2021.04.22.  39,255 read Direction of blinking when turning right that most drivers know incorrectly Road Traffic Authority 80

2021.04.22. 39,255 read Direction of blinking when turning right that most drivers know incorrectly Road Traffic Authority 80

All three images violate the same traffic laws in common. I didn’t do it well before, but these days I see a lot of cases like this. When you turn right at the intersection, turn on the left turn indicator and wait or enter.

Turning on your turn signals and letting other drivers along the road know your course and intentions is the most basic behavior in driving. That is why it is not enough to emphasize its importance.

The turn indicators are designed to be instantly identifiable by anyone without misunderstanding in any situation. And it is designed to be easy to use even for the driver who uses it. Accurate use is essential because accidents can be prevented depending on the use and conversely, fertilization may occur or accidents may occur.

In Korea, where the left steering wheel is the standard, all cars operate the turn indicators with the left lever behind the steering wheel. It’s a very intuitive way to operate it down to the left and up to the right. However, in addition to physical usage, there are prerequisites that must be observed when using turn signals.

Turn signals must always, without exception, be turned on in the direction they are going. It is imperative to turn on the turn signals in the direction the vehicle’s steering wheel turns. Again, there are no exceptions. This is a social consensus and is precisely stated in the law.

First of all, if you look at Article 38, Paragraph 1 of the Road Traffic Act, there are cases in which you must use direction indicators. Among them, there are cases in which direction indicators must be used, such as when you need to turn left and right, and change your course while proceeding in the same direction.

In addition, if you look at the attached Table 2 of Article 21 of the Enforcement Decree of the Road Traffic Act, it clearly stipulates that the right turn indicator should be used when turning right. The exact full text is as follows:

-Attached Table 2 of Article 21 of the Enforcement Decree of the Road Traffic Act

“When you turn right or proceed in the same direction and change your course to the right, when you reach a point more than 30 meters before reaching the point where you want to do the action, you must manipulate the hand signal, the right direction indicator or the light.

It even prescribes when it should be turned on so that it is not misleading. Paragraph 1 of Article 38 of the Road Traffic Act becomes the legal basis for the use of direction indicators, and Article 21 of the Enforcement Decree stipulates that the right direction indicator must be used when joining.

Nevertheless, some drivers are turning on the left turn signal when a right turn merges. The reason they say is to inform vehicles approaching from a straight lane that they are entering and ask for their understanding.

However, this is excessive kindness and rather a dangerous act that causes an accident. In principle, in this case, priority is given to vehicles already going straight ahead.

That’s why it doesn’t make sense to go in after asking for your understanding. The correct way to merge is to enter when straight vehicles are not obstructed and I do not disturb their traffic.

Some people are aware of these rules, but some say they are flexible enough to inform vehicles going straight. But this is a bigger problem. Driving can lead to death from a momentary mistake or misunderstanding. In fact, the turn indicators are not properly manipulated, leading to fatal accidents.

These safety regulations directly related to life should not be interpreted arbitrarily depending on the situation or the case. This is true not only of driving, but also of any safety related field. Observing the rules for safe driving is not an option, it is a necessity.

As mentioned earlier, the driver’s appointment is made to manipulate the direction indicators in their own direction, both legally and socially. It is an act of confusion to nearby drivers to turn on the turn signal in the opposite direction, if you are considerate.

If you turn on the left turn indicator at the right turn confluence, you might think that a driver coming from a straight lane will suddenly turn left, and the driver of a vehicle behind you will also think of turning left from a right turn lane.

This is an act that causes an accident, and in accordance with the Road Traffic Act, you may be subject to a fine of 200,000 won or less, detention or fine, so you must manipulate the direction indicators in the direction of progress. There are no exceptions.

Since it is legally classified as a criminal offense, accidents in this way will inevitably adversely affect the negligence rate.

The correct way is simple. Simply operate the turn signals in the direction of travel. And always remember that vehicles going straight have priority.

Don’t force yourself in hoping for concessions, and don’t forget to enter when it doesn’t interfere with traffic. If you do not observe this and an accident occurs, you will be fully responsible for it.

Turn signals are one of the few ways you can communicate with other drivers on the road. Only legitimate use will lead to the creation of the right road culture.

Please share this article with those of you who think it is right to turn on the left turn indicator when joining. We ask that you always keep the safety of yourself as well as other drivers running with you by driving in compliance with the laws and regulations.

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