2021.03.26.  34,586 read The first 30 photos inside Hyundai Staria!  Jefflix JEFLIX 43

2021.03.26. 34,586 read The first 30 photos inside Hyundai Staria! Jefflix JEFLIX 43


The exterior of Staria creates a futuristic atmosphere with a sleek and clean design reminiscent of a spaceship. The front part of the Staria general model presents a sense of unity through the thin and long sidelights (positioning lamps) that cross the hood and bumper, daytime running lights, and radiator grille, headlamps and bumpers of the same color as the body.

First release of 30 chapters inside Staria

The interior of Staria is characterized by luxury and spacious space inspired by the cruiser lounge that sails the sea. Staria provides customers with a new mobility experience and lifestyle with a spatiality that is most similar to a customized means of transportation.

The interior of Staria has a high overall height (1990mm), a long overall width (1995mm), and a full length (5255mm) to secure ample interior space.

In the interior of Hyundai Motor Company’s Staria, the center fascia’s 10.25-inch infotainment and air conditioning conversion control system are integrated, and a color LCD cluster is placed on the top of the dashboard to enhance driver usability and create a high-tech image. In addition, various storage spaces were applied to the bottom of the cluster, the top of the overhead console, the top of the center fascia, and the bottom of the center fascia, pursuing practicality worthy of MPV. Convenience for passengers is maximized through a console that integrates various functions such as storage, cup holder, and USB port.

The Staria Lounge (7, 9-seater) is equipped with lounge-specific comfort specifications and ambient mood lamps for passengers. The Staria 7-seater is equipped with a premium relaxation seat that adjusts the balance of the spine by keeping the hips in close contact with the seat.

The 9-seater inside Staria has a swivel seat that can rotate 180 degrees in 2 rows. This allows passengers in rows 2 and 3 to face each other and talk to each other, as well as to conveniently mount infant car seats by rotating 90 degrees.

Staria Lounge offers a unique sensibility to customers with 64 colors of ambient mood lamps applied to the driver’s seat, passenger seat, center console, and door trim.

The starria side is the part that best shows the inside out theme, and the belt line is lowered as much as possible and a panoramic window is applied to increase the sense of openness and visibility in the interior. This design was inspired by the car view found in hanok architecture, allowing passengers to feel the scenery outside the car window as an element of the interior space. In addition, the convenience of getting on and off has been improved due to the high height and low ground clearance.

The rear of Staria further emphasizes the sense of openness with vertical rear lamps and wide rear windows with a simple and sleek design. Starria Lounge, a luxury model, has a differentiated design with premium sensibility.
The rear part of the Staria Lounge, which adds a sense of luxury, has a parametric pixel design LED rear combination lamp and a lamp-shaped garnish applied to the top of the lamp, giving it a high-tech feel of Staria.

Staria’s selling price is based on diesel and automatic transmission, Staria Cargo 3-seater: 27.27 million won, Staria Cargo 5-seater: 27.95 million won, Starria Tourer 9-seater: 38,840,000 won (single trim operation), Staria Tourer 11-seater: 29.32 million won, Star Lia Lounge 7-seater starts at KRW 41.35 million (single trim operation), and Staria Lounge 9-seater starts at KRW 36,61 million. Staria Lounge 7-seater is based on an individual consumption tax of 3.5%.

A representative of Hyundai Motor Company said, “I think that the part that Starria proactively presented the experience of future mobility through innovation got a good response from customers,” and said, “In particular, Staria Lounge is a high-end model that maximizes driving comfort and convenience and safety specifications. We look forward to providing our customers with a variety of vehicle life experiences.”


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