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				"It's already been a great response" Sportage that will make Tucson cry Real Bonnie Autopost 26

2021.04.09. 22,298 reads "It’s already been a great response" Sportage that will make Tucson cry Real Bonnie Autopost 26

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When Hyundai is released, Kia is pushed back, and when Kia counteracts this and launches a new car again, Hyundai is declining. This is an ecosystem of the domestic automobile market that has been steadily continuing for about 10 years. This cycle, which is the fate of the two brands created under one roof, is expected to continue in the future.

Hyundai Motor Company released the new Tucson last year and recorded unprecedented sales, defeating the Kia Sportage. Accordingly, Kia is preparing a new sportage with specifications that can chew on Tucson. Will the new Sportage, which has been postponing the release twice and finishing work, become an enemy of Tucson? Today’s AutoPost Spyshot Plus takes a step further into the story of Kia Sportage, where some specifications were revealed through spy shots.

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First captured in July of last year
The new Sportage test car that became a hot topic

The new Sportage test car that Kia is preparing was first detected in July of last year. At the time, the new Tucson debut was at a point in time, so the Sportage test car became a big topic. The Sportage test car captured on the highway was both a long body and a short body version.

At the time, the long body model attracted attention because it showed a size comparable to that of Santa Fe. Unlike Tucson, where there is no significant difference in design depending on the wheelbase, the Sportage is manufactured in different designs starting with the C-pillar. A long body model is expected to be released in Korea, and it is expected to boast a larger size than Tucson.

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Twice the release time
Postponing and reinforcing marketability
Be working hard

What stands out is that the new Sportage has delayed its launch twice. Initially, it could have been released at the same time as the new Tucson or earlier than Tucson, but after discussions inside Kia Motors, the release date was delayed twice. At first, the release was postponed to the end of last year, and the second was postponed again to the second half of this year. At that time, it was known to further improve design and marketability at an internal exhibition.

It is said that Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Eui-sun Eui-sun is particularly paying attention to sportiness. He is known to have instructed the researchers to “take the quality unconditionally” in the words of the researchers that “the development period can be extended further.” P2 stage test cars are now detected, and models close to mass production are often seen, so you can feel that the launch is short.

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> Personalized front design

If you look at the Sportage test cars that are recently being captured as spy shots, you can see that they are close to mass production. The test car in the photo also looks like the headlamps, radiator grills, and wheels, all of which are the same as the mass production type.

The daytime running lights are lit in the form of>

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Newly captured
These are the 3 types of wheel designs.

In the test cars recently captured in Korea, several new wheel designs applied to mass-produced sportages were confirmed. The first is the 19-inch wheel, which is presumed to be the upper trim wheel. The tire size was 235/50/R19, and Michelin tires were installed.

The second wheel is a 235/60/R18 wheel with Continental tires. The third wheel is estimated to be applied to the hybrid model, and the size is 235/55/R19. In addition, as there are several more wheels, various wheel designs are expected to be applied according to Sportagen specifications.

(Photo = Baby Dream)

Fully exposed rear design
“It feels like a Mercedes GLE”
Reaction continues

The back design of the gastrointestinal membrane was completely exposed. As you can see from the photo, you can see that the new KIA emblem is largely located in the center of the trunk. The graphic of the LED tail lamp can also be seen clearly. Reversing lights and turn indicators appear to be mounted under the bumper.

Netizens who saw the fully exposed rear design showed a lot of reactions, saying, “The rear light feels like a Mercedes GLE.” The overall design was not related to GLE, but the shape of the tail lamp was said to be. The judgment on this is left to the readers.

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Panoramic type display applied

Part of the interior design was also exposed. First, the instrument panel and center fascia display were applied in a panorama type with a style similar to that of a carnival. As you can see in the picture, there are media controllers on the left and right of the center fascia display. This seems to be a touch type, not a button.

The curved display applied to the Kia K8 is no longer available at Sportage. As it is an SUV, it is expected to give a similar feeling to Sorento and Seltos than the K8.

(Photo = Baby Dream)

Similar to Sorento
Angled air vents are applied

Recently, a part of the interior of the test car was also exposed. As you can see in the photo, it is expected to show an indoor atmosphere similar to Sorento. The new Kia logo will be applied to the steering wheel, and detailed specifications have not been disclosed yet, but will have specifications similar to those of Tucson.

Just as the K8 has added a Meridian premium sound system that is not in the Grandeur, it is noteworthy whether the Sportage will also add convenience & safety equipment that Tucson does not have.

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Scheduled to be released in the second half of this year
Started production at the Gwangju factory in June

The new Sportage, which has been delayed twice, is expected to be available in the second half of this year. This is because full-scale production begins in June. The new Sportage is produced at the Kia Motors’ Gwangju factory, and has set annual production targets of 189,000 for domestic and 153,000 for export.

As all domestic exports are produced at the Gwangju plant without overseas production, it is expected to be the most produced model among the single car models produced by Kia. Sportage, who took special care with Chairman Eui-seon Eui-sun, is paying attention to whether it will be able to defeat Tucson again with sales volume. It was AutoPost Spyshot Plus.


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