2021.02.24.  8,921 read Harley has changed!  Harley-Davidson launches brand's first adventure lineup Pan America 1250 Roadtest 17

2021.02.24. 8,921 read Harley has changed! Harley-Davidson launches brand’s first adventure lineup Pan America 1250 Roadtest 17

Harley-Davidson is the first adventure motorcycle in the history of the brand, Fan America 1250 (Pan America1250, Sub Pan America)Officially launched and expanded the genre..

Harley-Davidson Global CEO Johan Zeitz(Jochen Zeitz)Is Harley-Davidson said that most of the roads were just dirt roads. 100It has been a symbol of adventure and challenge since over a year ago.. Based on this identity, I am impressed with the official launch of Pan America, which was born entirely in the United StatesAnd Pan America will inspire thousands of adventurers around the world to take on new challenges through motorcycles., We hope that the passion and innovation of our brand can be a new driving force for their challenges.Said that.

What is the innovation technology?

Pan America is the brand’s first adventure lineup, a completely redesigned Revolution Max. 1250 (Revolution® Max 1250) Engine and chassis focused on lightweight and handling(Optimized Chassis), The industry’s first innovative technology that adjusts the height of the seat according to the situation with the adjustable suspension. Adaptive Ride Height (ARH)Went in.

Also, Design reflecting Harley-Davidson’s unique identity and colorful conveniences stand out.. Pan America is Pan America 1250 (Pan America1250)And pan america 1250 special(Pan America1250 Special) More than 2Divide by species.

1250cc V-twin engine

Pan America is the new heart of water cooling V-Twin Engine revolution max 1250 (Revolution® Max 1250)Appeared with. Output 150horsepower(@8750RPM), Torque 128Nm (@6750RPM)Spurts. Designed to reach high rotation quickly and respond flexibly. 60°Degree V-Twin structure improves balance and maneuverability by concentrating the weight in the center.. Also, Provides ample space for driving. Engine and 6The single transmission is packaged in one case to reduce volume and weight.. As a result, the dry weight is Pan America 1250This medicine 242Kg, Pan america 1250 Special is about 253Kgto be. The fuel tank capacity is approx. 21.2L.

Pan America has the industry’s first height-adjustable innovation, Adaptive Ride Height (ARH)This went in. The ride height at the stop and the driving week. 2.5~5CmAutomatically adjusts to. Due to its short height, adventure bikes are an attractive technology for burdensome consumers..

Also, Electronically adjustable semi-active suspension(adjustable semi-active front and rear suspension)This went in. Riders and passengers via sensors, Luggage load and speed, Detects road conditions, etc. and adjusts the suspension. On/Delivers optimized ride comfort for off-road and damping while driving(Absorbs and suppresses vibration)To control. Comfort/balance/sports/Off road soft/Off-road perm, etc. 5Suspension can be adjusted according to the driving mode of the dog..

Braking system developed with Brembo

Harley-Davidson and Brembo(Brembo®)Developed a braking system exclusively for Pan America. New radial monoblock 4Increased rigidity with a piston caliper. Reduced weight while improving cooling performance. The diameter of the dual front brake rotor is 320Mm, The diameter of the rear brake rotor is 280MmAll. Cast aluminum wheel(front 19inch, Rear 17inch)Is designed to be sturdy and light. Outstanding performance in various ground conditions, Pan america 1250 For special models, spoke wheels and off-road tires can be installed as an option.. Tire is an adventure jointly developed with Michelin(Scorcher Adventure) You can choose a dedicated tire.

Also, Inertial measurement device IMUCornering reinforced electronic brake designed with, Anti-lock brake system(C-ABS), Traction control system(C-TCS), Increased driving stability with drag torque slip control and hold system.

together 6.8inch TFT I put a touch screen on it. I planted a Bluetooth link-based navigation, You can enjoy a variety of apps through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto..

Also, Harley-Davidson launched in Pan America and launched a brand specializing in apparel and parts. REV’ITIt plans to release exclusive riding equipment and accessories through collaboration with the company..

Meanwhile, Pan America is coming from Korea 6We can meet from month.

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