2021.02.23.  3,972 reads No need for Apple, Hyundai Motor Group's'Moral' succeeds in driving on a completely unmanned vehicle on general roads

2021.02.23. 3,972 reads No need for Apple, Hyundai Motor Group’s’Moral’ succeeds in driving on a completely unmanned vehicle on general roads

Hyundai Motor Group and Aptiv joint venture Motional (motional.com) have successfully completed a test drive on the general road of a fully unmanned autonomous vehicle. The test drive took place this month in Las Vegas, USA, and showed complete autonomous driving capability in situations including intersections of several unmanned autonomous vehicles, unprotected turns, and congested traffic with pedestrians and cyclists.

Momental test driving was evaluated as setting a new milestone in the industry for safe unmanned autonomous vehicle driving in the future. Motive has undergone several years of unmanned autonomous driving technology innovation, 1.5 million miles (about 2.43 million km) of preliminary testing, over 100,000 hours of workforce of hundreds of thousands of people, and two years of self-safety assessment.

In particular, the autonomous driving system, technology, and operational capabilities were verified by TÜV SÜD, an independent global testing and certification body with extensive experience in the evaluation of unmanned autonomous vehicle technology, and certified for the safety of completely unmanned autonomous driving with the driver’s seat empty for the first time in the industry. received. On the other hand, in November of last year, Motive obtained a permit from the state of Nevada to test unmanned autonomous vehicles on public roads.

Since 2020, Motive has provided robo-taxi services to US vehicle-sharing companies, and has positioned itself as a leading company in the commercialization of unmanned autonomous vehicle technology. Motive is the only driverless vehicle technology provider that has partnered with two leading vehicle sharing service providers, including the construction of the largest robot taxi service in the United States.

The Momental unmanned self-driving vehicle tests were conducted under thousands of different driving conditions, not only on public roads with safety personnel on board, but also on vehicle test sites. These include general vehicles and unmanned autonomous vehicle environments, road environments such as pedestrians and bicycles, congested intersections and unprotected turnarounds, widespread traffic and road conditions, and edge case safety at car testing grounds.

Developing an unmanned autonomous driving system can secure marketability only when it possesses both technological prowess and commercialization capabilities. Motive is a company that is evaluated as possessing overwhelming capabilities in terms of not only technological prowess but also commercialization experience, and plans to introduce the largest fully unmanned autonomous driving service to a leading vehicle sharing company with Lyft in 2023. MOTIONAL and LIFT operate the world’s longest commercial robot taxi service and have provided more than 100,000 boarding services without a single breakdown.

Meanwhile, MOTIONAL was established through a joint venture between Hyundai Motor Group and Aptiv, which possesses the industry’s most innovative unmanned autonomous vehicle technology, and is positioning itself as the world’s most advanced autonomous driving technology leader. Detailed information related to the driving test on Momental roads is posted on the Momental website. [김흥식 기자]

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