2021.03.31.  19,620 read What kind of car is Kia's EV6 unveiled for the first time in the world?  Motoya 27

2021.03.31. 19,620 read What kind of car is Kia’s EV6 unveiled for the first time in the world? Motoya 27

Kia unveiled the first model of the EV series of exclusive electric vehicles,’The Kia EV6 (The Kia EV Six, hereinafter referred to as EV6).

On the 30th (Tue), Kia hosted the’EV6 Digital World Premiere (World’s First Release)’ online. In the EV6 presentation video released on this day, the theme of’Inspiring Every Journey’ introduced the diverse customer experiences that EV6 will provide. (※ Video link: Kia Global website https://worldwide.kia.com/kr/ev6)

The EV6 is a model that symbolizes Kia’s newly reborn brand slogan’Movement that inspires’ and is the first dedicated electric vehicle to present the blueprint for next-generation mobility based on the mid- to long-term business strategy’Plan S’. Platform) is expected to show a more advanced mobile experience by expanding its innovation and practicality.

Kia CEO Song Ho-sung said, “The EV6, which symbolizes Kia’s new transformation, is designed to inspire customers in all their journeys based on dynamic design, advanced technology, and exhilarating performance.” In order to provide the product, Kia’s commitment and efforts to eco-friendliness in the finest details such as manufacturing processes and materials are included.”

EV6 ▲ Interior and exterior design that embodies the new design philosophy ▲ Dynamic driving performance represented by the first 3.5 seconds of 0-100km/h acceleration time in Korea (based on GT models) ▲ Eco-friendly material with a commitment to sustainability ▲ 800V charging is possible Rapid charging system ▲V2L (Vehicle To Load) with a moving energy storage system (ESS) concept ▲Customer-oriented state-of-the-art safety and convenience specifications are applied to ensure the best marketability.

In particular, ▲Panoramic Curved Display ▲Intelligent Headlamp ▲Meridian Premium Sound ▲Jong-e Theme Cluster ▲Active Sound Design (e-ASD). It is an element that is expected to provide a differentiated experience to customers and inspire customers in all their journeys.

Kia is planning to launch the EV6’s ▲Standard ▲Long-Range ▲GT-Line model within this year, and later, with the addition of the ▲GT model, a high-performance version of the EV6, to operate a total of 4 lineups. In addition, from the 31st (Wed), advance reservations are received for domestic customers who wish to purchase EV6.

█ Original exterior design that embodies Kia’s design philosophy’Operit United’

The EV6 is the first exclusive electric vehicle to reflect Kia’s new design philosophy’Opposites United’, inspired by the harmony of nature and humans.

Opposite United means to create a new design that did not exist before by combining mutually contrasting concepts. Kia’s design implies that it will open the forefront of the future mobility era and devise a progressive design that exceeds consumer expectations. It is philosophy.

The front part of the EV6 gives a more sophisticated and dynamic feel by harmonizing the’Digital Tiger Face’, a reinterpretation of the existing tiger nose in accordance with the image of an electric vehicle, with daytime running lights (DRL).

The air intake located at the bottom of the front bumper makes the EV6 even more visually wider and emphasizes the high-tech image. In addition, air resistance is minimized by inducing air to flow to the flat floor of the electric vehicle. Along with this, an active air flap (AAF) is also applied to effectively control the flow of air to reduce air resistance.

The’Dynamic Character’ that extends from the lower side of the side to the tail lamp through the rear wheelhouse gives the EV6 a strong presence. Here, the unique C-pillar garnish molding makes it feel as if the roof of the vehicle is floating.

The rear deck spoiler on the rear is integrated with LED lamps to complete a dynamic character, while implementing optimal aerodynamic performance with a wing type roof spoiler.

The wing-type roof spoiler not only lowers noise and air resistance by improving airflow, but also adds a function to remove water droplets from the rear window using aerodynamic power, completing a neat rear view without a wiper.

█ The EV6’s interior design has been transformed into a completely new and innovative space.

The interior design of EV6 is designed to provide a completely new and innovative space to customers based on the differentiated interior space of electric vehicles by reflecting Kia’s new design philosophy everywhere.

In particular, the utilization of indoor living spaces is maximized with a high-voltage battery located low and wide under the vehicle body and an axle distance of 2,900mm, which exceeds the level of a semi-large SUV.

The panoramic curved display arranged wide around the driver makes the interior of the vehicle look wider with a slim dashboard. The center console, which seems to be floating in the center, conveys a forward-looking sensibility.

