2021.04.02. 49,889 reads’This Car’ Motor Magazine, which was once popular as a’cost-performance imported large-sized car’ in Korea 56

Each car manufacturer’s flagship model is the result of a total aggregation of the brand’s technology.. Sometimes, the brand’s image is determined only by the flagship model, and it is often the first vehicle that introduces the brand’s latest technology to consumers.. Mercedes benz Sclass, BMWof 7series, Audi’s A8 The back is the case.

Volkswagen also once built a large sedan. 2002Since 2016Peyton, produced by years, is the main character of the day.. It was developed under the direction of Chairman Fernandit Piech to enter the luxury car market. SI developed with the class as the target. Chairman Piehi’s order was also tricky, but the fastest 300 km More than, Outside temperature 50Dorado’s room temperature is 22I was going to keep it back. As a result, the maximum speed is about per hour 270 kmIt was close to, and the indoor thermostat was also operated according to Chairman Piech’s order..

Besides, the torsional stiffness of the body 37,000Nm/degI ordered something to reach. At the time, competing vehicles 25,000Nm/deg Inside and outside, Other sports cars in the group 33,000Nm/degDid not exceed. One of the durability that comes from the stiffness of the body was intended to completely overwhelm the competitors..

Volkswagen spared no cost while developing Peyton.. Interior materials in technology, Paint quality, A lot of money was spent to line up with rivals all the way to the drivetrain.. They even built a new factory to produce Peyton.. The factories in Dresden are Peyton and Bentley Flying Spur. OneBuilt to produce generations. Factory construction cost only 5Poured out a billion euros. The floor is made of Canadian maple, and the outer walls are all made of glass.. Thanks to this, it was nicknamed Transparent Factory, and a high-frequency generator had to be installed to prevent birds from flying and colliding.. Even all the workers in the factory wore white gowns, listened to the classics, and assembled them by hand..

The peyton made like this is first 3.6liter V6 Engine was provided as standard. Also V6 Two engines W12 I could also choose an engine. Although not successful in Peyton, this unique W12 Engine after Bentley and Audi A8 Could be seen on the back. 2003year V10 Diesel and 6Cylinder diesel engine, 8The cylinder gasoline engine was also added sequentially.. Also air suspension, 4Motion all-wheel drive system, The high-performance air conditioning system was also a feature..

Peyton’s performance was disastrous.. Consumers opting for a large sedan were high, and they didn’t choose Payton.. 2013The Economist used Peyton The most ruined European carReached the level of selection. 2004Since 2005In the North American market by the year 2,500Sold a lot, and in the end 2007Year Peyton withdrew from the US market. Even this figure was less than the average sales of Hyundai Equus in the US market.. It was the same even when we turned to the global market.. Peyton 4Year 25,000I sold it, The annual production capacity of the Dresden plant is approximately 2It is unfortunate when I think about what was all over the world..

However, there was a market where these Peytons were sold well.. It was the Korean and Chinese markets.. Sales in these two countries accounted for half of all sales.. For the Korean market V6 3.0liter TDI The engine was sold as the flagship.. It had a low price for the same class of imported large sedan, and excellent fuel economy was also one of the factors that were chosen by consumers.. The so-called so-called Doksamsa large sedan, which is often said to Korean consumers who had a fantasies about German cars, can be selected. Cost performanceIt was a large sedan.

In Korea 2014Ceased income in the year. Due to the missed timing of the appearance of the new model, the number of consumers who visited Peyton decreased, and the reason that consumers’ eyes were much higher than at the time of the first release was also a part of the reason.. Perhaps the brand value of Volkswagen is Mercedes Benz or BMWIt was because it was inevitably insufficient compared to.

Since then, Peyton’s middle and high prices have fallen rapidly.. The genre of large sedans originally had a large depreciation, but in the case of Peyton, the width was much larger.. The current used price is about 800~1500Is formed between 10,000 won. Compared to competitive models of the similar period, about 700~100010,000 won is cheap. However, it is not recommended to buy Payton.. As the platform is shared with Bentley, the repair cost itself is very expensive, and it is also famous for cars with severe breakdowns..

Volkswagen uses Pideon, the successor to Peyton. 2016Have been on sale since. However, it is limited to the Chinese market where the sales volume of Payton was high.. In other markets, it looks like the flagship model was set to Touareg or Arteon..

Models created by sharpening knives by manufacturers often fail catastrophically.. Unfortunately, Volkswagen has experienced its failure in its flagship model.. Even the party 3,700The fact that it sold at a loss of close to 10,000 won would make it a heartbroken car from the perspective of Volkswagen.. Volkswagen dreams of a new future through Peyton, but after experiencing frustration, Volkswagen is once again dreaming of a sweet future.. The Dresden factory that used to make Peyton is now a factory that produces electric vehicles, producing next-generation electric vehicles.. Let’s see if Volkswagen’s dreams can come true once again.

Written | Reporter Cho Hyun-gyu

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