2021.02.25.  76,695 read Hyundai Motor's'Ioniq 5'overseas reaction 
"Apple is also coveted"
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2021.02.25. 76,695 read Hyundai Motor’s’Ioniq 5’overseas reaction "Apple is also coveted" GP Korea 150

On the 23rd, Hyundai Motor Company unveiled’Ioniq 5′, an electric vehicle model that first applied the electric vehicle platform’E-GMP’.

Foreign media are in an atmosphere that is pouring out favorable reviews for the emergence of a new electric vehicle with a sleek styling, innovative interior, and ultra-fast charging function.

The IONIC 5, which has a unique design completely different from the Hyundai Motors introduced so far, is a mass-produced version of the EV concept car’Hyundai 45′, which was first unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2019, and was inspired by the original Pony, the first production model of Hyundai Motors.

The size of the vehicle is similar to that of Hyundai’s semi-medium SUV Tucson, but the wheelbase is 3000 mm, which is longer than the large SUV Palisade (2900 mm) and the semi-large sedan Granger (2885 mm). Provide space.

The front part is the first Hyundai Motor Company to apply a clamshell hood that covers the entire upper part to improve aerodynamics, and the V-shaped front bumper is equipped with a daytime running light with a unique lighting signature.

Foreign media reported that the angled C-pillar design really shows the amazing presence of EV.

The trunk space is also ample in the spacious interior space. Ioniq 5 provides 531L of trunk space with the second row seats folded and can be expanded up to 1600L.

The battery is provided in two models:’Long Range’ of 72.6㎾h and’Standard’ of 58.0㎾h, and the maximum driving distance per charge is 410~430km based on long range rear-wheel drive model.

In the case of 350㎾ class super-fast charging, it can be charged to 80% of the battery capacity within 18 minutes, and it is possible to drive up to 100km with a 5-minute charge.

Overseas netizens are also “much cooler than expected.” It seems that literally every car is trying to change the world,” “Cars that Apple may want to wear their logo on”, and so on, are pouring out positive responses.

Ionic 5 will start production at the Ulsan plant next month, and will be released sequentially to Europe, Korea, and the United States.

/ Reporter Miyoung Kim of GP Korea may424@gpkorea.com, Photo = Hyundai Motor Company

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