2021.04.12.  41,014 read Genesis to launch high-performance models like BMW M'GV70 first grand prize' Auto Herald 228

2021.04.12. 41,014 read Genesis to launch high-performance models like BMW M’GV70 first grand prize’ Auto Herald 228

Since Genesis, a luxury brand for Hyundai Motors, was launched as an independent brand in 2015, it has expanded into global brands, including North America, Australia, Russia, the Middle East, and recently China, and launches high-performance versions such as BMW M and Mercedes-AMG. It turns out that you are reviewing.

According to foreign media such as Covers on the 12th, Hyundai Motor Company’s Genesis Product Planning Director, Ricky Rao, recently interviewed local media to acknowledge the brand’s interest in developing high-performance vehicles, saying, “Our boundaries are limitless in terms of products. High performance is for many customers.” It’s an area that makes a lot of repercussions.” He then avoided official mention, but was reported to have said, “We can meet a more powerful version of the GV70 that can challenge the BMW X3 M.”.

Based on this interview with Director Rao, Carverz evaluated that the sedan market is not the same as before, so it is more likely to launch a high-performance SUV than the more powerful version of the G70. In addition, as Albert Beerman, who led the BMW M high-performance division, works as president of the Hyundai Motor Group’s R&D, it is expected that no one can ignore the high-performance models they will provide in the future..

Meanwhile, foreign media have been able to secure several additional performances in the development stages of Hyundai Veloster N, i30 N and various new cars since President Beerman was introduced to the Hyundai Motor Group, and new and advanced powertrain technology, especially important in the integration of pure electric and hydrogen car fuel cells. He evaluated that he played a role. It was reported that not only Hyundai Motors, but also Kia and Genesis will receive the same benefits..

In addition, he praised the concept of’Genesis X’recently introduced by the Genesis brand, and mentioned that expectations are high in the high-performance business as it is showing exceptional progress in luxury brands. The Genesis X concept, recently unveiled by the Genesis brand, is the fifth concept car of Genesis, following the New York concept, GV80 concept, Essentia concept, and Mint concept, and is evaluated as a model that presents the brand’s new perspective on sustainable luxury car design..[김훈기 기자]

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