2021.02.25.  62,083 read Grand Starex full change imminent release, will it look like this when it is released?  Motor fact 92

2021.02.25. 62,083 read Grand Starex full change imminent release, will it look like this when it is released? Motor fact 92

Grand Starex Full Change Spy Shot (Photo Credit: Carscoops)

Unofficial rendering based on Grand Starex full change spy shot

While the average commercial vehicle is not an attractive vehicle on the highway, it is also an important mode of transport that provides safety and comfort for some.

Among the models that are frequently used as commercial vehicles and corporate vehicles of the company, there is Grand Starex, which is preparing a full-change version, and several spy shots have been captured to prove this. An unofficial rendering was created based on the latest spy shots where you can see the changes in more detail.

Starex Unofficial Rendering (Photo credit: Carscoops)

Expected Starex appearance through rendering

First, looking at the overall simplicity of the rendering, there is a rectangular grille that fills the front under the slim horizontal daytime running lights, and vertical rectangular headlights are mounted on both sides of the grille, and the size of the side and rear windows compared to the current Grand Starex. You can see that is increased.

Grand Starex Full Change indoor spy shot (photo credit: Carscoops)

How does the interior look like this?

Although it was not produced as a rendering, if you look at the leaked indoor spy shots, you can see a dashboard that curves downward and a floating type infotainment screen, and a newly designed instrument panel and vents.

Starex Full Change Spy Shot (Photo Credit: Carscoops)

What are the safety specifications to be applied to Starex Full Change?

The Grand Starex Full Change code-named H1 is expected to be equipped with an automatic emergency braking system (AEB), pedestrian detection sensor, adaptive cruise control, rear collision warning, safety disembarkation assistance, blind spot warning and rear collision avoidance assistance system. Although specifications may vary by country, gasoline and diesel engine specifications are provided as standard, and there are rumors about hybrid or pure electric vehicles, but have not been confirmed yet.

Starex Full Change Spy Shot (Photo Credit: Carscoops)

Starex full change, powertrain and release date?

The expected engine specification is a 2.2L four-cylinder turbo engine with 198 hp (148 kW) and 45.4 kg m torque combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission or 286 hp and 43.4 kg m torque in countries where no diesel engine is provided. It is expected that a 2.5L turbo four-cylinder engine will be provided.

The latest spy shot of the Grand Starex full-change test vehicle has been replaced with a camouflage film instead of the camouflage film that almost covered the front, so it is expected to be released in a few months as soon as possible.

Written Reporter Jennifer Suh
Photo source Carscoops

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