2021/02/28 23:43 The trial will be held tomorrow!Yang Xueying asks Hong Kong people to help her pay attention to “3 issues” and shout: I will come on

Yang Xueying (pictured) and other 47 people will be tried tomorrow in West Kowloon Magistracy.  (The picture is taken from the Facebook page

Yang Xueying (pictured) and other 47 people will be tried tomorrow in West Kowloon Magistracy. (The picture is taken from the Facebook page “Yang Xueying Clarisse Yeung”)

2021/02/28 23:43

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report]The Hong Kong police announced today (28) that they will prosecute 47 pro-democracy activists who were arrested at the beginning of this year for “conspiracy to subvert state power.” They will be tried in West Kowloon Magistrates’ Courts at 11 o’clock tomorrow morning. . In response, Yang Xueying, chairman of the Wan Chai District Council, who was on the list of prosecutions, also wrote a letter, entrusting her three issues of most concern to other Hong Kong people through Facebook. She also hopes that everyone can take good care of themselves, and she will continue to cheer.

Yang Xueying wrote, I’m sorry to have to be in a hurry in the end, and thank you all for your concern. She mentioned that she entered politics because she can make Hong Kong a better home. This is an idea that she has always insisted on. She is also very fortunate that she can return to Hong Kong in various ways step by step. She is very grateful to the people of Hong Kong for giving her this. Opportunity, and I am very honored to be Yang Xueying today.

Yang Xueying said that they are about to face considerable difficulties now, and hope that everyone can help pay attention to the three issues she cares about most, including “public platform”, “multi-community” and “sustainable life.” She pointed out that discussions in the sun on the “public platform”, such as holding public hearings and live broadcast of district councils, are all their persistence; and the various people and animals that need attention and resources in the “multi-community” are also troublesome. Please take care of it; regarding the “sustainable life”, I hope you can do everything you can to protect the community.

Yang Xueying wrote this letter at the Wong Tai Sin Police Station to the people of Hong Kong. At the end of the article, she also emphasized that she will continue to cheer and hope that all Hong Kong people can take good care of themselves.

Full text of “Clarisse Yeung Yang Xueying” Facebook page

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