2021.04.13.  40,529 read'From Cargo to Limousine' Hyundai Starria launch, start on sale on the 15th Autobuff 70

2021.04.13. 40,529 read’From Cargo to Limousine’ Hyundai Starria launch, start on sale on the 15th Autobuff 70

Hyundai Motor Company 13Ilstarria digital world premiere video to present a new mobile experience MPV, ‘StariaWas released for the first time in the world. Coming together 15It has been announced that it will start selling Starria in earnest from Japan.. Starria actively reflects the needs of customers for the use of various spaces for transportation.Smart Mobility SolutionIt is a model that faithfully embodies the direction of Hyundai Motor Company to provide.

Hyundai Motor Company is a high-end model through the video released on this day.Staria Lounge‘(7Seater, 9Seater)And general modelStaria‘(11Seater)Introduced the various uses and premium spatial experiences of, He also conveyed the expectation for future luxury Starria Lounge limousine, eco-friendly lineup, and future mobility..

Various lineups for customer choice

Staria is a luxury model for passengers depending on the applicationStaria LoungeAnd general modelStariaOperates in two lineups. Staria Lounge 7Seung-gwa 9It consists of a seater and, Starria is a tourer(9·11Seater)Wah Cargo(3·5Seater) It is characterized by configuring seats for various purposes of customers, such as.. Starria differentiates its design and specifications according to the purpose of use, so the basic selling price is reduced. 2,726Ten thousand won(diesel, Cargo 3Seating Standard)from 4,135Ten thousand won(Staria Lounge 7Seating Standard) It was formulated between.

General model(For cargo and boarding) Starria’s selling price is based on diesel cargo 3Seater 2,726Ten thousand won, Cargo 5Seater 2,795Ten thousand won, Tourer 9Seater 3,084Ten thousand won, Tourer 11Seater 2,93210,000 won, The luxury model Staria Lounge 7Seater 4,135Ten thousand won, 9Seater 3,661Start from 10,000 won.

Hyundai Motor Company is a Starria Lounge Limousine that maximizes the sense of luxury on this day. 7Seater was also revealed for the first time.. The release schedule is expected to open soon.. Starria Lounge Limousine 7High roof with ample headroom for seating, 25Inch wide monitor, A mood lamp that gives you a fantastic feelingStar light‘, Electric side step, A movable universal island console with a table function is applied to provide a luxurious space..

Innovative and future-oriented MPV

Starria is a future mobility design theme of Hyundai Motor Company.inside outWith this first applied model, a user-centered emotional space was realized.. Inside Out is a concept that extends the spatiality and openness of interior design to the exterior, and Staria has completed a future mobility image that harmonizes with the elegantly curved exterior reminiscent of a spaceship with its spacious interior space and openness..

Starria Lounge, a luxury model, has a differentiated design with premium sensibility.. The front of Staria Lounge has a three-dimensional mesh pattern grille and 8Dog ice cube type Full LEDThe headlamps and direction indicators made up of were added to the volume.. Also of the diamond pattern18Inch wheel and bumper i·Rear bottom garnish, Side mirror, The door handle chrome and tinted brass color were applied to emphasize the sense of unity and luxury..

The interior of Staria is characterized by luxury and spaciousness inspired by the lounge of the cruiser sailing the sea.. Staria is a high height(1,990mm)And wide full width(1,995mm) And long battlefield(5,255mm)Secured a spacious interior space. In addition, by applying a low ground clearance to a high overall height, the maximum indoor height is increased. 1,379mmSecure with 1m You can enjoy the maximized spatiality of the ideal..

Hyundai Motor Company’s center fascia 10.25The inch infotainment screen and air conditioning switching control system are integrated into an integrated unit., color LCD The cluster was placed on the top of the dashboard to increase driver visibility and create a high-tech image.. Especially at the bottom of the cluster, Overhead console, Center Fascia Award·By applying various storage spaces to the bottom, etc. MPVPursuit of practicality suitable for storage, Cup holder, USB Convenience for passengers is maximized through a console that integrates various functions such as ports..

