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				[시승기] Change and development, and between likes and dislikes...  Hyundai The New Santa Fe AWD' Kaholic 22

2021.02.24. 8,271 read [시승기] Change and development, and between likes and dislikes… Hyundai The New Santa Fe AWD’ Kaholic 22

Hyundai Santa Fe has been leading the domestic midsize SUV market based on its steady popularity since its debut, and it has been continuing the’second half’ of the 4th generation.
From the first Santa Fe to the present, it has been more effectively presenting a new look and various demands required by the market through each generation, as well as continuing development through reinforcement of various functions and safety specifications.
In this situation, I encountered the latest specification of the 4th generation Santa Fe,’The New Santa Fe’. It is quite different from the design changes and developments that have been made so far. What kind of charm will’Hyundai The New Santa Fe’, which has returned to its new shape, suggest?

Hyundai The New Santa Fe is a figure that continues the physique of’Santa Fe’, which has led the domestic midsize SUV market.
In fact, The New Santa Fe has an overall length of 4,785mm, and its width and height are also 1,900mm and 1,685mm, respectively, suggesting’a sufficient physique and space value based on it’. These figures are slightly larger than before facelift. In addition, the wheelbase is 2,765mm and the vehicle weight is 1,885kg with 7-seater AWD and built-in cam.

The New Santa Fe with a bold and unique style
It is true that it is difficult to adapt to the new look of Hyundai The New Santa Fe even if you see it many times.
In fact, the design proposed by the 3rd generation Santa Fe, which had a fairly sophisticated style and bold presence, and the ‘4th generation Santa Fe’s early model’ model that continued this trend sufficiently, enhances the’popular satisfaction’, while the 4th generation facelift specification is’extreme’. People’s like and dislike’ continues.
The new look of The New Santa Fe attracts attention with its overwhelming and overwhelming front design reflecting’change’. The unique front design applied to the actual Hyundai The New Santa Fe draws an image that has never been seen before.

The composition of the front design attracts attention with the sleek silhouette of the lighting unit drawn under the concept of’Eagle’s Eye’ and the DRL drawn in the form of T. Along with this, the front grille, which is drawn largely and completes a unique front design, also attracts attention. However, the shape and detail of the body kit felt a little far from my taste.
The New Santa Fe’s side design stands out with the generosity and relaxation characteristic of a mid-size SUV. Alloy wheels of various sizes are added to present a bold presence, and a cladding guard painted in the same color as the vehicle body is added to more effectively present the value of a’urban SUV’.

Lastly, the rear design doesn’t seem to be much different from the existing Santa Fe, but it attracts attention through minor detail changes.
In addition to applying the LED-type rear combination lamp, it added a sophisticated sensibility by connecting the two lamp units for a long time. In addition, by applying a new style body kit, it not only presents more sophisticated value, but also presents a cleaner and more refined value by hiding the muffler tip under the body kit.

A space that embraces the charm of sophisticated values ​​and functions
The interior space of Hyundai The New Santa Fe reveals the value of mid-sized SUVs and the increasingly fierce competition in the market by applying a large number of elements that reflect the design principles of the interior spaces that Hyundai has introduced so far and the latest sensibility.
The natural color of the leather, the monotone panel, and the details of the metal texture are added everywhere to enhance the visual appeal, as well as the digital cluster based on the full display panel, the stylish steering wheel, etc., adding a’sensuous satisfaction’. Raises a lot.

The infotainment system, which applies pop-up style and long left and right display panels, more effectively presents the presence of a’domestic vehicle’ through active loading of advanced functions as well as various functions. Along with this, the addition of the Krell sound system will also be a part that guarantees’marketability’.
However, if the advantages are outstanding, the disadvantages also stand out, and looking at the control panel where various buttons and dials are explicitly presented, the’difficulty’ makes your head hurt. In addition, the satisfaction of the gear shift panel and drive mode selector is also felt unfortunately.

The interior space is in good shape. Opening the first row door and looking at the space suggests legroom and headroom that can more effectively present the value of mid-sized SUVs and family SUVs. Along with this, it also enhances the feeling of satisfaction in the design and details of the seat. However, it is regrettable that the satisfaction of seating in the first row of seats did not satisfy the inner’expectations’.

In the case of the test drive, the 7-seater model, that is, the New Santa Fe 7-seater AWD specification with a 3-row configuration, has space for three passengers in the second row and two seats in the third row.
Like the first row, the second row seats attract attention with visual appeal and detail. Thanks to this configuration, the legroom or headroom of the second row space is sufficient, but there is a hope that the satisfaction when seating like the first row will be improved a little.
In addition, the three-row seat cannot be satisfied with the degree or size of the cushion, but it not only satisfies the basic level that a three-row SUV must have, but also has a cup holder, USB charging port, and air conditioning control panel, so’functional satisfaction’ is sufficient. did.