The electric car seat specially designed for the EV6 is thin and light, breaking away from the conventional standard materials and designs, and is designed so that passengers can continue to enjoy comfort and comfort.

In addition, the EV6 has ▲door pockets ▲crash pad mood lighting garnish ▲auxiliary mats ▲environmentally processed waste plastic recycled materials such as nappa leather seats, and various eco-friendly materials and construction methods such as flaxseed extract throughout the interior, making Kia’s commitment to sustainability. Reflected.

The EV6 realizes 520ℓ (VDA standard) of trunk space and ample interior space. When the second row seats are folded, an additional maximum of 1,300ℓ can be secured. In addition, a front trunk located inside the front hood provides additional load space.

Karim Habib, managing director of Kia Design, said, “EV6 will be represented by a human-centered progressive design optimized for the electric vehicle era.” “Kia realizes a design that inspires customers by providing an innovative and original space unique to electric vehicles. The EV6 was born under the goal of that,” he said.

█ EV6 GT, 0-100km/h 3.5 seconds by applying 430kW class dual motor… An all-time high

At this event, the GT model, a high-performance version of the EV6, was also unveiled.

E-GMP, an electric vehicle-only platform that forms the basis of EV6, has the advantage of being able to configure a variety of models tailored to various purposes based on a modular configuration. Based on this, by developing a high-performance version with a 430kW-class dual motor, a lineup was formed that can satisfy even customers seeking the pleasure of driving.

The resulting EV6 GT model takes only 3.5 seconds to accelerate from a standstill to 100 km/h based on a maximum output of 584 horsepower (ps) and a maximum torque of 740 Nm (75.5 kgf m). It is limited to 260 km/h.

This is the fastest record in Korean automobile history, and the EV6 GT model is expected to provide customers with dynamic driving performance that has never been experienced.

In addition, the EV6 GT model offers excellent performance in extreme driving situations such as rapid acceleration and cornering ▲Software-based electronic differential limiting function (e-LSD) ▲Electronically controlled suspension (ECS) ▲21” performance wheel & tire ▲ Large-capacity disc brakes are additionally installed to enhance driving pleasure.

The EV6 GT model also has a design worthy of its powerful performance.

The air intake at the bottom of the front bumper was shaped more dynamically to give a cutting-edge feel and a sharper impression. The body color cladding, which is the same as the color of the car body, was applied on the side to give a more sophisticated feel, and the GT emblem attached to the dashboard and tailgate emphasized the unique high-performance sensibility.

In addition, 21” performance wheels for GT models and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, an ultra-high performance (UHP) tire, were installed to complete the sport performance.

The lower part of the rear bumper is finished in glossy black high-gloss to highlight the dynamic presence of the EV6 GT model, and the diffuser applied to the lower part of the bumper helps optimize the flow of air from the flat floor of the electric vehicle.

The interior of the GT model is equipped with a D-cut steering wheel that symbolizes high performance, and the seat is equipped with a suede sports bucket seat that emphasizes the sporty character to stably hold the driver even under dynamic driving conditions. Neon color stitching points are applied to door trims, consoles, and seats, giving passengers a unique look.

“The EV6 GT model has been developed to enable confident control and dynamic handling in any driving condition, based on Kia’s technology,” said Albert Beerman, president of Kia’s R&D division. I will be able to catch them all,” he said.

█ Charging convenience system that drastically reduces the charging stress of customers

The EV6 has a 400V/800V multi-fast charging system that can use a variety of charging infrastructure.

The multi-quick charging system enables stable and quick charging by boosting the 400V voltage supplied from the charger to 800V optimized for the vehicle system using the vehicle’s driving motor and inverter.

If you use the 800V super fast charging system, you can charge from 10% up to 80% in 18 minutes, and the charging efficiency has been improved to the point that you can drive more than 100km (based on WLTP) with only 4 minutes and 30 seconds of charging.

EV6 can also be used as a moving energy storage system (ESS). This is thanks to the V2L function that can supply 220V power to the outside of the vehicle, and by using this, various activities that were difficult to experience with existing vehicles become possible.

The EV6’s V2L function helps to significantly widen the space constraints caused by electric energy by providing 3.6kW of power consumption, which is higher than 3kW, which is an average household electricity consumption per hour. This is the amount of power that can operate a 55-inch TV for up to 24 hours, and other electric vehicles can be charged if necessary.

The EV6 also did not miss the convenience of charging. As soon as the charging cable is connected, the authentication and payment process is automatically performed, and the PnC (Plug & Charge) function is applied, which allows you to start charging immediately.