The exterior color is creamy white for the general model., Graphite Gray Metallic, Moonlight Blue Pearl, Dynamic yellow, Abyss Black Pearl, Shimmering silver metallic, etc. 6You can choose a variety of colors. For high-end models, dynamic yellow is excluded from the general model colors, and Olivain gray metallic and Gaia brown pearl colors are added. 7Three colors are provided.

The interior color is designed with a completely differentiated color concept for each model according to the intended use.. Black monotone for regular models, Beige two-tone is applied to emphasize the practical image, and the high-end model has black monotone and blue two-tone, a refined color that can be felt in luxury hotels., Brown two-tone, Gray two-tone was applied to emphasize the high-quality image..

The highest level of space,
Safety and convenience specifications for passengers applied

Staria is a premium seat exclusively for the lounge, Advanced driver assistance system beyond vehicle class, Best-in-class wins·Equipped with the best marketability, such as new technology for convenience of getting off.. Staria Lounge, a luxury model 7Premium relaxation seats that allow a comfortable lying position are applied to the passengers, allowing passengers to enjoy the comfort of being in a zero-gravity space..

Staria Lounge 9Seater 2In the heat 180A swiveling seat that can be rotated is applied.. When moving the swiveling seat 2Fever 3Not only does it create an environment where passengers in the row can face each other and talk to each other, but also move the seats out of the vehicle. 90It has practicality that can be rotated and installed a car seat conveniently..

Staria Tourer, a regular model(9·11Seater)In 2It is designed to be useful for outdoor activities such as car driving or camping by applying a full flat seat that completely folds from the row to allow adults to go to bed or to have enough space for children to play..

In the case of the passenger model, specialized specifications were applied based on the various purposes and safety of the passengers.. Staria Lounge 9Seater and Staria Tourer 11When the seat is tightly attached to the driver’s seat by applying a long sliding rail, each seat is 960mm, 1080mmYou can secure space for your cargo. In addition, if the last seat seat is in close contact with the tailgate direction 2·3It is possible to use various spaces according to the situation of passengers, such as maximizing heat legroom..

In particular, Staria is on all seats of all models sold in Korea. 3Pointed seat belts and headrests, Including rollover detection curtain airbag 7Airbags were applied by default, Hyundai Motor Company’s first forward collision avoidance assistance, Lane maintenance assistance, Rear collision prevention assistance, Rear cross-collision avoidance assistance, Smart cruise control was also incorporated as a standard to ensure the best safety.. In addition to this, highway driving assistance, Advanced driver assistance systems, such as a surround view monitor, are also available as an option, so driving convenience is not missed..

In addition, smart power sliding door, Smart Power Tailgate, Safe disembarkation assistance, Advanced rear-seat passenger notification, which can detect minute movements and breathing of rear-seat passengers through radar sensors, is optionally operated to help passengers safely and conveniently at every moment of getting on and off..

Staria Lounge and Staria TourerRear viewWhen is selected, the back seat is displayed on the navigation screen.(2~4Heat) Passengers can be seen and connected with the rear-seat conversation mode, giving the driver and rear-seat passengers the feeling as if they were talking next to each other even in a large space..

Operates with two powertrains, diesel and LPG

Staria Diesel R 2.2 VGT The highest output with an engine 177Horsepower and maximum torque 44.0kg.mWhile having the power performance of 10.8(Automatic) / 11.8(manual)km/LAchieved high compound fuel economy. In addition to this, always-on to help you drive with confidence even in bad weather and rough roads. 4Wheel drive system HTRAC I also prepared specifications. LPGSmart Stream LPG 3.5 The highest output with an engine 240horsepower, Torque 32.0kg.mIt has the power performance of. (※Hyundai Motor Research Institute Development Goal Criteria)

Meanwhile, Hyundai Motor Company 15Starting from work, Starria started selling in earnest,, 15From work 30One thing My family story application eventProceed. Anyone member of the Hyundai Motor Company website can apply., Starria Lounge for customers who have selected excellent works 9Inseung Inspiration OneWe plan to provide various prizes, such as a grand prize..

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