2021.04.14.  9,978 reads'European Composure' Audi e-tron sold five times more than Tesla Model X Audi Korea 16

2021.04.14. 9,978 reads’European Composure’ Audi e-tron sold five times more than Tesla Model X Audi Korea 16

Audi opens the road to success in premium electric vehicles e-Tron

Europe still leads the market with small cars. SUVIs said to be bullish, but that SUVEven compact models are popular. Another characteristic is that the range of change is not large.. This means that the market itself is conservative.. New, It takes relatively time for something unfamiliar to settle..

This feature also appears in electric vehicles.. Take Germany as an example. In Germany, where there are many leading luxury car companies, there is even an autobahn where you can run freely.. It is an environment where a car with a large, high-performance engine can sell well.. But even here, the popular ones are the small cars.. The same is true for electric cars, Last year’s top-selling electric car ranking reveals its characteristics..

▲ 2020Electric Vehicle Sales Ranking in Germany (material=German Federal Motor Vehicle Administration)

Onetop : Renault Zoe (30,376versus)
2top : Volkswagen e-golf (17,438versus)
3top : Tesla model 3 (15,202versus)
4top : Volkswagen ID.3 (14,493versus)
5top : Hyundai Kona EV (14,008versus)
6top : Smart fortwo (11,544versus)
7top : Volkswagen e-UP (10,839versus)
8top : BMW i3 (8,629versus)
9top : Audi e-Tron (8,135versus)
10top : Opel e-Corsa (6,106versus)

Audi e-tron

Various electric vehicles TOP 10I put my name on, but Audi e-They are all small cars except for Tron.. It is the result of consumption considering economics first.. Considering this atmosphere e-Tron sales volume is bound to attract more attention.. Far from economic performance, OneEven though it is an expensive model over a billion, it showed a high sales volume.. Compared to direct competitive models, the difference is even more pronounced..

▲ 2020Of high-priced electric vehicles in Germany in 2016 (material=German Federal Motor Vehicle Administration)

Onetop : Audi e-Tron (8,135versus)
2top : Porsche Taycan (3,203versus)
3top : Mercedes EQC (3,155versus)
4top : jaguar I-face(1,341versus)
5top : Tesla model S (777versus)
6top : Tesla model X (714versus)

Virtual side mirrors become the symbol of Audi e-tron

e-You can see that Tron sold overwhelmingly.. As stated earlier, the face of the European market(Conservative tendencies)If you think about it, it can be evaluated as having settled in a demanding market.. It is not small in size, is expensive, and was Audi’s first pure electric car, but overcame uncertainty.. And this result has been extended to the entire European market..

According to data from Casales Base.com, e-Tron last year 3Among the electric cars sold in Europe until the quarter 7I put my name on. Like Germany, compact electric cars in Europe also topped the list, but the only Audi e-Only Tron is an expensive medium-sized or larger electric car. 10Included in the stomach.

▲ 2020year Onemonth~9European Electric Vehicle Sales Rankings for Month (material=Cassales Base.com)

Onetop : Renault Zoe (63,350versus)
2top : Tesla model 3 (56,168versus)
3top : Volkswagen e-golf (27,126versus)
4top : Hyundai Kona EV (26,277versus)
5top : Peugeot e-208 (20,980versus)
6top : Nissan leaf (20,626versus)
7top : Audi e-Tron (19,997versus)
8top : Kia Niro EV (19,837versus)
9top : BMW i3 (14,915versus)
10top : Volkswagen e-UP(13,231versus)

Audi e-tron

11The cumulative sales volume by month is 24,340apply. 12If you include until the month e-Tron’s annual sales in Europe are 2just 5It is certain to pass a thousand generations. OneMedium sized or more around a billion, Annual sales in Europe among premium electric vehicles 2Audi is over 10,000 e-Tron is the only one.

▲ 11European high-end electric vehicles sales by month (material=Cassales Base.com)

Onetop : Audi e-Tron (24,340versus)
2top : Mercedes EQC (11,680versus)
3top : Porsche Taycan (10,308versus)
4top : jaguar i-face (8,972versus)
5top : Tesla model X (4,720versus)

Audi e-tron indoor

This is a Tesla model in Europe SIs a record that couldn’t be reached even when it became a huge topic and became popular.. (Tesla model SEurope’s largest annual sales volume is 2018year 17,386versus) For that reason, some people e-Tron is also evaluated as a model that opened the era of popularization of high-priced electric vehicles..

However e-Since Tron was the first car sold for the first time last year, there are opinions that it remains to be seen whether this growth will continue.. e-It is clear that the competition will intensify as new premium electric cars that Tron will face will continue to be released..

Audi is determined not to lose its initiative amid mixed evaluations.. e-Following Tron e-We showed off the Tron Sportback and here again 500More than magical e-Tron SWow e-Tron S I put a spot bag in the lineup. With a smaller battery pack than the previous model, e-Tron 50 Including quattro, total 5Branch e-Tron is on the market. It is a strategy to absorb more customers by expanding the range of choices..

Audi e-tron S Sportback

Especially e-I have a good evaluation of the design of Tron Sportback.. Nowadays coupe type SUVAs much as you are interested in, e-Tron Sportback e-It is expected in the local market that it will play an important role in increasing the total sales volume of Tron.. Autobilt is a coupe type SUVEven for those who are not attracted to e-Tron Sportback rated it as convincing..

Electricity still has a long way to go SUV, Especially in the expensive premium electric vehicle market, e-TRON offers Audi’s unique design and quality to customers who want high-performance cars., And it gave a positive impression by providing comfort and various advanced features that have already been revealed through many comparative evaluations.. And the sales volume proved this..

There are parts that need to be improved, but this is not bad for the first start of an Audi electric vehicle.. no, Honestly, it can be said to be more than expected.. I can’t know their exact heart, e-I believe Tron’s success has made Audi confident in the premium electric vehicle market.. All that remains is to refine and develop..

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