit a large backpack. In the case of the AWD model, where a motor is added to the front wheel, the space is very small.

I went on a test drive. The rear-wheel drive model combines an electric motor with a maximum output of 214 horsepower and a maximum torque of 35.7 kg.m. When AWD is added, the maximum output is 301 horsepower and the maximum torque is increased to 61.7kg.m. The output of the rear-wheel drive model is also full in everyday life. When you press the accelerator pedal, it goes cool. There is no frustration or delay as it can extract the maximum output from the beginning. Acceleration to the road’s speed limit is instantaneous. There is no problem of re-acceleration in high-speed range. If you’ve only been riding a normal internal combustion engine model, the IONIQ 5 acceleration will feel like a new area. As for the feeling, it seems that the zero-back will come out in the late sixth or seven seconds.

As electric cars do not have engines, 20-inch wheels are applied, which is somewhat far from comfort. There is no anxiety as if the body is bouncing, but it feels a bit stiff when crossing a high bump or passing through a pothole on the road. Nevertheless, the feeling of driving while pressing the four wheels is excellent as the heavy battery is placed on the bottom of the car body. Even in the corners, this characteristic is evident. It restrains the roll as much as possible and runs stably.

The long-range RWD 20-inch model can drive up to 401km with one full charge. Since Tesla has released models that can drive more than 500km in succession, the mileage feels a bit unfortunate. Hyundai Motor Company is expected to solve this by securing the charging infrastructure. Ioniq 5 supports 800v charging. If you use the E-pit, a Hyundai Motors charging station recently opened nationwide, it can be charged at a maximum speed of 350kW. As a result of my own experience, I was able to confirm that it was charged at a speed of 230kW. It charged 11.4kWh in just 4 minutes.

While driving about 70 km, I tried using the driver’s driving assistance equipment applied to the IONIC 5. Basic equipment such as adaptive cruise control and lane centering are standard on all models. You can go one step further and choose HDA2, which supports automatic lane change on car lanes. When automatic lane change is possible, turning on the turn signals will change lanes smoothly. It is expected that if you adapt, you will be able to use it actively. Hyundai’s driver’s driving assistance equipment is suitable for use on domestic roads. Keep your lane well, even on a road that curves in a hurry.

Consumers who want to choose a digital side mirror are strongly advised to test-drive a model with this option applied. Even reporters who have already experienced with Audi E-tron have felt awkward and uncomfortable when parking or changing lanes, and it takes a while to get used to it.

The Ionic 5 is the first model to be introduced using a platform dedicated to electric vehicles. It is difficult to find the missing part even if you look at every corner. However, it is difficult to find innovations that exceed competitors. Nevertheless, it was good enough to count on three fingers out of the 40 million won electric cars that can be purchased at this time. Based on the city of Seoul, Ioniq 5 can receive a subsidy for the purchase of an electric vehicle of 12 million won. To do that, you have to hurry.

One line
Advantages: Real handsome..Hyundai Motor can come up with an innovative model like this.
Disadvantages: 400km mileage is a little like that..Gulku wheelbase is 3000mm right

Tesla Model Y Long Range
Motor method
Permanent magnet dual motor
Lithium ion 72.6kWh
full width
Full height
wheel base
Empty vehicle weight
214 horsepower
Maximum travel distance when fully charged
401 km
Test ride price
58.91 million won

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