2021/02/28 22:34 Who is favored by Trump, Pence and Pompeo?Republican voters exposed in 2024 polls

The Trump (center) poll beats Pence (left) and Pompeo (right).  (Associated Press, this newspaper synthesised)

The Trump (center) poll beats Pence (left) and Pompeo (right). (Associated Press, this newspaper synthesised)

2021/02/28 22:34

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report]A poll conducted by foreign media in the Republican primary election for the 2024 election found that if today is the Republican primary election, Trump’s approval rate is still higher than that of former Vice President Pence and former Secretary of State Pompeo. Europe, with 53% of public opinion, is the top choice among Republican voters.

According to a poll conducted by Politico on Republican voters, Trump still has undisputed support for the Republican party in the 2024 primary election. A poll made this month showed that 59% Republican voters hope Trump will play an important role in advancing the party. This ratio is 18 percentage points higher than on January 7 and 9 percentage points higher than before the impeachment trial on January 25.

The poll showed that 81% of Republican voters gave Trump a positive opinion, an increase of 4 and 7 percentage points from 77% on January 7 and 74% on January 25, respectively.

In addition, for the 2024 Republican presidential primary election, 53% of Republicans said that if the primary election is held today, they will support Trump, which is higher than Pence’s 12% support. Others such as Marco Rubio (Marco Rubio) Senators such as Tom Cotton, Mitt Romney, etc. are all less than 5%, and former Secretary of State Pompeo is even less than 2%.

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