2021.02.24.  87,106 reads Complete change in 14 years, how much change is the successor of Hyundai Starex Auto Tribune 111

2021.02.24. 87,106 reads Complete change in 14 years, how much change is the successor of Hyundai Starex Auto Tribune 111

[오토트리뷴=김예준 기자] Hyundai’s van Starex is about to launch a successor model in 14 years. As the model cycle was long, Staria’s camouflage vehicle had been attracting attention even before the name of Staria was confirmed. Expectations also received high attention. In particular, since Starex is being exported all over the world, high interest has continued overseas as well.

(▲Photo source: Bobae Dream Yoon Abaragi)

As soon as the release was left, test cars covered only with film started driving on the highway. Like modern SUVs, the headlamps come down to the bottom of the bumper. The grill was also lowered so that the grill and the headlamp looked like a single part. Daytime running lights are used to separate the hood and bumper to make the overall width look more spacious.

(▲Photo source: Bobae Dream Yoon Abaragi)

Staria emphasized the size and sense of interior space through straight lines and wide windows, and the sense of openness in the interior is expected to be significant as the windows descend under the shoulders of the boarding area. The tail lamp uses the same vertically long shape as Starex, but the LED is mounted very densely to give a future-oriented image. The wiper looks like a hidden type hidden at the top of the spoiler like the Kia Sorento.

In addition, significant changes are expected indoors, and it is known that a horizontally long touch screen is applied along with an electronic dashboard. The size is expected to be 10.25 inches, which can be found in various Hyundai cars. In addition, it is highly likely to be applied to various driver assistance systems.

Like the Kia Carnival, Staria announced a change to the all-wheel drive system. In addition to the all-wheel drive method, the multi-link suspension is expected to be applied to the van model considering the ride comfort. In addition to the van model, a van, which is a freight car like Starex, will also be released. Unlike vans, vans apply leaf springs to the rear wheels. A four-wheel drive model will also be released. In particular, four-wheel drive is expected to become more popular because it is a specification that is not in the competition model.

Meanwhile, Staria is expected to be released in the first half of 2021.


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