Furthermore, in order to help passengers relax comfortably when charging an electric vehicle, a relaxation comfort seat was applied to the driver’s and passenger’s seats. By implementing the most comfortable lying position, you can enjoy the comfort of being in a zero-gravity space by optimizing the distribution of body pressure.

These charging convenience functions not only significantly reduce the charging stress of EV6 customers, but are expected to help them enjoy their daily lives more abundantly by providing additional spare time.

█ Applying various technologies to maximize driving performance and efficiency of electric vehicles

Various technologies are applied to the EV6 to maximize driving performance and distance.

The EV6 is operated in two types: a long range model with a 77.4kWh battery and a standard model with a 58.0kWh battery.It is paired with a 160kW-class electric motor installed as standard on the rear wheel, and can drive up to 510km or more with one charge. Do. (※ Long range model, 2WD, 19” wheel, based on our laboratory’s estimates measured by the European certification WLTP standard method)

In addition, by adding a front-wheel motor, the EV6 can select a rear-wheel drive method or a four-wheel drive method. If you choose the four-wheel drive option, it has a power performance of 239kW and a maximum torque of 605Nm for the combined front and rear wheels, enabling confident driving even on rough roads.

In addition, it is equipped with a Disconnector Actuator System (DAS) that can separate or connect the motor and drive shaft according to the driving situation, and it is configured to minimize power loss and enable efficient driving by freely switching between rear and four wheel drive methods. .

The heat pump system is a technology that minimizes power consumption of batteries by utilizing waste heat generated from electric components such as drive motors as indoor heating, and prevents deterioration of the efficiency of electric vehicles that may occur in cold temperatures such as winter.

Smart Regenerative System 2.0 is a technology that automatically adjusts the regenerative braking amount using forward traffic flow and navigation map information, and helps optimal energy regeneration by increasing or lowering the regenerative braking amount according to the traffic volume.

The i-pedal (Intelligent Pedal) mode is a driving mode capable of accelerating, decelerating, and stopping by using only the accelerator pedal. The EV6 can select six regenerative braking stages (0 to 4 stages and Auto mode) through paddle shift operation located at the rear of the steering wheel to suit the driver’s desired energy recovery level. When entering the 4th stage, the strongest regenerative braking stage, the i-pedal mode is activated, enabling one-pedal driving and maximizing energy regeneration, thereby maximizing the driving distance.

The front and rear motor RPM independent control logic effectively improves the wheel slip control performance even on low-friction roads such as snow and ice, and at the same time implements Regen Stability Control (RSC) logic to ensure stability even when turning during regenerative braking. And maximized the amount of regenerative braking.

In addition, Kia developed a next-generation electric vehicle-specific tire that considers the driving characteristics and range of electric vehicles, such as increasing the stiffness of the tire pattern optimized for the high torque and high load conditions that are unique to electric vehicles, and optimizing the shape, and applying them to the EV6 to further enhance efficiency.

█ The beauty of EV6 in harmony with light

The EV6 features various lighting technologies such as ▲Dynamic Welcome Light (DWL) ▲Sequential LED turn signal ▲Intelligent Front-lighting System (IFS) ▲Body silhouette lamp, etc. Build the image.

When the dynamic welcome light approaches the vehicle and the smart key unlock button is pressed, the headlamp and rear LED combination lamp lights up sequentially, enhancing the future-oriented feeling of the EV6 with the impression of welcoming the driver.

In addition, sequentially lit LED turn signals are applied so that even when changing lanes, dynamic turn indicators inform the vehicle ahead and the vehicle behind the lane change more clearly to help safe driving and focus attention on the road.

EV6’s high beam with intelligent headlamp technology interlocks with the camera system to identify the location of the preceding vehicle and the opposite vehicle, and then selects only the LEDs in the corresponding area and turns them off, preventing the other driver from glare and providing a bright front view at all times. . This enables more confident and comfortable driving with excellent visibility even when driving at night.

Lastly, the body silhouette lamp is a technology that brightly illuminates the side of the EV6 by the light mounted on the wing-type spoiler when the driver approaches the vehicle while holding the smart key. Even when parked in a dark and unlit place such as at night or dawn, it not only helps safe boarding by shining light on vehicles and roads, but also provides visual satisfaction by emphasizing the unique silhouette of the EV6.

█ Securing a higher level of driving safety with state-of-the-art new technology

Kia has installed a number of state-of-the-art safety and convenience specifications on the EV6 to help customers move more safely and comfortably. This is in line with EV6’s development philosophy to provide advanced experiences to customers.