Finally, The New Santa Fe’s loading space is satisfactory. When the actual trunk gate is lifted, a very simple and intuitive configuration that is neatly trimmed and expected to utilize the space stands out. In addition, it seemed that the folding of the second row seats could lead to a more spacious space depending on the situation and a high sense of satisfaction in various activities.

The New Santa Fe runs with 202 horsepower
Below the bonnet of the Hyundai The New Santa Fe is the Smartstream D diesel engine, which has an output superiority over its competitors of the same class and in its class.
This engine, which offers a maximum output of 202 horsepower and a torque of 45.0 kg.m, is combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission and AWD system’HTRAC’ to present more effective and superior driving performance. In addition, in the case of a test-drive vehicle, it is equipped with a combined efficiency of 12.8km/L (center 11.7km/L high speed 14.4km/L) based on 20-inch wheels and tires, 7-seater, and built-in cam. Present presence more effectively.

Development, regret, and proof of’value’
For a full-fledged drive with Hyundai The New Santa Fe, she left her body on the seat. The stylish and luxurious design and composition of a space that stands out not only attracted attention, but also felt the value of a’mid-sized SUV’ at once through the ample space and excellent view.
Along with this, the quiet and smooth interior space felt more satisfying, so I could not feel it was a diesel SUV. In particular, it was thought that the quietness after start-up would be okay even if you dare to compare it with a gasoline vehicle, and the’expectations for driving’ continued to rise.

As explained earlier, The New Santa Fe’s 202 horsepower and 45.0 kg.m of torque are enough to lead a mid-sized SUV and enjoy everyday life. The performance that continues smoothly and steadily according to the actual accelerator pedal operation is a figure that does its part in’start acceleration’ and’overtaking acceleration’, which are encountered in actual driving situations.
Of course, for some drivers, it may be unfortunate that the one-tempo late output development peculiar to the’diesel engine’ is unfortunate, but it is undeniable that the superiority of the overall output felt throughout the driving and the soft texture in the development of the power is an attractiveness that increases’competitiveness’ in the market I thought I could.

The eight-speed automatic transmission that is combined with the Smartstream D diesel engine is modest. It is true that it shows a slightly slower shift compared to the graphic presentation on the instrument panel, but it is a form that enhances the’driver’s satisfaction’ by revealing the smooth and relaxed driving texture throughout the driving.
In addition, the fact that the change of the shift timing according to the driving mode and the ability to actively reflect the driver’s will depending on the situation by adding a paddle shift can be said to be the charm presented by’The New Santa Fe’.

The movement of the vehicle is somewhat different depending on the driving tempo.
First, in terms of overall driving, it presents the high satisfaction of the occupants based on a more advanced sense of stability than the past bogies. In addition, it is a light, easy-to-handle steering system that does not feel the vehicle’s physique, and it leads to the movement of the vehicle according to the steering, further enhancing the’satisfaction of driving’.
This development not only leads to an improvement in ride comfort that is felt throughout the driving, but it is thought that anyone will be able to lead and run as desired without time for adapting to the vehicle, so the’market evaluation’ was clearly expected.

The functional part is also satisfactory. As various functions are added, you can feel the’presence of functions’ in various driving situations. When the turn indicators were turned on to change lanes, it was confirmed that not only the screen of the corresponding lane was projected on the instrument panel, but also various safety and convenience specifications were varied depending on the situation and positively revealed their presence.
However, increasing the driving tempo reveals the’disadvantages of Hyundai’s. The basic basics and the limits of driving are on the side of being relaxed enough, but when the driving tempo is raised, the driver feels’lack of back feeling’ and’deterioration of the sense of stability’ that makes the driver feel uncomfortable for an instant.
Therefore, when riding The New Santa Fe, it seemed necessary to sufficiently adapt these movements and continue driving.

Meanwhile, in the process of running a test drive with The New Santa Fe, I ran’freeway’ and checked its effectiveness. The New Santa Fe ran a total distance of 51.2km for a total of 35 minutes, and as a result, an excellent result of 19.6km/L was confirmed. These figures were considered to be’satisfactory’ results as they were improved results compared to the certified fuel economy presented by The New Santa Fe, especially high-speed fuel economy.

Good point: Unique design, generous value space and driving, and various functions
Regrettable: Disliked design, driving at a somewhat unstable high speed

Hyundai The New Santa Fe, a mid-sized SUV that attracts attention
The test drive with Hyundai The New Santa Fe may be a time to experience a very ordinary’Hyundai car’, but on the other hand, I was able to feel a very unique design and clearly developed elements from the start to the end of the test drive.
In other words, The New Santa Fe will be enough to attract the attention of consumers and have no shortcomings to receive decisions.
Photography cooperation: Hyundai Motor Company / HDC I’Park Mall Yongsan

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