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				[최초시승] Comprehensive gift set, BMW M340i xDrive Touring Road Test 20

2021.02.22. 12,259 reads [최초시승] Comprehensive gift set, BMW M340i xDrive Touring Road Test 20

People who like tea suffer from so-called “failure disease”. After careful consideration, when you buy a car you like and ride for about a year, another car comes into your eyes. People around me swear, “Are you like that again?” But what should I do about getting tired of buying some kind of car? Even if you collect only the employment/registration tax, which went out due to frequent deficits, one compact car. Is there a car that will hold on to me for at least five years, so I can’t settle in one car like this?

Written by Kang Joon-ki
Photo road test

When I ride a sedan, a generous SUV is attracted, and when I drive an SUV, I miss a sedan that sticks to the floor. If you buy a car with good fuel economy, it’s hard to get an exciting acceleration performance, and if you buy a hot car, it’s troublesome to go in and out of gas stations often. However, driving two cars of different personalities is a waste of insurance premiums, car taxes, and parking fees. If you didn’t like tea, you wouldn’t have to think about it, but it’s hard to buy.

I found a partner to solve these various worries in one room. The BMW 3 Series Touring, among which the high-performance powertrain, is the M340i xDrive Touring. It is a comprehensive gift set that contains everything you want from the 3 Series’ unique knife-like handling and balance, an inline 6-cylinder 3.0L gasoline turbo 387 horsepower engine, a generous trunk space that does not envy SUVs, and the xDrive all-wheel drive system essential for winter driving.

Appearance with a sense of speed

First of all, from the introduction of the appearance. The part of Touring’s’Bolmae’ is sideways. The large trunk was smoothly wrapped with a waist of over 4.7m. The body height is about 1.4m, which is lower than most adult male chests. The wheelhouse is tight enough to fit less than two fingers, and 19-inch black alloy wheels show off an awesome posture. The wheels and long bonnets pushed all the way to the front bumper are full of tension like a stick pulled tightly on a bowstring.

In addition, the convexly swollen rear wheel fenders and touring-specific tails are perfect for’chamung’ (chamung, not bully). There are two ways to open the trunk of the 3 Series Touring. You can open the entire door by pressing the button on the license plate, and you can flip only the glass through the button inside the wiper. For small luggage, the second method is more convenient. The basic capacity of the trunk is 500L, which is 20L more than the sedan.

Seat position full of tension

It is still too early to admire. Before introducing the interior design or function, I would like to explain the seat position first. The hips that go down endlessly to the floor and the steering wheel that can be pulled tightly toward the driver’s body are BMW’s unique’best charm’. The center fascia, which twists slightly toward the driver’s seat, has a wide variety of equipment like’cars these days’, such as a 10.25-inch touch screen, a wireless Apple car play, and a wireless charging pad for smartphones.

To convince the family, space in the back seat is paramount. Certainly more than the previous generation. When a reporter with a height of 182 cm fits the front seats and sits in the back, the free space on the knees is comfortable enough to exceed the previous 5 series of the 2nd generation. There is also an air conditioner that’rival’ Mercedes likes to remove, and it has two C-type USB ports. However, since the backrest angle of the second row seats is slightly standing, it does not feel comfortable.

The loading space is good for use. The rear seats can be divided into 40:20:40, and the loader cover can be stored neatly under the floor depending on the situation. In addition,’non-slip pads’ were placed on the floor of the trunk. When putting in heavy luggage, thanks to the stainless steel material, it can be pushed in with little force. When the trunk door is closed, the rubber material in the middle rises to help prevent the luggage from slipping.

In addition, there are cases in which SUVs are loaded while lifting their luggage due to the high body. Heavy travel carriers, strollers, and camping gear are good examples. On the other hand, touring is easy to put in due to its low floor height. When all the second row seats are folded, the maximum capacity of the trunk reaches 1,510L, and if you want more space, you can use the roof rack on the roof to put a roof box on it. Because it is a wagon, it digests well.

