2021.02.28.  27,150 read Lexus' new luxury crossover design to compete with BMW's X8'new flagship coming out' Anatomy 72

2021.02.28. 27,150 read Lexus’ new luxury crossover design to compete with BMW’s X8’new flagship coming out’ Anatomy 72

Lexus is having a busy day this year. First of all, in February alone, a lot of news about the internal combustion engine and electric vehicle lineup was delivered.In December last year, an additional image of the next-generation electric vehicle concept that was arousing fans’ curiosity with a teaser picture was released, and recently, the IS500F Sport, a high-performance model of the new IS. A performance appeared.

In this way, the latest news from Lexus, which is steadily releasing the current lineup of internal combustion engines, and continuing the development of electric vehicles, which are future growth engines, is becoming a hot topic. This news is about SUVs, and a new flagship crossover is expected to be born. It is said that the trademark has already been registered, but today we will learn more about it.

Recently, a Japanese magazine magazine Mag-X reported that Lexus is preparing a new crossover based on the LF-1 limitless concept. As mentioned in the introduction, this model is expected to become the flagship model of the crossover lineup and is expected to be released within this year.

In addition, Mag-X predicted the possibility of launching a high-performance F version of the model, and raised public expectations by revealing related rendered images. In fact, this rendering seems to have only changed the color from the LF-1 limitless concept, but some new changes are also being noticed.

Looking at the rear of the model, you can see a quad muffler placed vertically. As Mag-X mentioned the possibility of launching a high-performance F version, this muffler design can be seen as an image created with high-performance models in mind. Along with the rear, the headlights on the front have also changed in a more realistic direction. The concept’s light was extended to the top of the hood.

In addition, other rendered photos based on the same concept have also been released on the web. The shape of the front part in the image, which has a slightly calming feel with black color, looks very similar to the previously mentioned rendered image. In this rendered photo, the headlights have been changed realistically, and the feeling of combining the existing NX headlights is a bit stronger.

In the photo from the rear, you can see the chrome garnish applied to the roof line. The two hypothetical rendered images are not official photographs, but close to artificial synthesis, but the fact that these images are being uploaded confirms the high expectations inside Japan for the birth of Lexus’ new flagship crossover.

Lexus also seems to be gradually preparing new models. Recently, a new model name’LF-Z’ was applied to the European Patent Register under the name of Toyota, the parent company of Lexus. It was assumed that the registered model LF-Z would be somewhat distanced from a pure electric car.

In addition, the foreign press reported that the Z included in the model name means a coupe-type model in Lexus, and predicted that the LF-Z will take the form of a coupe-type crossover. If, as speculated, the LF-Z is released, it seems likely that the potential competitor to this model will be the X8 currently being prepared by BMW. Even number means a coupe, because the BMW model name rule is expected to have a flagship-sized coupe profile as well.

As for the powertrain specification, it is expected to be equipped with a 3.5 liter V6 engine or a hybrid system mounted on the new LS500h. This is also a speculation by Mag-X magazine, and the high-performance version will be equipped with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that will deliver up to 600 horsepower. For reference, the LS500h model mentioned above exhibits 359 horsepower combined with an AWD standard 3.5 liter naturally aspirated V6 engine and two electric motors.

Meanwhile, the Mag-X magazine mentioned above expected the LF-Z to be released this year, but some foreign media reported that the actual release would take place in 2022.

The LF-1 limitless concept (hereinafter referred to as LF-1), the core of this article, was unveiled in 2018, three years ago. In fact, the LF-1 was positioned as the flagship of the crossover lineup from the manufacturing stage, and was conceived as a personality that shows off the luxury of Lexus.

Just as Cadillac unveiled the Lyric concept, a new flagship SUV with the brand’s vision for the electrification era last year, the purpose of the Lexus LF-1 release in 2018 was the same. It was to show the brand’s technological innovation and to present the latest design cues.

First of all, looking at the technical aspect, the LF-1 was able to accommodate a variety of power trains, as the model name of’Limitless’ is’No Limits’. It could be powered by fuel cells, hybrids, plug-in hybrids, gasoline and pure electricity. In short, almost all of the powertrains currently on the market could be accommodated.

Considering that the time when the LF-1 was manufactured was a transitional period from internal combustion engines to eco-friendly power trains, the reason Lexus applied such a variety of power trains is to respond more flexibly to rapidly changing technological and periodic changes. Is interpreted as. At the same time, they were able to show off their broad technical capabilities.

Next, looking at the design aspect, the LF-1 was born at Toyota’s Calty Design Research in California. The studio also designed the LF-LC, which is the basis for the LC500, Lexus’ luxury coupe. Those who can be said to be the most proficient in Lexus design applied a design language called’Morten Katana’ to this LF-1 concept.

The point of Molden Canada, which sounds a bit difficult, was to fuse the organic shape of a liquid metal with the sharp shape of a traditional Japanese sword. It is easily interpreted and can be interpreted as a balance between the softness of the liquid and the sharpness of the sword. Lexus evaluated the LF-1 with this design language as “flexible and aggressive.”

This contrast can be seen even more prominently by comparing the sharp lines of the spindle grille, headlights and DLO to the soft volume on the sides. The contrast between the headlights with strong straight lines and the taillights with curved lines also clearly shows the core of the Molden Katana.

Unlike the exterior that emphasizes dynamics around the spindle grill, the interior of the LF-1 has a relatively stable feel. The layout designed to be symmetrical about the driver’s seat helps the driver to focus more on driving, and the physical buttons that distract the driver have been eliminated as much as possible.

In addition, metallic accents are applied to the entire interior to give a sense of coherence with the exterior, and advanced lighting sequences that vary according to various driving modes are applied to further stimulate the sensibility of the occupants.

So far, we have learned about Lexus’s new SUV news and the LF-1 concept. The design and powertrain specifications that will be applied to the mass-production model are not yet known, but the news that a new flagship will appear is enough to raise the expectations of fans. I’m looking forward to seeing what the actual LF-Z will look like, and I will conclude today. Thank you.

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