2021.02.24.  29,101 read The Genesis GV80 of Woods with the engine room torn down..."I lived thanks to you"
					Korean Economy 164

2021.02.24. 29,101 read The Genesis GV80 of Woods with the engine room torn down…"I lived thanks to you" Korean Economy 164

Los Angeles (LA) County police are investigating the condition of the Genesis GV80 in an accident driven by Tiger Woods. Photo = REUTERS

‘Golf Emperor’ Tiger Woods has a car overturn accident. The US media is paying attention to this accident where Woods fell on a hillside off the road after a collision while driving a car alone.

On the 23rd (local time), according to the county police and fire departments in Los Angeles, California, USA, Woods drove alone in Rancho Palos Verdes, a suburb of Los Angeles County, crashed into a median and two road signs, and fell down a hillside . The vehicle, which rolled over several times, stopped about 6m below the road, 30 yards (about 27.4m).

Police said they used tools such as an ax and chisel instead of the originally known vehicle cutter to rescue Yuzu from the windshield of the vehicle. “When asked for a name, Woods said’Tiger’,” said Carlos Gonzalez, deputy director of the County Sheriff’s Office. He was conscious and calm. It wasn’t a life-threatening injury, but he added that he was in a state of being unable to stand on his own due to an injury to his leg.

Police estimated that Woods had an accident while speeding on a road at a speed limit of 45 miles per hour. Sheriff Villanueva said, “It seems to run faster than the normal speed,” he said. “The accidental road is a curved section on a downhill road, and the accident frequency is high.” He explained that there were no signs of sudden vehicle braking, such as skid marks, and there was no situation of drinking or taking drugs.

The Uzugamon vehicle is the Genesis Large Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) GV80 provided for the 2021 Genesis Invitational, the PGA (American Professional Golf Association) Tour Tournament. The front part of the vehicle was damaged so much that the engine compartment disappeared due to the accident, but the seats were intact. The released photo also shows the airbag deployed.

Sheriff Villanueva said, “The front part of the vehicle and the bumper were completely destroyed,” he said. “The interior of the vehicle was almost intact, so it served as a cushion for Woods to survive. Otherwise, it would have been a fatal accident.”

According to the Korea Transportation Safety Authority, Genesis GV80 received a high score of 92.5 points in a comprehensive evaluation of 22 items including frontal and side collisions. In the crash safety test, the head-on collision scored 15.75 out of 16, and the side crash and child safety, and advanced airbag device evaluation scored 16, 8, and 0.5 points, respectively.

The post-side collision scored 1.98 points out of 2 points, and 3.07 points out of 4 points for seat safety, and the seat belt warning device also received 0.2 points out of 0.5 points. The American Highway Safety Insurance Association (IIHS) crash test results have not yet been released.

The Genesis GV80 was launched in the United States last December. USA Today evaluated that Woods was in a vehicle that was not familiar to the American public, and that “a luxury car brand that was not well known has attracted attention.”

Next, he introduced the Genesis GV80, “It was praised by critics for its design, reliability, and craftsmanship. It competes with Jeep, Mercedes, BMW, and Lincoln.”

Se-sung Oh, reporter Hankyung.com sesung@hankyung.com

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