Exciting acceleration performance, strong sense of stability

The M340i xDrive Touring had an in-line six-cylinder 3.0L gasoline twinpower turbo engine. Interlocked with the ZF 8-speed automatic gear, it emits a maximum output of 387 horsepower and a maximum torque of 51.0 kg‧m. The so-called’zero back’ acceleration performance from 0 to 100 km/h is 4.6 seconds. Thanks to the maximum torque that steadily radiates from 1,800 to 5,000 rpm, it pushes it with excitement all the time. Even when it reaches the speed limit of 250 km/h, it is still full of power.

What is more interesting than the sense of acceleration is sound. Like a tuning car with an aftermarket turbocharger, when the speed is increased, the sound of sucking air is heard without filtering. Ears are also enjoyable thanks to the sound of the blow-off valve and the sound of exhausting exhaust that makes’fussung’ every time the accelerator pedal is depressed. In addition, compared to the M340i sedan, which only rolls the rear wheel, it is full of stability even if it is driven hard on cold roads.

The true value of the all-wheel drive system shines in the corner. Unlike other AWDs, there is no need to worry about wrestling with understeer when entering a corner. Like a regular rear-wheel drive BMW, even a slight turn of the steering wheel will sharply poke it into the corner. On the other hand, when it escapes, it sends drive torque to the front wheel to help stable and clean re-acceleration. In Sport Plus mode, it slips outward like rear-wheel drive.

It is a trend of four-wheel drive these days that encompasses the advantages of rear-wheel drive (FR) and four-wheel drive (AWD). In particular, although the ZF 8-speed automatic transmission is a general torque converter method, the response speed when the driver operates it in manual mode is not envious of the dual clutch. Through individual settings, the response speed of the transmission can be adjusted in three steps to suit your taste. It is also fun to massage with a paddle shifter in a curved corner.

When I rode the first-generation BMW with the M badge, the only unsatisfactory part was the stability of high-speed driving. The stiff lower body, which did not take into account the warmth, did not fully balance the exhilarating handling and the reliable high-speed driving stability. On the other hand, the M340i Touring is solid and stable. Even the small curves of the road surface can be felt with the buttocks, but the feeling of sticking the tires to the floor is excellent.

Thanks to this, the M340i Touring is fun even when running on the winding roads, but it is also good to call it a GT sports car with excellent high-speed driving capability. The whole family can play around with the trunk full of camping equipment. In addition, when the driving mode is changed to’Eco Pro’, the muffler that used to conceal the toenails and roast beans in a hurry, as if when it did so, changes boringly. As such, the M340i Touring has a variety of personalities in one car.

However, there is no missing part. First of all, the M steering wheel is so thick that it doesn’t taste good to grasp. Moreover, the steering effort is heavy even in the low speed & comfort mode, so it takes a lot of shoulder power when driving or parking in alleys. In addition, the air conditioning system in the front seat has a temperature control function for each of the left and right, but there is no sync function, so it is troublesome to press the temperature button twice when driving alone.

Touring the M340i xDrive. This is a set menu prepared by BMW, saying, “I just need this car~” for consumers who can’t get on with buying a new car. The inline 6-cylinder 3.0L gasoline turbo 387 horsepower engine makes the M difficult to ride every day, while the 2L BMW is an option for bored consumers. If you don’t like the common 5-series sedan at a similar price, why not show your stylish taste through touring?

Car type
BMW M340i xDrive Touring
In-line six-cylinder gasoline turbo
387 horsepower
Compression ratio
Fuel supply device
Electronically controlled direct injection
Fuel tank
59L (RON 91)
Recommended fuel
8-speed automatic
Rolling method
Four Wheel Roll (AWD)
5-door wagon
Wheel base
Tread front|rear
Minimum ground clearance
Empty vehicle weight
Front and rear weight ratio
Rotating diameter
Air resistance coefficient (Cd)
Cd 0.29
Rack and Pinion
Steering lock-to-lock
no data
Suspension front|rear
Double-Joint Spring Strut|Multi Link
Brake front|rear
All V disk
Tire front|rear
Front 225/40 R19
255/35 R19 rear
Wheel front|rear
0→100㎞/h acceleration
4.6 seconds
Maximum speed
250 km/h (limited)
Certified fuel economy (combined)
Carbon dioxide emissions
80 million won (based on 3.5% place tax)

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