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				"As it turned out, is it the right taxi?" The real cost-performance model of the K8 is this Automobile Korea 16

2021.04.05. 13,157 reads "As it turned out, is it the right taxi?" The real cost-performance model of the K8 is this Automobile Korea 16

[오토모빌코리아=뉴스팀]Kia’s new K8 has quite a few great features. However, in order to enjoy them all, you have to think about 50 million won. If it is an economic requirement, it would be better to buy full options, but if not, the answer is to choose the option at a low price, that is, high cost performance, while putting in the most options.

If you don’t have a feeling of resistance to LPG cars, let’s pay attention to the K8 LPG. Especially, if you are a consumer with a lot of mileage, buying an LPG car is much more profitable. Let’s take a closer look at why K8 LPG has a high cost-performance ratio below.

Lower than the noblesse light
Prestige trim is present

The K8 gasoline model starts with a nobless light trim. However, the LPG model (based on general sales) has a lower prestige trim than the Noblesse Light. However, there is not much difference between the options and the Noblesse Light.

R-MDPS was changed to MDPS, and ECM room mirror and high-pass automatic payment system were excluded. And it becomes impossible to choose a two-tone brown interior. Instead, 12.3-inch UVO navigation is provided as standard. The price is 32.2 million won, which is 590,000 won cheaper than 2.5 gasoline noblesse light 3,79 million won.

Other than that, the specifications are the same as the 2.5 gasoline noblesse light. To summarize the specifications, ADAS includes forward collision avoidance assistance (vehicle/pedestrian/cyclist), lane departure prevention assistance, driver attention warning (including forward vehicle departure notification function), high beam assistance, and lane maintenance assistance.

Safety specifications are 9 airbags (driver’s seat/passenger’s advanced, driver’s knee, rollover detection curtain, front/rear side), front/rear parking distance warning, VSM, multiple collision avoidance automatic braking system, ramp anti-falling device, sudden braking alarm system , Individual tire pressure alarm system, infant seat fixing device, and temporary tire repair device.

Exterior specifications are 17-inch wheels, projection LED headlamp, LED turn signal (front/rear), LED DRL, LED rear combination lamp, LED auxiliary light, LED repeater integrated outside mirror (electric folding, electric control, heated wire, puddle lamp) ), door handle lighting (front), aero type wiper, windshield/front seat double junction sound insulation glass, windshield sun protection glass.

Interior specifications are black one-tone interior, Supervision cluster (4.2 inch color TFT LCD), leather steering wheel, LED interior light (map lamp, room lamp, luggage lamp), D/N room mirror, sliding sun visor (mirror, LED lighting) ), there is a door scuff.

Seat specifications include leather seats, front power seats, driver’s ventilation seats, heated front/rear seats, driver’s electric lumbar support, rear center armrest, ski trough, and front seat belt height adjustment device.

Convenience specifications include button start smart key system (including remote start), smart trunk, electronic parking brake (EPB, auto hold), electronic shift dial (SBW), paddle shift, rear monitor, cruise control, auto light control, rain sensor, Heated steering wheel, manual tilt & telescopic steering wheel, independent control full-auto air conditioner (driver’s seat, passenger seat), high-performance air conditioner filter, air cleaning system (including fine dust sensor), rear seat air vent, front/rear seat safety power window, power There is an outlet.

Infotainment specifications include 12.3-inch UVO navigation, navigation wireless update, infotainment/air conditioning switching control system, 8 speakers, steering wheel audio remote control, Bluetooth hands-free, USB terminal (for data reading).

K8 LPG combination

Cost-effective If you want to purchase the K8 LPG in combination, you can choose the Comfort, Drivewise + Panoramic Curved Display + Supervision Cluster, ECM Room Mirror + High Pass Automatic Payment System, and 18-inch wheel options.

This choice includes all Noblesse options except for the rear-seat USB charging port. The price is 32.2 million won plus an option price of 3.46 million won, which is 3564 million won, and adding 2.75 million won for employment registration does not exceed 38.39 million won or 40 million won.

There is also no shortage of options. Front and rear LED lamps, LED turn indicators, electronic shifting dial, ergo motion seat in driver’s seat, memory seat in driver’s seat, wireless charging, highway driving assistance 2, smart cruise control linked to driving style, enhanced front collision avoidance assistance, panoramic curve De display and so on. Panoramic sunroof is an item that every consumer has a lot of tastes, so I’ve excluded it for now.

To configure the same as above with 2.5 gasoline and 3.5 gasoline models, you can select Drivewise and Comfort for the Noblesse trim. In this case, 2.5 gasoline costs 37.36 million won and 3.5 gasoline costs 4,074 million won. LPG is cheaper.

However, since the LPG model has a high displacement of 3.5 liters, there is a disadvantage that the automobile tax is high at 900,000 won. 2.5 Gasoline costs 250,000 won compared to 650,000 won. And Despite the increase of 0.5 liters from the previous 3.0 liters, there is a disadvantage that the output did not increase significantly. Instead, LPG, which has a low fuel cost, is used, so if the mileage for a year is long, it is advantageous to choose LPG.

If you want to focus on luxury
This combination is also not bad

As the K8 is a large sedan, this combination is not bad if you want to focus on luxury. Select Drivewise, Convenience, and Style for the nobless trim. Drivewise has various safety devices such as HDA2, and Convenience has There are surround view monitor, rear side monitor, remote smart parking assist, rear parking collision avoidance assistance, 3-zone air conditioning (rear seat temperature control), rear seat ventilation seat, electric safety power trunk, and rear seat double laminated sound insulation glass.

Style includes sequential turn signal (front/rear), dynamic welcome light, satin chrome garnish (radiator grille V-shaped, front/rear bumper lower part), black high-gloss (front/rear bumper lower part), dark stainless steel molding (door upper part) , High-quality wood grain interior materials, and ambient light decorate the exterior and interior a little more luxuriously. The price is 4,091 million won, and 4402 million won when the employment registration tax is added.

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