For EV6 ▲ Forward Collision Avoidance Assistance (FCA) ▲ Lane Departure Prevention Assistance (LKA) ▲ Intelligent Speed ​​Limit Assistance[footnoteRef:4](Intelligent Speed ​​Limit Assist, ISLA) ▲Driver Attention Warning (DAW) ▲High Beam Assist (HBA) ▲Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control (NSCC) ▲Highway Driving Assist (HDA) as standard features. [4: 내비게이션의 제한속도 혹은 전방 카메라로 인식한 속도 제한 표지판을 통해 주행중인 도로의 제한속도를 초과하지 않도록 도와주는 주행 안전 기능]

Here ▲ Rear Collision Prevention Assistance (BCA) ▲ Rear Cross Collision Prevention Assistance (RCCA) ▲ Safe Alighting Assistance (SEA) ▲ Highway Driving Assistance 2 (HDA2) ▲ Surround View Monitor (SVM) ▲ Rear Parking Collision Prevention Assistance (PCA) -R) ▲Remote Smart Parking Assistance (RSPA), etc. can be selected.

In addition to these active safety specifications, the EV6 has focused on collision safety to protect occupants by minimizing the deformation of the passenger compartment in the event of a collision through the collision load distribution structure applied to the front of the vehicle.

In addition, a total of 8 airbags, including front seat center side airbags, which can reduce head injuries that may occur due to secondary collisions between occupants in the event of a side collision, can be reduced by about 80% (self-test results), even in an accident It is designed to take responsibility for the safety of passengers.

In order to minimize the risk from the battery in the event of a collision, aluminum reinforcement is applied to the battery protection section under the vehicle body and the hot stamping member is reinforced to increase safety. In addition, by separating the battery module and the coolant path space, the coolant does not flow into the battery even in the event of a collision, securing safety considering even potentially dangerous situations.

█ New technology for infotainment convenience that will enrich the customer’s journey

Meanwhile, in addition to safety features ▲ Kia Digital Key ▲ Built-in Cam ▲ Wireless Navigation Update (OTA) ▲ Complex control based on natural language voice recognition ▲ Calendar interlocking ▲ Bluetooth multi-connection ▲ K-to-Home ▲ Easy payment in vehicle ▲ Ballet mode ▲ Meridian Premium Sound ▲ Active sound design (e-ASD) ▲Air conditioning after-blowing system ▲Indoor fine dust status indication ▲USB C type charging terminal ▲Second row seatback remote folding, etc.Convenience functions that will provide advanced experience to passengers are also equipped.

Meridian Premium Sound is a sound system designed by Meridian, a UK high-end audio production company, and through 14 high-power speakers and a proprietary digital signal processing (DSP) method, it helps you enjoy a natural and lively sound experience on the go.

The air conditioning after blow system detects the history of using the air conditioner while driving, turns off the engine, and operates the blower after a certain period of time, thereby drying the residual condensate in the air conditioner and reducing the occurrence of odors.

As such, EV6 is equipped with the highest level of safety and convenience features so that passengers can enjoy an advanced experience at every moment from boarding to disembarkation.

█ EV6, domestic advance reservation starts from March 31st

Kia will start pre-booking EV6 in Korea from the 31st (Wed).

The EV6’s advance reservation will be made for the entire lineup, including the standard ▲long range ▲GT-Line models scheduled to be released in the second half of the year, and the GT models scheduled to be released in the second half of ’22.

The EV6’s starting price for each model is scheduled to be set at ▲ the standard late 40 million won range ▲ the long range mid 50 million won range ▲ the GT-Line late 50 million won range ▲ the GT early 70 million won range. (Before electric vehicle tax benefit, based on individual consumption tax 3.5% / Pre-contract schedule, confirmed price and price after tax benefit will be disclosed later)

In the case of reflecting the individual consumption tax benefits (up to 3 million won) and purchase subsidies (12 million won / Seoul standard) applied to electric vehicles, it is expected to be able to purchase in the mid- to 30 million won range for the standard and the late 30 million won to the long range.

Customers who ship the EV6 within this year after pre-booking the EV6 will be given a 300,000 won welcome charging point that allows them to enjoy the advanced charging experience of the EV6.

EV6 pre-reservation is scheduled to be carried out at the same time on the EV6 pre-reservation website and Kia sales offices from March 31st.

Article/Photo. Motoya Editorial Department

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