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				"3,330~53.3 million won" Gatseongbi camper?  -Luxform Niva Abtadom Motoya 28

2021.04.14. 79,265 reads "3,330~53.3 million won" Gatseongbi camper? -Luxform Niva Abtadom Motoya 28

Around the 2010s, the RV (Recreational Vehicle) market in Korea has continued to grow rapidly from caravans to the present day when motorhomes are the mainstream. In addition, starting in 2020, when the global epidemic of Corona-19 hit, the motor home market also faced a high season. However, with the growth of the motor home market, the average price of motor homes continues to rise.

So, what about Europe, which is one of the home of RVs? As leisure activities using RVs are common in Europe, there are a wide variety of RVs. And among them, there are motorhomes that have lowered the price by using an inexpensive base vehicle. One of them is Niva Avtodom (Niva Avtodom), a manufacturer called Lux-Form that will be introduced this time.

Luxform is a production company located in Russia that uses Russian-made cars, which are far cheaper than Western European cars, as base vehicles, and manufactures specially equipped vehicles such as motor homes, refrigerated trucks, and food trucks. Among them, the Niva Abtadom is built on the basis of the Lada Niva (Lada 4×4, VAZ-2121), an inexpensive and sturdy compact SUV model that can be used even in the harsh conditions of Russia.

The base vehicle, the Lada Niva, is Russia’s flagship SUV model, built since the former Soviet Union, and has a sturdy structure and a mechanical all-wheel drive system with differential gear lock. The Lada Niva made in this way has an excellent ability to travel on rough roads, capable of navigating a river 60cm deep and passing through the snow piled up to about 1m. Yet, it boasts an inexpensive price that is incomparable to Western-style SUVs.

Luxform’s Niva Abtadom is made by lifting a part of the Lada Niva’s body and putting a camper on it. The overall design of Camper is close to a straight line, but gives a curvature to each corner, and moldings are applied to each rim to give the impression that it looks solid. In addition, the wall thickness of the camper part is designed to be 31mm, and the insulation material is faithfully applied so that it can respond sufficiently even in winter. The body length is 4,769mm, the width is 1,746mm, the height is 2,776mm, and the wheelbase is 2,850mm. In other words, it is an ultra-mini camper less than 5m.

Luxform’s Niva Abtadom’s camper is designed within the range of not damaging the mobility of Lada Niva and the driving power of rough roads as much as possible. Of course, due to this, the interior space is somewhat limited, but it is meaningful that the maneuverability of the base vehicle can be utilized to the maximum. One of the evidence is the deviation angle of 24 to 28 degrees. Therefore, it seems that it will be able to exhibit a sufficient level of maneuverability even off-road.

Although the interior of the Luxform Niva Abtadom is somewhat narrow, it can be seen that it has almost everything except a fixed bedroom. The interior space consists of a small bunker bed in front from the front, a living room and kitchen in the center, and a toilet in the rear. The number of passengers riding and sleeping is 2 people.

First of all, looking at the bunker bed, as the size of the camper itself is limited, adults cannot lie horizontally. However, there is space for children of about 150cm tall to lie down on their own. If you want to use this half-bed for adults, you just need to pull the lower part that develops in the form of a slide to the upper part of the kitchen. This operation is relatively convenient, as it is possible without modification of the living room sofa. In addition, a window can be provided on the upper part of the bunker bed according to the request of the purchaser.

The living room consists of two bench-type sofas arranged in a relative manner and a table that is fixed to a rail. The shape of the table is characterized by a’b’ shape, and it can be moved back and forth along the rail to secure the movement line when sitting on the sofa. In addition, a closet was provided between the toilet and the living room to enhance convenience.

The kitchen is structured to a fairly small size. As the space of the camper itself is limited, it is not possible to apply a full-size kitchen. However, it has at least the basic components such as cold and hot water faucet, circular sink bowl, one-hole gas range, storage space, and Dometic refrigerator.

The toilet has a configuration that is over-divided considering the size of such a small motor home. Starting with a fixed toilet, it is equipped with a corner sink and shower faucet, medicine cabinet, and a dedicated ventilation window and fan. The floor is designed in a bathtub shape and there is even a shower curtain to prevent water from splashing into the room. In addition, the internal components are extruded ABS panels to capture both watertightness, structural strength, and space utilization.

The heating system of Luxform’s Niva Abtadom uses a 2kW gasoline copper heater from Webasto, Germany, and the hot water is supplied by a 18-liter Truma water heater. The fresh water tank capacity is 70 liters, and the sewage tank capacity is 45 liters. The auxiliary battery uses an AGM battery with a capacity of 95A.

And most importantly, what about the price? This vehicle is sold through a German company in Western Europe, and the’full option’ version that applies all of the above kitchen facilities and furniture costs 39,990 euros (about 53.3 million won). The version for a self-made camper, excluding all the furniture and facilities inside, costs 24,990 euros (approximately 33.3 million won).

Written. Reporter Park Byung-ha / photo. Стать дилером Lux Form(https://granta-furgon.ru/)

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