2021.03.03.  9,739 read Volvo's commitment to'zero emission' reveals pure electric car'C40 Recharge' ACARZ Acaz 6

2021.03.03. 9,739 read Volvo’s commitment to’zero emission’ reveals pure electric car’C40 Recharge’ ACARZ Acaz 6

Photo courtesy of Volvo Cars Korea

Volvo Cars has unveiled the brand’s first pure electric vehicle model’C40 Recharge’ globally.

The C40 recharge, unveiled on the 2nd (local time), is based on the next-generation modular platform’Compact Modular Architecture (CMA)’ developed by Volvo for small cars. Thanks to this, even though it is an SUV, it is designed with a low and stylish design, so it has both practicality and style.

Photo courtesy of Volvo Cars Korea

The headlamp is equipped with advanced pixel technology for the new face of Volvo electric vehicles, and the rear part also reflects the original design that connects with the lower roofline, revealing a strong personality.

Photo courtesy of Volvo Cars Korea

The interior has a high seat position, favored by most Volvo drivers, and is available in a variety of colors and decors available as model-specific options. It was also the first brand to use no leather at all.

Photo courtesy of Volvo Cars Korea

The powertrain consists of twin electric motors, one on the front and one on the rear axle. Here, a 78kWh battery that charges up to 80% in 40 minutes is installed. The maximum driving distance per charge is about 420 km, and it is expected to be improved through wireless software updates in the future.

Photo courtesy of Volvo Cars Korea

Volvo plans to make up 50% of global sales by 2025 as pure electric vehicles and the rest as hybrid models. By 2030, all vehicles will be converted to pure electric vehicles. The C40 Recharge will serve as a model that symbolizes the future of Volvo’s dream of’zero emission through electrification’.

“The C40 Recharge represents Volvo’s future and shows where we are going,” said Henrik Green, Volvo Cars Chief Technology Officer. Introduced.

Photo courtesy of Volvo Cars Korea

Meanwhile, the C40 Recharge can be purchased online according to Volvo’s new EV sales strategy. Volvo plans to build a purchasing process in collaboration with retail partners to reduce the complexity of customers and make ordering simpler and more convenient. In addition, it plans to provide services that maximize customer convenience by integrating on-offline, as well as special packages such as warranty and charging options.

The C40 recharge will be produced at the Ghent plant in Belgium along with the XC40 recharge, and it is reported that mass production will begin this fall.

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