2021.04.15.  19,768 read The car as seen from each other's eyes Motor Trend 22

2021.04.15. 19,768 read The car as seen from each other’s eyes Motor Trend 22

Sometimes we don’t see anything in a lot of information. People working in different fields looked at car details unfamiliarly. He erased what he knew and spoke only with ideas.

Rolls royce race
Inspired by Earth
Last year, an Earth-inspired race was custom made by a customer order in Abu Dhabi. The photo shows the lace bonnet seen from above. The royal blue-colored bonnet depicts the Middle East as viewed from space. Using the airbrush technique, not just painting, it evokes a subtle appreciation as if the earth’s surface was lightly covered on the bonnet. This took over 100 hours. The royal blue color of the vehicle’s body means water, which occupies 75% of the Earth’s surface.

The condensed history of time rolls over.
Minjun Kim (novelist, writer)

An implied world, a story that has been passed down since before words were made.
Jang Eunji

Alfa Romeo Tonale concept
The C-pillar of Alfa Romeo’s compact SUV Tonale concept unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. The snake detail engraved on the glass that extends beyond the C-pillar embodies the’blue serpent’ (Visione), the crest of the Visconti family who ruled Milan in the 14th century among the two crests that make up the Alfa Romeo logo. The snake’s mouth, originally depicted as a human-eating figure, was replaced with an electric plug shape, taking advantage of the identity of the Tonale concept, a PHEV model.

I’m Not Cool.
Hyunseon Kim (Freelance Editor)

Red is always dangerous.
Maiza (Visual Artist)

A being that feeds on Earth’s blood and runs.
Jonghyun Jeon (Design, Architecture columnist)

Bentley Mulliner Bacala
Last year, Bentley unveiled a two-seater open-top GT Bacala. Based on the EXP 100 GT concept by Mulliner, Bentley’s coach building division, the Baccala is equipped with a W12 6.0ℓ TSI engine and produces a maximum output of 659 horsepower and a maximum torque of 91.8 kg·m. The unique rear and rear lamp design is also taken from the EXP 100 GT concept. Under the sharp rear spoiler, geometric graphics were engraved on the protruding rear lamps that were torn horizontally.

Satan’s tongue that grumbles.
Jang Eunji

What color will the turtle’s lips say?
Jonghyun Jeon (Design, Architecture columnist)

Originally, there is no beauty, only light and patterns become unique.
Minjun Kim (novelist, writer)

Genesis Essentia Concept
This is an electric vehicle-based high-performance Essensia concept wheel that was unveiled by Genesis in 2018. The avant-garde wheel, which seems to have numerous spokes intertwined like teeth, is designed with the motif of Genesis’ unique pattern,’G-Matrix’. The wheel is painted in’Midas Metal Copper’ like Essensia’s crest grille, and is believed to have been manufactured using 3D printing.

Rose gold ring, the true properties of the wedding ring.
Jang Eunji

Far From Mars.
Hyunseon Kim (Freelance Editor)

Aston Martin Lagonda Vision Concept
The interior ceiling of the Lagonda brand’s vision concept that Aston Martin announced that it will be revived in 40 years. The vision concept is a model of a milestone in the design language that Lagonda will introduce in the future, and unlike mass-produced cars that are faithful to efficiency, it aims for a traditional sense of luxury and experimental beauty. The interior, designed by British furniture designer David Linley, uses carbon fiber as well as innovative materials rarely used in automobiles, such as ceramics, cashmere and silk. Among them, the indoor ceiling forms a structural and profound pattern by joining panels of various materials. Different colors and textures are sensationally connected to give a unique appreciation.

Are monsters born or made in iron bars?
Hyunseon Kim (Freelance Editor)

Dragon’s transgressions always shine.
Jonghyun Jeon (Design, Architecture columnist)

Lamborghini cyan
Lamborghini’s first mass-produced hybrid supercar is equipped with a supercapacitor and electric motor that is lighter and has higher output than the existing lithium-ion battery on the V12 engine. Xi’an’s maximal obsession, which gave lines, angles, and details on all sides like a paper crane, causes some sort of disharmony. The photo shows the rear lamps and exhaust vents in Xi’an. At the rear of the Xi’an, which is overly sophisticated and engineered like a spacecraft, is home to a countach-inspired hexagonal tail lamp and exhaust vents. The rear wing integrated into the profile only emerges while driving.

Doesn’t it smell like burning? My heart is burning.
Kim Sook-gyu (Fashion MD)

Semiotics of love: right angle, triangle, polygon, hallucination, illusion.
Maiza (Visual Artist)

Aston Martin Lagonda All Terrain Concept
Aston Martin unveiled the all-terrain concept, an electric SUV, as the first mass-produced model of the Lagonda brand. The picture is the center tunnel inside the all-terrain concept. At the rear of the floating center tunnel, there is a touch display, and at the front there is a rake detail and a round shifting dial. Lagonda explained that the attributes of time and space are melted into the pioneering design of the all-terrain concept. The details that spirally extend the dial to the center point embody La Gonda’s willingness to expand beyond space and time.

Go or not. It is from there that complex problems arise.
Kim Sook-gyu (Fashion MD)

Always the most wonderful wings grow from within.
Minjun Kim (novelist, writer)

EDITOR: Eunji Jang PHOTO: Provided by each manufacturer

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