2021.03.31.  15,056 read'The king of two-line design' Genesis unveils the concept car'Genesis X'containing the future Auto Herald 34

2021.03.31. 15,056 read’The king of two-line design’ Genesis unveils the concept car’Genesis X’containing the future Auto Herald 34

On the morning of the 31st, the Genesis brand first unveiled the electric vehicle-based GT (Gran Turismo) concept car’Genesis X’through a global online channel. Genesis X is Genesis’ fifth concept car following the New York Concept, GV80 Concept, Essentia Concept, and Mint Concept, presenting Genesis’ new perspective on sustainable luxury car design.

This concept car is characterized by maximizing’two lines’, a key design element that symbolizes Genesis. The two-line design applied to the electric charging port as well as the interior and exterior of the vehicle shows the design direction of the Genesis electric vehicle model to be released in the future. The car name of Genesis X was completed with’X’, meaning that it symbolizes the hidden hero under the brand name’Genesis’.

Jaehoon Jang, president of Genesis brand, said, “The vehicle that we unveiled is a concept car that dramatically contains the essential elements of the design that Genesis pursues.” I hope” he said.

The front of the concept car has a low and wider image through the combination of a shield-shaped crest grille and two rows of headlamps penetrating the wheel arches. In addition, a strong impression was completed by applying a double-structured bumper. Among them, the quad lamp reflecting the two-line design that symbolizes Genesis shows the most advanced design and technology of Genesis.

Genesis X creates the image of a future electric vehicle by applying the G-Matrix pattern, which is a three-dimensional shape of the light reflected from diamonds, to the sharp and elaborate metal structure of the crest grille, and the inside of the grille is the same color as the exterior of the vehicle. It was reflected to give a sense of unity.

In addition, by applying a’clamshell hood’ that consists of a single panel of the hood and fender, the panel step is eliminated and a clean yet sophisticated image is realized. The air intake at the bottom of the front is designed in the shape of a thin and sophisticated mesh, giving it a solid feel, while cooling inside the vehicle and smoothing the airflow, reducing air resistance and contributing to extending the mileage.

The sides follow the traditional GT vehicle design with a long bonnet and short rear, and the two rows of lamps leading to the vehicle’s headlights and taillights are impressive. In addition, the arched’parabolic line’ across the vehicle body and the maximized volume of the fender create a dynamic and luxurious atmosphere. The two lines reflected in the digital side mirrors and side window moldings are a glimpse of Genesis’ delicate design.

In addition, by applying a sliding-type, smooth charging door without a separate parting line, it has a progressive and high-tech feel, and the two-line design element is emphasized by lighting two bands around the charging port. Genesis X is equipped with a turbine-shaped alloy wheel with five spokes layered in two layers to maximize sporty sensibility, and the brake caliper accented with lime accent color expresses the image of a high-performance model.

The rear has a simple image with a horseshoe shape attached to a horseshoe, and a voluminous fender creates a refined yet strong feeling. Here, the rear light reflecting the two-line design like a headlight gave a sense of unity with the front, and the two-line design element was reflected in the diffuser to create a sophisticated and sensuous atmosphere.

The interior reflects a driver-centered design with a cockpit in which all control systems and displays wrap around the driver, and emphasizes the beauty of white space, an aesthetic element unique to Korea. In the case of the interior color, the driver’s seat is in Scotch Brown color, and the passenger seat is in ocean wave green blue color to separate the two spaces to convey the differentiated sensibility of Genesis X.

The dashboard that gives the passengers a sense of approaching and the floating center console are also impressive. In addition, two rows of design elements were applied to the slim indirect air vents surrounding the occupants and the side window molding to emphasize the concept of this model, the two rows, and at the same time gave a sense of unity with the exterior design. In addition, it has created a high-tech indoor atmosphere with a’free form display’ that can operate various functions such as clusters, navigation systems, and air conditioning devices, and a spherical electronic transmission (SBW)’Crystal Sphere’ that can set the operation mode.

In addition, Genesis X added a point to the interior design by using upcycling materials. Eco-friendliness was emphasized by applying a new concept material with a weaving pattern made by recycling unused leather in the vehicle production process to the seat belt, part of the steering wheel and airbag cover.

On the other hand, Genesis opens a digital motor show website on this day and provides various interactive experiences and 360-degree interior and exterior viewing contents to experience the design of Genesis X.[김훈기 기자]

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