2021/02/28 23:39 Former flight attendants explode with friends personally horrible experience TV station seniors organize “Fresh Meat Yacht Party”

Ah Sa recently shared that a young friend from a young man used a noble lady to get into the

Ah Sa recently shared that a young friend from a young man used a noble lady to get into the “Meat Yacht Party” accidentally, but afterwards it caused a deep psychological shadow on him. Schematic. Non-relevant photos. (AFP)

2021/02/28 23:39

[Real-time news/comprehensive report]Youtuber “A Sa” who used to be a Cathay Pacific flight attendant, often broke the secrets of various industries on his personal channel. Ah Sa recently shared the personal experience of the young boy friend “Q”. One time, Q had accidentally broke into the “Fresh Meat Yacht Party” through a lady’s line, leaving Q at a loss and could only lie about having a venereal disease. Escaped, but afterwards it caused a deep psychological shadow.

In the film on the 26th, Ah Sa described the horrible experience of a young boyfriend Q in the sky 9 years ago. He was born in a certain country in Southeast Asia. He was from a good family. He attended an international school since he was a child, especially the appearance of the popular Hong Kong idol Jiang Tao. Q Zi came to Hong Kong to work alone and did not speak the language, but met a lady at a gathering. Q Zi began to receive a lot of care from the lady, so she treated her as a sister and trusted her very much.

It is mentioned in the film that one day, the lady asked Q to attend a party on the yacht in the name of meeting new friends. She even dressed up for Q beforehand. However, after arriving at the scene, the lady stayed behind because she wanted to discuss business. Q Zai boarded the boat alone. After he boarded the ship, he found that all the participants were men, and there were no shortage of well-known artists, but everyone surrounded a high-level TV station in the center, and it seemed that he was the host of the party.

Q Zai was then arranged to sit next to the upper level, and he politely toasted to the other party, but the hand holding the wine glass was tightly grasped by the other party. In addition, Israel’s squinted eyes stared like a “hungry wolf”. Let Q instantly discover the truth about the party. During the whole party, he could only lie about having a venereal disease and hiding in a corner, and prayed for the event to end quickly.

It is stated in the film that beauty contests and various games were also held on the ship. The host heated the atmosphere and urged everyone to take off their clothes. The top three players in the contest could receive up to 100,000 Hong Kong dollars (about 360,000 Taiwan dollars) and enter Go to the upper room. When the other participants disembarked, they all got 30,000 Hong Kong dollars (about 100,000 Taiwan dollars) and a reward for the famous watch. After everyone played until dawn, the yacht docked, and Q-boy actually received 3,000 Hong Kong dollars (about 10,000 Taiwan dollars).

It is mentioned at the end of the film that Q Zai always thinks of the experience afterwards, which always makes him creepy and becomes a shadow of horror in his life. Netizens left messages at the bottom of the video, praising Q’s spine, but also pay attention to his own safety. “When you see the situation at the time, you should get off the boat immediately” and “Thank you for sharing the terrible experience. Don’t be fooled easily.” , “Fortunately, disembark safely.”

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