2021.03.04.  28,523 read
				[비교분석] New electric SUV quad, which car will excel?  Road test 69

2021.03.04. 28,523 read [비교분석] New electric SUV quad, which car will excel? Road test 69

Hyundai Motor Company Ioniq 5Was released. Dedicated frame for electric vehicles 800V Fast charging time through voltage system, With ample interior space, we threw out tickets.. Consumers responded to outstanding marketability. About in one day of pre-contract 2just5Taking a thousand orders, Kia Carnival’s Hyundai Motor Group’s record-highest pre-contracts have been replaced..

Ionic 5The Public Brand Electric Vehicle Market Is Hotter Than Ever. Tesla model YShowed off. Volkswagen has a similar physique ID.4Launched in Germany. Plan to enter Korea. There is still a plan to launch in Korea, but Ford Mustang Mach-EAlso count as a competitor. today <Road test>Are these 4I collected the electric cars and compared them carefully by each category.. Which car will excel?

① Size comparison

First of all, physique comparison. top 4Unfortunately everyone SUVAll. Recent years SUV The segment is growing explosively. Unlike previous generation electric cars, which were mainly hatchbacks, the latest models are mostly electric. SUVIs being reborn as. The body length is the model Yend 4,751MmMustang Mach among the longestEend 4,725Mm, Ionic 5end 4,635Mm, ID.4end 4,585MmFollowed by.

Body width is also model YIs the most abundant. Uniquely 1.9mHas great shame, Ionic 5Is 1,890MmBy Tucson 25Mm Big. Elevating 4All dog models 1.6mIs similar to the street. Mustang Mach-EIs MustangWorthy of its name SUVHit and the roof is flat.

On the other hand, Ioniq is the wheelbase to measure the interior space. 5end 3,000MmIs the most relaxed. Then Mustang Mach-Eend 2,972Mmin 3mIt has a generous shaft distance close to. All four cars have a dedicated EV platform, but the model YWow ID.4Is a relatively medium-sized internal combustion engine SUVIt has a wheelbase similar to. Note that BMW X3end 2,865MmAll.

② Powertrain comparison

Next is the powertrain comparison. All rear wheel rolls(RWD)This is basic, and electric motors are attached to the front and rear axles to roll four wheels. AWD Have a model. Perhaps the most interesting thing is the battery capacity and OneRechargeable distance. The largest capacity is the Mustang Mach-EAll. Standard range model also 68KWh Using battery, long range 88KWhReaches. Thanks to WLTP & Long range standard driving distance 540KmIs the most relaxed.

The second model that goes farther ID.4. Gun unlike other models 3There are several battery specifications provided, 77KWh In the case of the first edition with a battery 522KmRun. Model YIs a long range AWD Based 505Km Driving, Unusually by domestic standards 511KmIs possible until. Whereas Ionic 5Contrary to expectations 400KmEquipped with a large mileage. WLTP Based 450KmAnd by domestic standards 410~430KmAre expecting. 800V It boasts the fastest charging speed through the voltage system, but, More mileage is needed for global competitiveness..

All the acceleration performance is exciting like an electric car.. Mustang Mach-Eend 4.8Elderly Onetop, Model YAnd ionic 5Each 5.0second, 5.2Be similar to the second. ID.4Is 6.2Relatively slow in seconds. Interestingly, the acceleration performance was not necessarily proportional to the peak output.. Also, Ionic 5Wow ID.4Is about the same peak output, Maximum torque is Ionic 5end 61.7㎏‧mIt is even more powerful.

It is most important for electric vehicles to receive less air resistance.. Because if I get less resistance, I go a little farther. Model with streamlined style Yend Cd 0.23With the sharpest blade tip. Ionic 5Is unexpectedly low, unlike the example.. On the other hand ID.4Wow Mustang Mach-EIs the latest internal combustion engine SUVHas a number similar to.

③ Price comparison

The price is still ID.4Wow Mustang Mach-EIt is difficult to compare because it has not entered the country.. However, it can be roughly estimated by the local selling price..

First of all, Ionic 5Is a long range model, It comes first with two trims and the pre-contract price is 5,200just~5,70010,000 won. Subsidy 100% Receivable 6It was set at less than 10 million won..

Model YIs the basic model 5,999Starting from 10,000 wondid‘. However, not long ago, the basic model at the headquarters(Standard range) As we stop selling 6,999With a 10,000 won long range model 7,999You can only buy two 10,000 won performance trims.. Subsidy 50%The price competitiveness is low as it can only be received..

ID.4Is for sale in Germany. Now 77KWh Battery-bearing ID.4 First and ID.4 First Max, There are two models and the price is approx. 6,816Start from 10,000 won. Model YIs similar to. Therefore, when importing domestically 55KWh If you don’t import the model, subsidy 100% It is difficult to expect benefits.

Mustang Mach-EIs about the US market basis 5,440just~6,805Can be purchased for 10,000 won. The battery capacity of the base model is 68KWhThe standard range model is sufficient for domestic imports as it is sufficient.. 6,000You can expect a price of less than 10,000 won..

Above all 4Each eggplant has different merchandising properties.. Unlike an internal combustion locomotive, it feels like comparing home appliances.. Like choosing a smartphone with a long battery and a large screen, Because the eyes are drawn to the model with a large mileage and interior. Excluding subsidy benefits, the most competitive car is the Mustang Mach-E. It has the second largest wheelbase, and its acceleration performance and mileage are OneEtc.. Price too ID.4, Model YIs more rational. Also, As an authentic manufacturer that has been making automobiles for a long time Running well and standing wellI didn’t miss the basics too. Who can take the lead in the global electric vehicle market this year?

Written by Kang Joon-ki
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