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				"I'll sign the contract right away." There is a Porsche that can be enjoyed by the whole family Autostadt 23

2021.02.26. 57,872 read "I’ll sign the contract right away." There is a Porsche that can be enjoyed by the whole family Autostadt 23

There is a lot of interest in the Porsche Taycan, which was officially released in Korea. The Taycan, the first pure electric car released by Porsche, was recognized for its performance and excellence and was selected as the high-performance electric car of the year by 2021 automotive reporters.

Porsche is preparing a new lineup of the Taycan series, the Sport Turismo. To explain it easily, it can be said to be a wagon version of the Taycan. Recently, test cars with the camouflage peeled off have been caught overseas, and it has attracted the attention of many consumers.

Before I start writing, let’s take a moment to tell the story of the feat of the Porsche Taycan. Overseas, it has also set a record for the longest drift in electric vehicles, and recognized lap times on various circuits, proving that electric vehicles can also show off high-performance performance.

Recently, it was selected as an electric car of the year selected by automotive reporters in Korea. As a result of conducting a real car test at the Pocheon Raceway Circuit on the 22nd, it was selected as the Electric Car of the Year for its excellent performance and product. This is the part where Taycan, which has been recognized not only overseas but also domestically, is expected to be active.

Porsche is expanding its lineup to keep the Taycan’s success. The main character is the Taycan Cross Turismo, which appeared as the Mission E Cross Turismo concept car in 2018. At the time, the Mission E Cross Turismo concept car was a car with an exterior design that reflected off-road elements.

Then, as time passed, a test car that was expected to be cross-turismo from abroad was recently spotted. Porsche calls it the Taycan Cross Turismo. Unlike the Mission E Cross Turismo, which emphasized the off-road concept at the time, the lower body is impressive.

Some test cars were also spotted with models with high overall heights. But what is clear is that the car will be the Taycan’s new lineup. Recently, a test car with a camouflage rolled up was captured, and as you can see in the photo, the design of the front part resembles the Taycan.

The rear part also has a style similar to the Taycan, and the convex roofline is designed in the style of a fastback or shooting break. As Porsche fans may have noticed, it has the same concept as the Panamera Sport Turismo.

Recently, a test car that conducts tests on the road other than the circuit was also detected, but a high-quality vehicle that is not awkward even if it is a mass-production model was detected. Despite being designed in a wagon style that may seem a bit dull, the Taycan Sport Turismo can be seen to be quite agile and elegant.

It seems that the car can be adjusted based on the air suspension, and it is expected to have sporty athletic performance and rough terrain at the same time depending on the driving situation.

The flanks are also in perfect proportions. The line coming from the front is the same as the existing Taycan, but the design after the B-pillar, which can be awkward, has been completely redesigned, but it doesn’t feel awkward at all. The design elements of SUV, wagon, and shooting brake are all well combined to form a complete form.

Netizens who encountered the picture showed reactions such as “You have to buy this car unconditionally”, “Porsche made an unusual electric car”, and “This is a sign that Porsche is just going to eat the end plate.” Domestic netizens also responded similarly.

The rear design is also future-oriented. The straight LED strip used in the Taycan was applied as it was, and the high-performance scented diffuser and detailed elements were designed for the Turismo model. Above all, the smoothly falling roof line is the best part.

Porsche has proven that there are such cool wagon-style cars in the world. It is also a pure electric car, not an internal combustion engine. What more explanation do I need? With a lot more loading space than the Taycan, this is a great car for a family of four to use as a family car.

The interior interior is expected to have the same layout as the Taikan. Porsche customization can be used to create an interior of any combination that consumers want, and the powertrain is also expected to show a near-perfect performance by inheriting that applied to the Taycan.

However, it is unclear whether this model will enter the Korean market, traditionally called a barren wagon. The Panamera Sport Turismo is also sold overseas, but it is not officially imported because there is no demand in Korea. However, as many prospective consumers continue to rave about it, saying it is the highest level in history, the possibility of meeting the Taycan Turismo in Korea is not zero.

Written Journalist Kim Jae-han (Visiting Editor at Autostadt)

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