2021.03.26.  17,448 read'Catch Escalade' This car design anatomy confirmed for the first domestic introduction in history 14

2021.03.26. 17,448 read’Catch Escalade’ This car design anatomy confirmed for the first domestic introduction in history 14

The competitive model is Cadillac’s

Good morning. This is a DA report.
Lincoln Korea has announced that it is officially launching the new Lincoln Navigator, a full-size luxury SUV in Korea. Lincoln plans to strengthen its competitiveness by releasing flagship models in the increasingly fierce large SUV market. The main competing models are Cadillac’s Escalade and Ford’s Expedition.

The navigator released in Korea will be sold with a single reserve (short body) trim, and buyers can choose a 7-seater (two-row independent captain seat) or 8-seater. As it debuts, Lincoln has allocated a small initial volume and plans to review the allocation volume and long body model according to future sales volume.

The Navigator’s powertrain features a 3.5-liter V6 gasoline twin-turbo engine, delivering up to 475 horsepower and 71.0 kg.m of torque. Power is transmitted to the road through a 10-speed automatic transmission, and the overall dimensions of the vehicle are 5,335mm long, 2,075mm wide, 1,940mm high and 3,111mm wheelbase.

The exterior of the vehicle follows the design of the navigator concept that Lincoln unveiled in 2016. In the case of the navigator concept, the design was inspired by the yacht design, and the finest teag wood used in actual yachts was applied to show the differentiated luxury of the flagship concept.

In the case of the navigator, the huge chrome grille on the front clearly reveals the grandeur of the large SUV, and the huge headlights emphasize the navigator’s unique presence. Its shape is also more square than the aviator.

On the sides, chrome garnish applied near the belt line and waist line adds a sense of luxury, and the bold character line flowing over the top of the door handle properly divides the door panel, which may seem too heavy, to reduce the visual weight.

The rear tail lights and bumpers are designed in a horizontal tone, giving the vehicle an even wider look. In particular, the LED light bar and chrome garnish that penetrates the entire tailgate further emphasizes this feeling, and like the front grille, the strong appearance of the SUV is further emphasized.

Lincoln’s luxury inside is the same as the exterior that reveals the presence of the flagship model. In particular, Lincoln’s core value of’comfort in a haven’ was actively projected into the interior of the Navigator. As can be seen from its core values, the Navigator, in Lincoln’s words, provides an’indoor space where you can relax more comfortably than a sedan’ and is also highly utilized as a work space for meetings while on the go.

In particular, active motion massage, heated and ventilated perfect position seats are applied inside, so that passengers can experience the optimal posture that suits them, and second-row passengers can use various convenience functions through an independent 10-inch display. There is.

The touch screen located in the center fascia is equipped with a Sync 3 infotainment system, and the panoramic Vista roof provides a generous sense of openness. In addition, the Ultima audio system boasts an overwhelming sound, and passengers can easily board the vehicle through an external running board without disturbing high ground clearance.

In addition, the Lincoln Navigator is equipped with a Co-Pilot Assisted Driving System that relieves driver fatigue while driving and assists in safe driving, and collision avoidance assistance including adaptive cruise control, lane keeping system, and active braking. System, blind spot information system, head-up display, auto high beam headlight enhancement, and various advanced auxiliary devices are applied.

Finally, in addition to city driving, the Navigator enables powerful off-road driving through Deep Mode and Excite Mode. Currently, the domestic launch price of the Lincoln Navigator is set at KRW 118.4 million, but I will conclude today, looking forward to seeing if Lincoln’s flagship Navigator will be able to have superior competitiveness over other large SUVs. It has been a DA report so far. Thank you.

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