2021.03.26.  35,001 read Hyundai Starria records 11,03 units on the first day of pre-contract...  Avante Tucson ahead of Autocast 118

2021.03.26. 35,001 read Hyundai Starria records 11,03 units on the first day of pre-contract… Avante Tucson ahead of Autocast 118

[오토캐스트=강명길기자] Hyundai Motor Company announced on the 26th that the number of contracts for’Starria’ on the first day of MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) recorded 11,033 units. This is a number ahead of the number of pre-contracts for Hyundai’s representative models, Avante (158 units) and Tucson (1842 units).

The price of a new car is based on diesel and automatic transmission, with a cargo 3-seater 2726 million won, cargo 5-seater 2795 million won, Tourer 9-seater 30.84 million won (single trim operation), Tourer 11 passengers 29.32 million won, Lounge 7-seater 41.3 million won (single trim operation), Lounge for 9 people, starting at 36.61 million won. (※ The 7-seater lounge is based on 3.5% individual consumption tax)

The new car has a curved exterior reminiscent of a spaceship, a spacious interior space, and a sense of openness. In addition, for the first time in Hyundai Motor Company, intelligent safety technology was applied to all models as standard. It is equipped with front collision avoidance assistance, lane departure prevention assistance, rear side collision avoidance assistance, rear cross collision avoidance assistance, lane maintenance assistance, and smart cruise control.

A representative of Hyundai Motor Company said, “I think that the part that Starria proactively presented the experience of future mobility through innovation got a good response from customers.” We expect to provide customers with various vehicle life experiences.”

Meanwhile, Hyundai Motor Company conducts an advertising campaign under the theme of’Premium Space for Next Mobility’. The video that conveys future-oriented design elements by comparing Staria to a space ship can be viewed on the Hyundai Motor Company website and YouTube.


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